Podcasting & Recent SikhWithin Episode with Snatam K

Those of you who have an IPOD or other digital audio/video player might have heard the term "podcast". Podcasting is a way to get the audio/videos automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio player. Once you have things set up, you will always have access to the most recent shows, as MP3 files on your computer or portable device, ready for listening!

There are very few Sikh related podcasts at this time, however one of my friends (Dr. Savi) produces a regular podcast called "Sikhwithin". One tuned into one of the recent podcasts and enjoyed listening to it, so I thought I would share it with you all.

Sikhwithin Episode 28 – Special with Snatam Kaur
Nice interview with Snatam Kaur from here recent visit to England and a recording of her playing kirtan. 

[Audio:http://www.kh-2.com/mp3s-sw/SikhwithinEpisode28.mp3] Download 

You can also hear another recording with Dr. Savi on BBC Radio on the topic of "Religion in the Digital Age".


12 Responses to “Podcasting & Recent SikhWithin Episode with Snatam K”

  1. Duane Melton says:

    Hello MrSikh,

    My girlfriend and I enjoy your site very much. We are not Sikhs but we are seekers. We can feel the love vibration flowing thru your web pages. We are ardent fans of Snatam, she is a terrific ambassador for the Sikh religion. Wahe Guru. You fill us with peace, we cannot stop listening to your music. We listen all day. Please never stop posting the music.

    Much Love,

    Duane & Joy

  2. Mike says:

    Hello…I have been on this website MANY times….and I would like you to know that every time I come to this website …I am inspired by you and your Religion…the Sikh Religion is not well-known(it REALLY should be!)…however it is one of the most unique religions in the world…It is the only religion that has the holy book written by the Saint/Prophet himself first-hand that was sent as a messenger from God. I would like to know how to convert to Sikhism. Please tell me where to go…and how to convert to Sikhism.

    Thank you …!

  3. T says:

    Dear Mike,

    Sikhism is a wonderful religion and the bliss that comes from being a true Sikh is beyond description. However the path is a challenging one and can only be walked upon with Guru’s Kirpa. If you have familiarised yourself with the commitments then you should go to your local Gurudwara (sikh temple) for more information. You can check out the sikhnet Gurudwara directory at http://www.sikhnet.com (on the left hand side under the community section).

    I wish you well with your decision.

  4. Gurinder "G" says:


    I would suggest you to learn the philosophy of sikhism and gradually step in. There is no rush in conversion. Matter of fact, a person is converted even without realizing it and it happens when our thinking about life and toward the entire humanity changes from our heart.

    I think you should have your all questions answered and study this religion (way of life) deeply then make your mind. So, do not rush into anythink.

  5. baghel says:

    Dear Mike

    You can start walking on the path of Sikhism fairly easily.
    (1) Wake up early, take a bath and read the Japji Sahib everyday, particularly the Mul Mantra. If you cannot read Punjabi, read the English translation. Make it your routine.
    (2) Listen to kirtan everyday.
    (3) Read some portion of Sikh scripture everyday, and try and understand it.
    (4) Stop cutting your hair, avoid all intoxicants.
    (5) Finally, pray to Waheguru everyday seeking blessings for entire humanity (and not just yourself).

  6. Gurinder "G" says:

    I don’t think people need to follow someone’s outlined way of sikhi. And its not easy path to follow.

    Sikhi begins from the heart and there no certain steps. Sikh way of life should sprout in each soul just like flowers in the spring and spread the scent of compassion to others.

    Certain people have sikh way of life just in words and there is no depth to it nor partical. Sikhism should open up our minds and be more flexible.

  7. Sukhpreet Singh K says:

    Gurinder G, i think immersion and not conversion describes better what you ment in your paragraph above.

    Guru Gobind Singh proclaimed 'Dharam hai ek', i like to sit and think about this, it helps me a little to clear the mist.

    Conversion denotes that a person profoundly believed in something else perviously and now persues to believe in something different. It is not conversion if a person did not have a direction of sincere belief previously and they have now found something they perhaps wish to immerse into.

    What provoks thought at this moment in my mind is what Guru Nanak ji said, if you are a muslim be a good muslim, if you are a hindu be a good hindu.

    I do not wish to offend i do not wish to confuse, i just wish to relevently vichar on Guru's & Shabad.

  8. Gurinder "G" says:

    Sukhpreet singh,

    You are right that we should immerse ourselves, which will eventually lead to surrender of our ego (head) to the Guru. Even in sikhs we lack is immersion, or we do not immerse ourselves into Guru shabad contemplation but more stuck with ritualistic behaviors (doing things with no significance).

    Now we can battle with words, conversion vs immersion.

    Conversion is at a thought level (contmeplation), however if it never occurs at the congnitve level then there will be no immersion. When there is immersion then there will be surrender and when there is surrender then we see same light everywhere and with God’s grace become one.

    Lot of sikhs like me have not converted their thinking parallel with Gurmukh but constant there are other thoughts running all the time ( lust, ego, anger etc) so it means even though I proclaim myself as a sikh but I have not converted by thought process yet. Gradually, when we begin to follow the path we begin to convert ourselves and it gets deeper and our mind opens up more ( leaving judgment behind) and then we begin to immerse ourselves deeper and deeper. etc……

  9. Gurnam Singh says:

    Dear Mike

    One does not ‘convert’ to Sikhism since it is not in the strict sense a religion with a set of dogmatic rules etc as you might expect from other religions. Sikhim is a ‘dharam’, which some people suggest means a ‘way of life’. In actual fact, dharam means ‘balance’ and in Sikhism, the goal is to achieve balance in your life. Another concept similar to this is a state of ‘sehaj avasta’ or equilibrium. Sikhism is the path to truth and truth is that which is eternal, universal and divine, hence god is ‘true’ precisely for those reasons. Such a truth is not confined to one faith or community, but resides in the world around us all. Once we follow this path towards the ‘divine truth’ we become Sikhs. It is the opposite of the path of ego or ‘manmukh’. Now this truth is not about miracles or supernatural events, but is about love and devotion towards god and god’s creation. A true Sikh does all human beings as one. Therefore, to serve humanity and defeat ones ego there are three very practical steps you can take: Share your wealth with others and serve those in need, earn an honest ethical living and finally, meditate on the name of the eternal primal being, which some call God, Alah, Ram etc and Sikhs call ‘wahguru’ which literally means praise (Wah) to that entity that takes me from darkness (ru) to light (ru). Regarding the outward image of a Sikh, simply try to look after your body, hence avoid alcohol, drugs and follow a vegetarian diet which is proven to be better for you. Also, the reason Sikhs don’t cut their hair is that by doing so become overly obsessed with our appearance which ultimately feeds out ego and takes us away from focussing on the divine which created nature and our bodies.

  10. Sat Daya says:

    I agree with the above comments that suggest that becoming a Sikh does not involve a traditional “conversion” from one religion to another. However, one may “convert” their outlook from accepting a life absorbed in maya, the shadow, to one of constant meditation and selflessness for the sake of all.

  11. sunit says:

    hi i m sunit. snatam voice is too peace full i fell relax

  12. Jojo Da,cr says:

    Hello i am not a Sikh but i still respect it i would like to ask a question if you dont mind.

    Was Guru Nannak a sikh?

    because i have some muslim friends who say that he was muslim.

    please answer…..