Amu – A film by Shonali Bose

Earlier this week I got a copy of the film "Amu" which just came out on DVD and Commemorating 23rd Anniversary Of Genocide Against Sikhs. Every night when I came home I have been wanting to watch it, but each night it was too late or I was exhausted and had to get some sleep. Finally tonight, (Friday) I had the chance to watch the film for the first time. It’s about 12:30AM and I just finished watching it so wanted to jot down some thoughts before I head off to sleep.

"This is a film about a 21 year old Indian American women visiting from India to get in touch with her family and learn about her roots. She is then blocked at every turn when she begins asking simple questions about her past. She embarks on an unstoppable journey to seek the truth. She soon learns that a genocide in New Delhi from 20 years ago might hold the key to her mysterious origin."

When I started the movie I expected it to be somewhat more of a re-enactment of the 1984 riots. I am so used to seeing websites and online videos with horrid images of dead bodies and crying victims, so I prepared myself for a really heavy movie (which it was not).  I know it can be a challenge to tell these stories, since there is so much emotion and history that it brings up for Sikhs all over the world. I really liked how Shonali Bose (the film maker) told the story through the eyes of "Amu" in a less direct way then a documentary would. You learn about the history, but in a much more subtle and personal way through the story of Amu.

I was about nine or ten years old when all the attacks at the Harimandir Sahib happened and later on when the New Delhi Riots happened. I was in Boarding school in Mussoorie (UP) and remember the tension we all felt and the increased security at our school (which was a sikh school). I remember hearing about local riots happening in town, and about the things that Sikhs were facing. As a young child I never really knew what was going on and how bad it was. I always hear the slogan "Never Forget 1984" but didn’t relate to it in the same way that many of my Sikh brothers and sisters did who probably had families who were directly effected by these events.

The film Amu is a must watch for everyone, whether you are a Sikh or not. The story is told in a way that everyone can digest and shares the reality of what happened (without getting heavy or showing violence). I also like the fact that it is targeted towards anyone (not just Sikhs) and was kept religiously neutral, so that anyone in India could watch it and relate, without getting into religion. I feel like it is a good film for the youth of today who didn’t directly experience these events and might not know what happened. The film was high quality with great  acting, great story and great music. If you get the DVD, watch some of the bonus features which are also very interesting and give you the "behind the scenes" look at the film.

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19 Responses to “Amu – A film by Shonali Bose”

  1. Pardip Kaur says:

    i downloaded Jaman..and then it didn’t work

  2. bkaur says:

    Amu was a really beautifully made movie and I’m really thankful and glad that Shonali Bose chose the 1984 Delhi massacre as her first full-fledged movie to make. It is a must see and shows how many different ways this horrific event effected so many different lives.

  3. Inderjit Singh says:

    I am eager to watch this movie qnd for4 that ordered one copy paying about 22 dollars by my amex card.So far I did not recieve any confirmation. so please advise if there is any possibility to get it.Thank you.fateh waheguru.
    Inderjit Singh

  4. Ravinder Singh says:

    This was one of my favourite movies of all time. As i was born outside of India i know alot of people with different views, but i have to say that it was a very well done movie. I have to congratulate Shonali Bose, the way that history was explained and intertwined in the story was remarkable and honest. The actors were great as well.

    It really touched me as it showed a very personal side of the story, i actually shed some tears..

  5. simran singh says:

    sat sri akal .

    amu is really wery good film, i am really thankfull to sonali bose for choos this sabject

    simran singh

  6. S. Kaur says:

    This film should be watched not only by Sikhs, but by everyone because many minorities in India have gone through a lot of pain. It is important for Sikh youth to learn and know about the struggles that Sikhs faced during the 1980s because it is an important part of Sikh history and the Indian government tries thier best to ignore those years and act like nothing happend, when in reality soo many innocent sikhs were killed for senseless reasons.

  7. Geetanjali says:

    It is a brilliant film. You can see what people are saying about it on Jaman at

    If you want to watch it online, go to

    You can get it and 2 other movies free.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Enjoy, and tell your friends.


  8. Rajinder says:

    It’s a shame that no sikh dared making a movie to have their side of the story heard. Indian film industry to full of sikhs and Punjabis, we proudly go and watch their useless bollywood flick. But, none could do what a Bengali did. What a shame!

  9. Tej Singh says:

    Gurmustak Singh Ji,
    I saw this movie yesterday at one off screening at a Southall cinema.Shonali Bose should be given credit for exposing the reality of 1984 Delhi massacre.It is very sad and painful to accept that the perpetrators of the masscacre are roaming freely after 23 years and the victims have no hope of receiving any justice from the judiciary.

  10. Rajinder Singh Chadha says:

    i have not seen the DVD will buy and see.
    thanks and rgds-r.singh

  11. jyoti mann says:

    sat sri akal .

    amu is really wery good film, i am really thankfull to sonali bose for choos this sabject,i hope all viewer’s is setisfide from this fikm

    jyoti mann

  12. Amar Baidwan says:

    S.S.Akal to every one
    We are talking about what happened in 1980s. Is there any body who can explain WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for this?
    Only poor people died, not MLA, MP, Jathedar or any other sikh leader including their relatives.
    Amar Baidwan

  13. Singh says:

    i think more such films, plays (etc) should be made


  14. Ultimatetruth says:

    Sikhs signed on our extiction papers by not opting to have their own “Sikh Raj”. This is how the slaves are treated, after twenty some years, no one is tried or convicted. The world only understand language of might, not reason or discussion.

  15. Jiwan Singh says:

    This movie firmly confirms Bengalis are not only intellectual but also Bold. Shame on us as punjabi for sleeping during all these years. As you see i didnot mention shame on us as Sikh’s because there are still true Sikhs like Shonali Bose left in this world. Yes, Shonali Bose is the real Sikh!

  16. Harpal Singh says:

    I cried and was angry last night when I saw this movie along with my wife. I was there in Delhi when all of this happened. This refreshed my memories. We(my family and I) were lucky to have survived all this being in middle of it. The whole of Delhi was engulfed in flames. I was 14 years of age.. I remember going on terrace and watching smoke all over Delhi for so many days.. This incident can never be forgotten. Those politicians are still there and not convicted. They were the bad elements in society who were the main cause of riots. As they say a mob has many heads but no brains.. May God never ever show that kind of horrifying time to any religion..Godhara was a repeat and similarly the politician involved roams free despite abundance evidence (see Tehelka web site).. Amazing and bold movie.. People should understand that we are humans first and then belong to a certain religion…Wake up..

  17. Manpreet Singh says:

    Waheguru mehar karan te eho ji hor movies vi bnai jaan.

  18. malvinder dhillon says:

    I am very greatfully thanks to sonali  bose for this movie she braught really truth in this movie.At least someone have gutts in indian movie to bring the truth in world               thankyou very much again                            malvinder dhillon

  19. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Thanks to Shonali Bose, Konkona Sen Sharma, Brinda Karat, Ankur Khanna and all those who being a hindu had the courage and determination of taking this subject and touching the hearts of sikhs and the whole world. This movie is the perfect example of how hindus and sikhs are brothers from heart.

    Yes, it was politically organized massacre and we should not indulge into racism on the name of religion. I know two incidents that happened in 1984 in my own family. I was born in 1980 (Patiala), and was very young at that time. In delhi my Massi g, massar g and their kid was saved by a Sharma hindu family (neighbours) during the riots. In patiala, my Daddi g saved a hindu boy who was about to be gunned down by the sikh terror groups. Yes, it is true, Sikhs suffered in Delhi and Hindus suffered in Punjab.

    And all because of the politics. No real hindu or real sikh would kill each other. So let’s finish it here and live life together, and hope noone ever separate us again.

    Sat Shri Akal.