Halloween Kid Fun

This evening lots of the local Sikh kids came over to our house. They dressed up in all kinds of difference costumes. We ate dinner and then made went around our little circle here. After we got back the kids dumped all their candy out to see what they got. It was quite a fun thing for the kids! Nothing like loads of candy. When I think of candy….I think "Sick to my stomach". I remember in India when I was in boarding school, one sikh friend brought a huge trunk of candy. We ate so much that we were all sick. In any case…the kids have fun dressing up and taking baths of candy (even if they don’t get to eat it all)! This holiday is quite the opposite of healthy eating, that is for sure!

The Trick-or-treat Gang

Talk about junkfood… here is some of one of the kids stash of candy

Charanjeet’s first lollypop (Tootsie pop)

2 Responses to “Halloween Kid Fun”

  1. Deepi says:

    aww all the kids look soo cute…especially the littlest onee holding the ninja turtle maskk!!hopee they had fun and got lots of candy:)

  2. jeet72 says:

    CHOOOOO CHWEEEEEET !!!!!! charanjeet is real cuteeee. THANKS for sharing with us