SikhNet Server Crash

Oct. 17th – 10:20PM – USA Mountain Time
The main SikhNet server is down ( and , ) due to possible file corruption and other unknown issues. Unfortunately this affected both mirrored drives on the server so we were not able to have a quick recovery. Server admin at the hosting company is working on the issue, however it is possible that SikhNet might not be back up and running till sometime on Thursday (USA time).

Web traffic to and Sikh has been temporarily re-directed to this page until we are able to get the server back online. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to get SikhNet back up and running as fast as possible.

You can still access Email at: and the Hukamnama at: 

Oct. 18th – 3:25PM – USA Mountain Time
Getting Closer – I’m still restoring data for but it should be up shortly. won’t be up till later today since I have to transfer a huge amount of data from our office to the server, and this will take some number of hours.

Oct. 18th – 6:30PM – USA Mountain Time
SikhNet/SikhMatrimonials is back online. There are still some kinks to work out, but for the most part the major areas seem to be functioning. The work continues…. and will re-direct to this page until DNS updates on your computer. So…if you are still being re-directed here then it might take around 8 hours for this change to take effect.  

9 Responses to “SikhNet Server Crash”

  1. It just so happens that the server crashes when I posted the video earlier on the topic of STRESS Grrrrr….

  2. channi says:

    just when I wanted to read something the server crashed! I usually read the daily Hukumnama on this website and also go through other topics of interest on the discussion forum. Please do something about this as quickly as you possibly can, so I can resume my normal activities here. The server could be stressed out just like us and decided to take a day off!

  3. havocsingh says:

    hehe, what a time for it to crash, after you posted the video on stress..
    Anyway i hope that Sikhnet will be up soon, wanted to check out the sikh youths videos..

  4. gurmit singh says:

    i need the sikhnet sever to be online fast
    i have some urgent mails to recover and be-send.
    hoping that non of any important mails will be lost.

  5. Gurmit Singh you can still access email directly at:

  6. When things appear to be crashing, even that is part of the hukam of nature. Hukam never crashes, so Waheguru knows what He is doing. We need to know how to handle crashes to even benefit from the crashes, whether it is computers or personal challenges. I trust Sikhnet will resolve it soon. Everybody hang in there.

  7. all the best!! site crash can be very draining when alot of people are relying on it!

    I hope for speedy recovery
    waheguru angsang!

  8. T says:

    I agree with Harsimrat Kaur Khalsaji. I am sure the crash is all for a good cause. At least it will be good lesson for those of us who don’t value sikhnet as much as we should. You know how they say you only truely understand the value of something precious when its lost. So i am sure this temporary loss of server will, to say the least, increase our love and appreciation for Sikhnet!

    Gurumustuk Veerji il pray for you and Sikhnet. Stay strong.

  9. Rajinder says:

    Put put your core data & applicaations on AS400/System i and you’ll never have this problem again in your life.