Weekend House Projects

The past four days we had Thanksgiving holidays so I had a chance to relax, eat lots of yummy food, celebrate Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Birthday, and do some of the many house projects that are always there. If you are a family person…you know what it is like always being busy with work and taking care of the family. My wife Arjan Kaur always has a list of projects for me to do on the weekends, though I don’t normally get to them on a typical weekend. So this weekend we had four days and I was able to do a few things around the house. Plus, we had our first snow storm and it was perfect for doing inside projects.

Thanksgiving morning was a day of giving thanks for the clean carpets (which I cleaned after renting a carpet cleaner). When you have small kids carpets get dirty fast. Always something spilling or "leaking out" …hahaha…if you know what I mean! Naked babies always tend to drop things around the house.

TrashMy next project was cleaning through our garage. Garages in America which are meant for cars most of the time just become huge storehouses for all your junk/old stuff that you don’t have time to deal with. We don’t have that much junk, but there are always those many things that you hang on to, thinking that one day you might use it.

I have been taking pictures for over 20 years since my early high school days and have accumulated quite a stash of photographs from over the years. Many of my older pictures have been piling up dust in lots of different boxes. My task this weekend was to go through them and throw away lots of them. I successfully trashed about three huge trash bags of photos and related stuff. It feels good to clean out! I still have more to do….but this was a huge step. Back in my early photo days I wasn’t as good at taking pictures so had a lot of "junk" photos which I weeded out this weekend.

Below are a few of my older pictures from my high school days in India with the theme of "Reflections".

You can see all the pictures from this set of "Reflections" on my Flickr account.   Or Browse through various Sikh related pictures. If you are looking for unique Sikh related gifts check out my website: www.SikhPhotos.com

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