Guru and God

An email response (by Guruka Singh) to someone’s question on the topic of God and Guru….

Greetings from Espanola, New Mexico where I have gratefully received and read your email concerning God and Guru.

Your questions show careful thought and consideration and I thank you for them. No man shall be called a god and yet God exists within every man. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was saying someting very simple: "do not worship me as a man. Do not worship my personality. Realize the God within yourself and see only that One God in everyone. The "Guru" is the compass that always points true North. It is within everyone’s heart. Some have simply not yet awakened to listen to it.

The Guru gives the "gur"  the formula.

The Sat Guru embodies the Infinite Truth.

The Shabd Guru exists in the flow of that Truth beyond time and space and not subject to any conditions.

In present day culture, East and West, the term Guru is most commonly thought of as a living, human teacher. Guru is actually an agent of change, a catalyst of transformation that awakens the spiritual knowledge, dispelling darkness and bringing light and deep understanding.  The Guru is alive inside of everyone. This force called Guru is alive inside you. It is embodied in beings who live with enlightened consciousness and it is perfectly encoded in the Shabd Guru, the technology of Naad, the recitation of which awakens your soul. By speaking in the consciousness of the Shabd Guru the inner sound current is started, Wisdom comes and you are merged into the vast awareness of Anhad. Using the Shabd Guru we can quickly and effectively find the calm eye of the worldly storm of mental and social change, and from this place of inner stillness, shuniya, we can find our focus so we can excel and be happy. This state is described as the state of being samdarsi. The Guru describes the attributes of a mind that dwells in such a neutral state:

(To such a state of mind) happiness and grief are same and (To such a state of mind) gold and mud appear the same (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 275)

Everybody in one lifetime has one chance to serve one Master. That is the law. The opportunity doesn’t come back again. Remember, no Master ever comes back again. Remember, nobody comes to the Guru’s gate if it is not earned already. But it is still yourself who must have the will to enter the gate or not. The "Guru" is the word of wisdom coming through a person who has attained the state of consciousness where he or she can speak the Infinite Truth under all circumstances.

In the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh, and the Holy Naam which holds the world.

…..Guruka Singh

2 Responses to “Guru and God”

  1. Avneet says:

    Wonderful words!
    (To such a state of mind) happiness and grief are same and (To such a state of mind) gold and mud appear the same (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 275)
    What more can one ask for if one attains this state of mind =)

  2. seeker3k says:

    I understand the concept of satguru. But the shabad guru is confusing. What is that shabad with is sat? This shabad guru can take us to the infinite.

    You say every body in one lifetime has one chance to serve one master. Who is the master now? How can one know the real master? Do we have to serve the dead master or living master