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One other new thing I wanted to let you know from In the past you have been able to order photographic prints from the gallery. However, you can now pick out a picture and customize it online with your choice of a frame style and mat! Choose from over 5 million museum quality mat and frame combinations! This saves you time and money and makes it quick and easy to see how it will look before you purchase it. Start browsing the gallery and customizing art!

Framed Picture

Last week I wrote a blog post about some new 2008 Sikh calendars, cards and other items that I made and am selling. I ordered a bunch of the items for gifts, and to check out the quality and I was REALLY impressed! I hadn’t yet seen how the calendars and cards would look printed (since I had only seen them in digital form). Yesterday I got them in the mail and was really happy with the quality of the printing and how the designs came out. These calendars and cards are high quality and not cheap printing. Definitely worth the cost! One cool tip if you buy the calendars is that after the month is over you can cut the page out and frame the picture. So with each calendar you get 12 beautiful pictures which you can continue to enjoy.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement because I am happy with the quality and wasn’t sure what it would end up looking like. I’m sure that those of you who have ordered some of the items will be happy as well. :) If for some reason you are not happy with it, you can get a full refund.

3 Responses to “Custom Framed Sikh Art, Sikh Calendars and Cards”

  1. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Amazing pictures, really good and hard work Gurumustak Singh ji. All the pictures are perfectly inframed and well thought before capturing the scene. Well defined, I hope when the month’s page is turned the feeling of actually being at Harmandir Sahib comes up … Guru Fateh

  2. PROUD SIKH says:

    The pictures look stunning.

  3. jeet72 says:

    WONDERFUL GIFTS, i recieved my orders today, its really beautiful pictures of harmandir sahib,calender is superb and cards are great. thanks for sharing such a wonderful gift with all of us, quality is also very good , THANKS AGAIN