Amritsar Ploution

This picture was from 1992-3, and I’m sure the polution hasn’t gotten any better. Ugh! I always get sick with something in my lungs when I got to Amritsar. Now a visit to Harimandir Sahib is always overshadowed by the gross pollution that doesn’t cease. This is one major reason I don’t go to Amritsar as often anymore. I wish the Government would take major steps to deal with this.

One Response to “Amritsar Ploution”

  1. S Kaue says:

    omg that looks horrible. I kno what you mean, india is very polluted and overpopulated. Many politics in Punjag have asked the government many times to help clean the air but since Punjab or Sikhs in India do not have much autonomy i guess nothing is ever going to be done about it. Sikh politics from the Akali party want to declare Amritsar a holy city and they want the streets to be cleaned up, but unfortunately Punjab has to ask everything from the central government and they could careless about the Punjabis. Even though compared to the rest of the states in India, Punjab has the best infrastructure and the least poverty but it is the most oppressed state and only if it had greater autnomy it can become more developed and modern!!