SikhNet Blabberize Competition!

Ok, a few of us at SikhNet have been having a bit of fun today playing with these cool and silly “blabbers“, which you can make at . Who said fund-raisers can’t be fun-raisers? Well, all those light hearted and humorous people out there. We have a fun assignment for YOU! Watch the blabber below, to find out your task, and risk winning SikhNet prizes!! If you make a blabber post a link to it in the comments here or email to us. To qualify for a SikhNet prize the blabber talk must have something to do with SikhNet.

 For more fun, scroll down further to see another blabber that we created. Over the next few days we’ll be putting up some more. If you like them, forward them around to your friends and family! And don’t forget in all the fun, please support SikhNet.

5 Responses to “SikhNet Blabberize Competition!”

  1. Harjot says:

    That was… hilarious! : D

    P.S. Gurumustuk ji~ I’m doing a presentation on Sikh women for my women in religions class, and I was wondering if I could get the lecture on Singhnia by S. Kaur, and the video about women in Sikhism by Guruka singh emailed to me, without sound, so I can post them into my powerpoint presentation.
    The presentation is on this wednesday! :/ 2 days to go! So if you could that would be great!

  2. Harjot says:

    And I meant without “music” not sound.~ ((feel free to delete this post))

  3. Pardip Kaur says:

    hahahah once again it’s really hilarious and creative.

  4. Vishavtej Singh says:

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s request to donate.

  5. Ramanjeet kaur says:


    Well first of all I would like to thank Mr sikhnet.
    Who has brought another shade of sikhnet in front of us
    which spiritual,comical and hilarious. Even I would like to say this is what, which i was looking for
    funny way of delivering a spiritual message to all the
    human beings to whom everyone can understand whether that is quite knowledgeable man or a funny kid.

    It involves creativity with spirituality.
    It binds us with true things and true deeds and
    teach us lesson to help everyone irrespective of caste and creeds. Sikhnet is the true messanger of God who is trying to connect us with sacred and spiritual thoughts.
    And once again I hat’s off to its new idea of bringing the hidden and precious treasure in front of us.but in a hilarous and comical way, It is amazing and flamboyant.