A Great Investment

SikhNet StaffIt sure seems to be quiet with comments since I posted the message about the SikhNet fundraiser. Did everyone go on vacation? Hahaha. Guruka, Gurujot and myself have been busy gearing up with materials that we hope will inspire you all to support the work that SikhNet is doing

Here is part of a cute email that I just got from a young Kaur who I think lives in New Zealand:

"I read the appeal about Sikhnet Fundraiser…..Sikhnet has touched and helped me grow spiritually in countless ways and a donation of any amount can never substitute what I get from Sikhnet!!

I really want to donate something but I am a student, don’t work, so basically quite poor. I live at a hostel and next week I am going home to my parents so I’ll try and see what we can put together…so hopefully we’ll be able to donate sometime next week…just wanted to let you know coz everytime I visit Sikhnet and ignore the fundraiser appeal and I felt soo guilty! So by sending you this email I’ve justified my reason to Sikhnet and Waheguru (so hopefullywont feel so guilty next time)."

So, all of you who are reading this, please don’t pass off this opportunity to give amounts large and small which will multiply to serve hundreds of thousands of people around the world. What a great investment that you can make to serving and uplift humanity! – Don’t delay, Invest in SikhNet right now!

10 Responses to “A Great Investment”

  1. Gurinder "G" says:

    I have requested donations from every perosn that I know of, so wait couple of weeks hopefully bunch of checks will be filling up your mail box.

    Definitely, you guys have been doing a wonderful job for the entire humanity. I have mentioned before that in your community there are Great scholars and they should use their wisdom to write about sikhi, yoga, and questions that people might have, because some people are really good in writing or expressing certain issues.

  2. Gurukarm Kaur says:

    Wahe Guru jio! The email from New Zealand is a great reminder that it really is a seva to contribute to Sikhnet. It’s not just for one’s own self each should contribute; it’s for the good of all Sikhs and seekers everywhere who benefit from the existence of this wonderful resource.

    Best of luck with this year’s campaign. (PS – you all are still getting my monthly contribution, right? :-) if not, email me!)

  3. gurusharan says:

    You will be getting a Donation.

  4. Gurusharan, I didn’t understand your question.

  5. M Singh says:

    I agree with the comment of the young kaur in NZ. I cannot thank sikhnet enough for helping me not just in my spiritual life but my day to day life.

    I’ll give you an example, the other day I was hesitant during a presentation (I done 0 preparation) in front of a large audience. Anyway I started to stutter, couldnt pronounce words and basically lost my plot, I could see people feeling sorry for me. Then I remembered Guruka’s advice about tuning your mudras with the thumb and little finger. Anyway I put my hands behind my back and done this on both hands and it was literally like magic!! I continued the presentation, and suddenly I was in control, I had such a convincing Q&A afterwards even the audience was shocked!

    I am still a student, but I hope once I am earning full time I can donate more, because there are millions of people like me who could do with the help sikhnet offers. It would be cool if we could participate in sikhnet sewa somehow. Not sure if this could be possible, but if you need help, e.g. I can work with a few graphic progs, I would be more than happy to help. Or anything that can free sometime of your shoulders?

  6. Balbir Singh Khalsa says:

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    We all Sikhs should start investing our Daswand for our panth. Contributing Daswand we don’t decrease money. Our money multiplies with Daswand. Guru Sahib give us all money and we keep 90% and Guru Sahib get back only 10%. Its my personal experience that after giving Daswand we feel so relaxed and calm. We cannot buy such peach otherwise by spending money in any otherway eg. eating, clothing, vacation,movies, never never. Donating Daswand is also part of our spirtual path. It uplifts us spirtually. Its not bribing Guru Sahib. Its part of our Sikh Principle – Vand ke Chhako (Share your food and resources).

    So my Gursikh Brothers and Sister – don’t hesitate, donate now, start a monthly donation with Sikhnet.com. You can rely this team. They will take Khalsa Panth to the Top.

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  7. molly says:

    guru fateh,
    For a long while i have been thinking of sending some donations to SIKHNET who are doing a great service to humanity and to sikhs in particular.I love this cyber-sangat so much & gain so much from them that my solitudes have also become blissful.Ibow my head to the SIKHNET team & am indebted to them.
    Now first u tell me how do i go about sending funds,as i do not have a credit card(for certain reasons)Incase i wanna make monthly contribution ,do i have to get a draft made every month or is there a simpler way to remit funds from india?
    This month i wanna buy AMU DVD,but can no more locate the advertisement from where to order.Can i send a draft to sikhnet for $28 for the DVD? Then from next month i can send some funds to the GREAT SIKHNET TEAM. Please guide me.

  8. Molly, thank you for sharing your thoughts about SikhNet and your willingness to support this service!

    At this point we do not have a SikhNet office in India, so are unable to accept payments in rupees. You can however mail SikhNet a draft in US dollars. If you plan to do so…go to: http://www.sikhnet.com/donation and select the option “check/draft” for payment.

    You could also try http://www.paypal.com which might work for you in paying for other things also in the future.

    You can get the AMU DVD directly from their website at: http://www.amudvd.com

  9. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    You know, I have seen people contributing for the Gurdwara and doing sewa, inturn expecting their names to be on stone, it really dosen’t look good. Especially on the walls of the main gates of the historical Gurdwaras, it weakens the infrastructure and spoils the originality. Online donation has many advantages and it is a very good medium.

  10. Balbir Singh Khalsa says:

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I would request all my Gursikh brothers to contact their friends and inspire them to subscribe for monthly donations. You can talk to them as follow :-

    “I need a favor from you. Sikhnet team is doing fund raising to finance their 2008 projects and they need our help. How much would you like to donation per month $ 50 or more. We can trust Sikhnet and they can take Sikhi to next level. As the donation is online, there is no chance for any fraud or misuse of the funds. ”

    You can modify the language as circumstances allow. You can also send emails to your contacts with this wording.

    You know one thing when we amritpan, our works are exchanged. Guru Sahib does our work and we do Guru Sahib’s work. So remember this work as we we remember our own.

    Thanks for your kind attention

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh