Sher Singh – King of the Jungle

Another humorous blabber about SikhNet, encouraging YOU to support SikhNet. (Click on the little play button at the bottom left corner below)

16 Responses to “Sher Singh – King of the Jungle”

  1. puja says:

    i would like to ask a question from u ?
    please help me. u are just like a god for me.
    i believe in gurbani a lot from childhood. i had a love marriage. and my husband not believe in gurbani. he said i m not a sikh . i will not to go gurudwara everyday. i cant do path . i m hindu and my god is different . whenever i take the naam of gurudwara he get anger very much. he goes with me gurudwara only 2 times in a year & whenever he go everytime he said bad things about sikhs. he always shows that he doesnt like to come gurudwara. and every time he get upset from my parents too. i dont no why ? please can u tell me which path or shabad shouid i do so he also gett guru kirpa . i want that he say everyday to me lets go to gurudwara , can this is be possible. what should i do ?
    please help me
    thanks puja kochar
    waheguru ji ka khalsa , waheguru ji ki fateh

  2. Gurinder "G" says:


    It is a very complex situation, and we can give suggestions. But ultimately you have to decide what is more important to you.

    First of all, you have mentioned that it was a love marriage and you also believed in Gurbani since childhood.

    So, when you were in love at that time nothing mattered to both of you and probably both of you made promises that both of you will conquer the world in order to be together. In that state of mind, nothing matters except that person and even Gurbani was left behind…

    I am not trying to make you feel guilty but you have accept the decision that both of you have made. If in the begining it was love for both of you then even now it should be only love between both of you.

    Both of you have to respect each others individuality and force your thoughts or actions on him and vice versa. If someone in your relationship is forcing or is hurting each others feelings or does not have respect for eachother then where are those promises that both of you might have made to conquer the world in order to win your love.

    Why it matters to you now that your husband goes to sikh temple or not. At that time both of you have accepted each other and that should only matter now. Sorround yourself with love and don’t attach strings or conditions to your relationship.

    Do your own meditation and love each other without any strings. Show your children best of both religions. You also have to respect his religion and yours.

    Keep that fire burning for each other and love and respect each other. Because time cannot be reversed now.

    However, if your relationship is turning into abusive relationship, which could be psycholgically or physically then it not worth to waste your percious lifetime with that person.

  3. Gurinder "G" says:

    Correction. fifth paragraph first line: NOT to force your thoughts or actions on him….

  4. Harleen Kaur says:

    Definately looks like many Sikh men..POWER TO THE SINGHS!!!

  5. Karnail says:

    Pooja sister I will requist baba Ji to help you in my prair

  6. jeet72 says:

    dear puja ,have faith in waheguru ji and keep on praying every thing will be fine because “prayer is a bridge between waheguru ji and gursikhs” so have patience with your husband and keep praying

  7. Jas says:

    Puja ji,
    guru fateh
    “please can u tell me which path or shabad shouid i do so he also gett guru kirpa . i want that he say everyday to me lets go to gurudwara , can this is be possible. what should i do ?”

    guru lives where the naam is recited, if you believe that waheguru is only limited to the bunch of walls, I think you need to rethink about the guru message. The one is everwhere, in every movement, every person, every inch ……
    I really appreciate your concern to visit gurdwara, but by saying bad things while visiting gurdwara…. not sounds good.
    Guru message is to be happy in whatever is given to us “jo tu dai so bhala kar manyai”

    I dont want to hurt someones feeling but if i did plz plz plz forgive me (guru ka kukar jaan ke maaf kar dena) and bless me with right way.

  8. Pardip Kaur says:

    it’s soo cute and funny and yet adorable..i support sikhnet too…fellow animals lets rally around the only amborsial nectar lake we see and pray that sikhnet lives forever.

  9. Ramanjeet kaur says:

    Well, It is gr8 and funny too. True message to all human being from a True king. Sher singh the king of jungle is the true reflection of singh. Eyes full of fire, Wana help Sikhnet and all the human beings back and forth, I really admire ur way of making people undersatand or realise them that we all are made for each other and we should do as much as we can for the honor of humanity.

