ChardiKala Jetha & Senior Class 2007 of Miri Piri Academy Amritsar to visit Sydney, Australia

Those of you who are in Australia, Chardikala Jatha and the Senior class of Miri Piri Academy are going to be in Austalia at the end of December! 

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Gurdwara Kirtan Darbar

  • Parklea Gurdwara: Sunday 23-Dec 10am
  • Austral Gurdwara: Monday 24-Dec 6pm
  • Revesby Gurdwara: Tuesday 25-Dec 6pm
  • Parklea Gurdwara: Wednesday 26-Dec 6pm

Day Camp Programme
The class programme will be held at Parklea Gurdwara on 24th, 25th and 26th December between 8am and 1pm each day. You must be 10 years or older to participate.

There will be a $5 registration fee per person which will cover all 3 days. This fee will be charged even if you attend only 1 or 2 days.

11 Responses to “ChardiKala Jetha & Senior Class 2007 of Miri Piri Academy Amritsar to visit Sydney, Australia”

  1. Getting Healthy says:

    The brochure says they need funds- is this still needed?

  2. Harpreet Sekhon says:

    Yes, funds are still required. I am two-thirds into my target, so any contributions will really help.

  3. Amrinder says:

    Harpreet ji you are amazing

    i am so excited

    how do we get donations to you

  4. Harpreet Sekhon says:

    Hi Amrinder, glad to see you’re excited.
    To provide dontations for this cause, you can either transfer funds into the account details in the flyer or if you’re in Sydney you can contact me on 0403 074 851 and I can meet you to collect the donation.
    Many Thanks in advance for your donation.

  5. Sat Nam! My daughter Sat Amrit Kaur is excited about making this trip as part of the MPA Senior class of 2008. Please note it is 2008, not 2007!! Senior Class of 2007 graduated this past June!

  6. Harpreet Sekhon says:

    Sat Nam. Apologies Siri Ved Kaur. When I created the flyer I assumed a school calender of Aust and was under the impression school finished in Dec. Clearly I was wrong. Many thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  7. Getting Healthy says:

    I wanted to give funds for this – are funds still needed or do you have what you all need? Maybe you could give us an update? As well, are you all going to be video recording the sessions that they are going to be doing?

  8. Harpreet Sekhon says:

    Funds are still required. If individuals can contribute $50 or more it will really help towards the logistics of their tour. As for video recordings, I will not be doing any, however I won’t prevent anyone from doing a recording, but I do hope it is not used for profit, or if it is the profit goes towards the Miri Piri Academy.

  9. Getting Healthy says:

    Could you give us your email address so that we could perhaps send you funds via paypal? Doing a wire transfer from the US is pretty expensive, and quite a bit would go in that.

    Chardi Kalla!

  10. Getting Healthy says:

    Could you also let us know around how much you are needing?

    Also, if you could get someone to do the seva of video recording that would be great :). Their are so few DVDs of live Sikh events such as this, so it would be great to watch in the evenings. Whatever you can do would be great!

    Chardi Kalla!

  11. Harpreet Sekhon says:

    My email address is [email protected]

    I don’t have a paypal account (and don’t really knows how it works). Do I need one for you to transfer money?

    As for the amount required, I am about $1,000AUD short of my target of $12,000, so any contribution will help.