Mega Media Production, Fundraising & Vacation Plans

Things have been a little quiet on, probably since most of my blog posts lately have been related to the SikhNet fundraiser and asking for your support. You know though, it doesn’t matter how much you contribute. Even $5/month counts more than you know. We are trying to reach our goal of $3,000 in new monthly donors to SikhNet and are about half way there!! Check out the "Nihang Singh Mathematics" Blabber.

I am so grateful to all of you who have answered the call for Support and have donated whatever you can afford, so that SikhNet can grow and continue to uplift people all over the world! If you have been thinking about making a donation to SikhNet but have been avoiding it, don’t hold back and just give from your heart whatever you can. When you give, it creates a flow of prosperity that comes back to you many fold!

I haven’t had much free time these past few weeks since we started the SikhNet annual fundraiser. Me and Gurujot Singh have been working on finalizing the new 5 DVD set of "SikhNet Inspirations" videos.  It can take a lot of time to put together a professional quality DVD (video editing, DVD production, designs, duplication, etc). We should have them done by monday (Yaay!!) and then we send them to the duplication company. As soon as we review a proof of the DVDs we will start mailing copies out to some of the SikhNet Donors. 

At the same time we also produced the 2007 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival DVD (which this year will be a two DVD set because we had so many video submissions!). We also put together the new graphics for the 2006 Film Festival DVD and will make this DVD also available!

Then we produced a new SikhNet Special Edition Gurbani Audio CD to have as another donor gift choice. So, we have just about completed producing EIGHT NEW DVDs and one new audio CD! We are excited! 

I’m also excited because earlier this week I got a phone call from a generous Sikh from California who is donating the funds to pay for most of the photo/video equipment that SikhNet needs! I thought it might be like last year where no one donated towards the equipment. I guess Guruji had other plans :) Now all we need is a video editing workstation and a room here in Espanola where we can setup the "SikhNet Video Studio".

As you can see we have been up to our turbans in media the past two month in addition to fundraising, and all the normal SikhNet work!

Thanksgiving Holidays are just around the corner, so we’ll all get a little break to relax with the family (and for me to be off the computer, which I really need since my wrists and other body parts have been acting up lately). I’m going to the 3HO Winter Solstice Retreat in Florida next month (Dec 19 – 25 with my son Narayan), so I’m looking forward to that time to relax and get some spiritual rejuvenation. Then after that I’ll have some time with Arjan and some of her family doing vacation type stuff in Florida. Aaahh. I can’t wait. I love working….but then again I love having vacations. I remember last year when I was in florida doing the same type of things, walking around with my laptop open in search of a WiFi internet signal, so I could check email. It was quite a cat-and-mouse game as the wireless signal was faint. This year I’ll be trying out the broadband service from my cell phone company. If it works, I’ll have to be disciplined to just check on things and not "get to work" on my vacation!

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