    The Creator of all the creatures Lord God Waheguru Loves everyone irrespective of caste and creed. In his sight everyone is rich if they are rich in thoughts. Well I would not say it is blabberer Sher singh, I would say it is the truth of life When God showers His mercy even An ant can save human life. But here Sher singh Has come forward to awaking us. So It is the message of Lord God Waheguru. As this Salok says”khalak khalik mein khalik vase rabb maye manda kisnu akhiyin je tis bin koi nai” God resides in all the creatures and creatures reside in the god themselves. Whom should we say bad or whom should we not obey if there is the command of lord God in every slave. I would donate if it is in my luck or destiny. If to donate some one especially for holy work has been written in my karma chart.

  10. Ramanjeet kaur says:

    Pooja sister, Well I am too little to advise u someting abt you are looking for. But the onething I cam to know through this immaculate, spiritual, imperishable And true words of God. That is free from all the religions. It is free from all the barriers. Even I would say why one wanders around in the search of peach of mind if everything is within u. First in ur mind create the picture of truth because it is the only thing where god loves to reside. Meditate on His name , His name is free from all the relgions. It is truth . If u follow it i dun think u would have any problem at all. Well I am to meagre to say this but i said wotever came in my mind.

    All the religions teach the same thing. Love, truth and no animosity not at all even not for ur critics. everything is in the mind ocean, It is nector if u think well or believe in ur god, to have it u dun need to go anywhere else.

    Pls Forgive me while considering a child of God Lord or a blabberer.

  11. Sher Singh-The king of the jungle.

    This is Great creative i have seen.
    the voice of the loin is really great and really match with The Sound of The Khalsa.

  12. drip says:

    1st of all you should not beg for donations because Sikhs do not beg they get it automatically just make a drop box and do not advertise for it and all your site is for donations (advertisements) I think this site is to make money this is a great name so please make it better and I always wish that wahe guru will give you all you need :) wahe gurujee ka khalsa waheguru ji kee fateh.

  13. Drip, thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry that you feel that we are “begging”. This is not the case. In a virtual world like the internet it is a bit different than a physical place like a Gurdwara. It takes effort to inspire and encourage people to give to support services like SikhNet. This year we tried to do so usoing humor and fun. SikhNet is not here to make money and it’s too bad that you think that is our motivation.

  14. Gurinder "G" says:

    Mr Drip,

    Have you ever been to sikh temples where ever you are based and have you ever noticed that temple commitee asking for donations on sundays for sikh temple.
    Do you consider that as begging? If yes, then your first duty would be to ask them to stop begging also or point them in right direction.

  15. Devakaur says:

    Mr Drip,

    Just curious– have you donated to Sikhnet? You obviously use the site. Of course the site costs money to run.

    It is appropriate and necessary for non-profit groups to raise funds, as people do not automatically think of donating to them. It didn’t occur to me to do it.

    After the fund drive last year, I felt compelled to donate and set up an automatic deduction by credit card.

    I felt it was my duty to help sustain the wonderful virtual sungat, since I go to the site a few times a week and gain much sustenance and inspiration from it.

    To call fund raising “begging” is just being mean.
    I do not like to see the good sikhnet folks being picked on.

    They bring soooo much to the world through their seva and deserve love and kindess.

    I just saw several of them out at Winter Solstice camp, and I can tell you that what I’ve witnessed of these people with my own two eyes is that they are very pure hearted people who are giving and serving with their very last breaths.

  16. Tejpal Singh says:

    Mr Drip,

    There is a concept in the Sikhism ….. Degh Tegh Fateh.
    which means Fateh comes to those who keep their Degh and Tegh’s in action.

    Sikhnet is both Degh and Tegh for the Sikhs and all the other like minded people.
    Degh which connotes all the material wealth is important beacuse without it no institution can be run.
    And Tegh is all military might, of which information is an important part.

    Begging is done by those who do it for individual self and donot have to offer anything in return except hollow-blessings.

    Sikhnet is a platform for Seva and all the people associated with sikhnet have for years done this Seva without asking anything in return.

    We must contribute whatever we can to this platform to make it more strong.
    “Sikh     Sarbat  laahe-vand hovaan
    Nanak Naam Chardi Kala , Tere bhaane Sarbat da Bhalaa”

    Jo Bole So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal

    Tejpal Singh