Nihung Singh Mathematics

Do some math with Nihang Singh!

Click the little red play button above to hear from Nihang Singh

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4 Responses to “Nihung Singh Mathematics”

  1. Pardip Kaur says:

    awww..whose voice is’s so sweet and hilariously cute. The repetitive BETA is cho chweet.

  2. Kaur says:

    being under age i don’t have a proper credit card..the last one i made is probably expired.. how can i donate?

  3. Kaur, you can make a donation to SikhNet by check/money order. Talk to your parents, I’m sure they can help you :)

  4. Ramanjeet kaur says:

    It is so hilarous and innovative way to deliver sacred message. Nihung singh ji is our saviour and If he ould deliver us a message in such a sweet and funny way then
    what else we want and what i have to do with other things. Being little i am not getting which comments would be appropriate for this. It is fantastic and flabbergasted.

    O my beloved lord give me such a precious thing which i can donate today and I know that precious and immaculate thing is your name. Your name has such a power which would overcome all the needs.

    I feel sorry If i wrote anything wrong.