Gora Punjab Gunday

Well…they aren’t really Gunday… but do have desi Punjabi style turbans on. This is Sat Puran and Gurudarbar Singh 1992 (?) in Amritsar.

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  1. singh says:

    I just want to say that you shouldnt comment this pic or make its heading by saying that these boys look as gunday or not .They look so smart and handsome in these turbans and they dont look gunday from any side,therefore no need to ask this kind of question whether they look like gunday or not.So you should not use this kind of terminology.i hope you understand.

  2. preet kaur says:

    veer ji
    they don’t look gunday from any side. to me they look proud sikhs of shri Guru Gobind Singh ji.

  3. Mohinder Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ||
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||

    Well…they aren’t really Gunday… but do have desi Punjabi style turbans on. This is Sat Puran and Gurudarbar Singh 1992 (?) in Amritsar

    So you mean to say those who wear desi style turbans like that, make them look like gunday? OR Gunday wear desi style turbans? Can you please shed some light?

  4. sohansingh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. itis totally wrong and baseless to use word gunda for this.i think he does know the meaning of gunda as used in india. it is totally wrong to use gunda for sikh. a sikh can not and never be a gunda, if he is s.
    .ikh. so please dont use this word here you may use any other word. you may name them as ‘gora singh as punjabi’. sohsnsingh

  5. Tejinder Singh says:

    Well, I am 55 years old in Australia and proudly wear “desi Punjabi style turban”. Does that make me a “gunda”? Even PM of India wears similar styled turban. First I thought there was a typo mistake, the title really meant “Goray Punjabi Munday”. May be a revision is needed Gurumustuk.

  6. Bhupinder Singh Makker says:

    If gunday means ‘revolutionary’I would vote for the title.I think the gorays have seen a differnce in Sikhism which a majority of the desi sikhs have’nt.

    I feel proud to be a sikh and not surpised that true message of sikhism have attracted gorays too (though more than a majority of desi sikhs)

  7. tansingh says:

    i think the picture does not say that because they wearing the desi style pagh thats why they gundey.it’s just joke paji’s and penji’s …it’s they way they posing meaning gangster style.. please do not take it as an offense..

  8. Harman says:

    I'll second tansingh's comment. Lighten up, people. Awesome picture, by the way.

  9. harjinder singh badwal nagpur india says:

    These are Gora Sikh Heroes  and yes they are heroes

  10. param singh antaal says:

    desi turaban means u r gunda?????????whre is ur mind.