Guru Ram Das Ji Gurpurb Celebrations

This morning starting at 4 AM the sangat did 2.5 hours of chanting the Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru Shabad. This was in celebration of the Birthday of Guru Ram Das ji. As always it was a beautiful and meditative morning. For the past two weeks or so in preparation there has been nightly Gurbani kirtan at different people’s house from the Sangat. Every evening the sangat goes to someone else’s house and we all chant, meditate and then eat together. It’s such a cozy and nice time for everyone to come together.

Here are a few pictures from this morning…

Guru Ram Das ji Early Morning Kirtan  

Guru Ram Das ji's Gurpurb Decorations


Guru Ram Das ji Early Morning Kirtan  


The Jewel of the Lord’s Name abides within my heart; the Guru has placed His hand on my forehead. The sins and pains of countless incarnations have been cast out. The Guru has blessed me with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and my debt has been paid off. || 1 || O my mind, vibrate the Lord’s Name, and all your affairs shall be resolved. The Perfect Guru has implanted the Lord’s Name within me; without the Name, life is useless. || Pause || Without the Guru, the self-willed manmukhs are foolish and ignorant; they are forever entangled in emotional attachment to Maya. They never serve the feet of the Holy; their lives are totally useless. || 2 || Those who serve at the feet of the Holy, the feet of the Holy, their lives are made fruitful, and they belong to the Lord. Make me the slave of the slave of the slaves of the Lord; bless me with Your Mercy, O Lord of the Universe. || 3 || I am blind, ignorant and totally without wisdom; how can I walk on the Path? I am blind . O Guru, please let me grasp the hem of Your robe, so that servant Nanak may walk in harmony with You. || 4 || 1 ||  Page 696

Guru Ram Das Dev Ji’s Birthday – October 9, 2007 – Sadhana Gurdwara Hukam – Espanola NM  

13 Responses to “Guru Ram Das Ji Gurpurb Celebrations”

  1. Prabhu Singh says:

    Wow you’ve already got it online!
    I still have the taste of paranthay and yogi tea from the langar this morning, and now I’m at work seeing pictures of the beautiful sadhana this morning.
    No words to describe this incredible morning Gurdwara.
    Dhan Guru Ram Das!

  2. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Yeah I knew you’d be quick to post this. It was such a great experience, I can understand that you’d want to share it with everyone. When I saw you taking pictures this morning I was wondering if I would end up on your blog today and sure enough I’m in the first photo. Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das!

  3. Baljinder Kaur says:

    Congratulations to the Sadh Sangat of Espanola on this auspicious day, I have been waiting to see this all day .
    Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das ji
    The lord of miracles has shone his light on u all.
    Thnk u Gurumustuk ji for sharing this with us all.

  4. Reema says:

    I can understand how blissful experience it would have been to do simran in presence of Guru & with Sadh Sangat. I was thinking of this when I was doing simran this morning at home all alone. Yes, I did miss pranthey & yogi tea.


  5. Getting Healthy says:

    We did a same Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur in Herndon, Virginia for 2 1/2 hours – it was simply AMAZING :)

    I LOVED IT – Thanks all those that came to the Herndon Ashram – your sangat was such a blessing

  6. Tej Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    The Sadh Sangat In Vancouver Canada also rose in the Amrit Vela this morning to Hail Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles, King of the Yogis..

    Here is the hukam from the Guru this morning, following our 2.5 hours of chanting “Dhan Dhan…”

    Tej Kaur

    “May your days to come, may your self to live, and may your families to grow, have the virtuous shield of Guru Ram Das, forever, forever, forever, forever!” -Siri Singh Sahib

    Posted October 9th, 2007 by
    Categories: Hukam

    English Translation:



    Intoxicated with the wine of youth, I did not realize that I was only a guest at my parents’ home (in this world). My consciousness is polluted with faults and mistakes; without the Guru, virtue does not even enter into me. I have not known the value of virtue; I have been deluded by doubt. I have wasted away my youth in vain. I have not known my Husband Lord, His celestial home and gate, or the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. I have not had the pleasure of my Husband Lord’s celestial peace. After consulting the True Guru, I have not walked on the Path; the night of my life is passing away in sleep. O Nanak, in the prime of my youth, I am a widow; without my Husband Lord, the soul-bride is wasting away. || 1 ||

    O father, give me in marriage to the Lord; I am pleased with Him as my Husband. I belong to Him. He is pervading throughout the four ages, and the Word of His Bani permeates the three worlds. The Husband Lord of the three worlds ravishes and enjoys His virtuous brides, but He keeps the ungraceful and unvirtuous ones far away. As are our hopes, so are our minds’ desires, which the All-pervading Lord brings to fulfillment. The bride of the Lord is forever happy and virtuous; she shall never be a widow, and she shall never have to wear dirty clothes. O Nanak, I love my True Husband Lord; my Beloved is the same, age after age. || 2 ||

    O Baba, calculate that auspicious moment, when I too shall be going to my in-laws’ house. The moment of that marriage will be set by the Hukam of God’s Command; His Will cannot be changed. The karmic record of past deeds, written by the Creator Lord, cannot be erased by anyone. The most respected member of the marriage party, my Husband, is the independent Lord of all beings, pervading and permeating the three worlds. Maya, crying out in pain, leaves, seeing that the bride and the groom are in love. O Nanak, the peace of the Mansion of God’s Presence comes through the True Word of the Shabad; the bride keeps the Guru’s Feet enshrined in her mind. || 3 ||

    My father has given me in marriage far away, and I shall not return to my parents’ home. I am delighted to see my Husband Lord near at hand; in His Home, I am so beautiful. My True Beloved Husband Lord desires me; He has joined me to Himself, and made my intellect pure and sublime. By good destiny I met Him, and was given a place of rest; through the Guru’s Wisdom, I have become virtuous. I gather lasting Truth and contentment in my lap, and my Beloved is pleased with my truthful speech. O Nanak, I shall not suffer the pain of separation; through the Guru’s Teachings, I merge into the loving embrace of the Lord’s Being. || 4 || 1 ||

    (Page 763-764)

  7. Guru Darbar Singh says:

    I wonder where Mr. Sikhnet was at 6:05 this morning?


  8. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    Thx for sharing. For those of us who do not have a sangat nearby it’s nice to catch a glimpse of it and feel somewhat connected.

  9. harmeet singh says:

    its good

  10. Thank you Gurumustak for sharing these beautiful pictures. I can feel the vibe and I wish I was there. Very inspirational indeed. Blessings and Love to all.
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  11. Rajwant Kaur says:

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience. Good wishes to everybody on the Guru Ram Das Ji’s  Birthday.
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  12. Abraham Shary says:

    Interesting article dude Thank you

  13. MANDEEP SINGH says: