Transforming Sexual Feelings to Creativity

In this video Guruka Singh share his thoughts and tips on how youth (or anyone) can transform sexual energy into other means of creativity. 

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22 Responses to “Transforming Sexual Feelings to Creativity”

  1. Gurinder "G" says:

    for some reason video is not working.

  2. Gurinder "G" says:

    Thank you, it works now.

    Thank you Guruka singh ji, for providing that jewel of knowledge.

  3. sunny says:

    Guru Gobid Singh Took his hotness and hornyness and transformed it into jaaap sahib?!!!
    are u sure about that? I wouldn’t make such claims. Your talking about our Guru. He was beyond kaam.

  4. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    The simple question is “Where do you put your heat?”… heat being one of the elements is not destructive as we all know. It can light up a candle or has the power to cremate. On the contrary it has this flowyness just like Guruka Singh ji said. We have to divert the flow of heat to something that is more helping us to absorb the juices rather than loosing it causing only palpaitaion and sweat and heart throbbing. Because it is wasting our potential. I understand this… but this is only possible when we control our minds and this is what the whole of Gurbaani tells us to do in various ways… irrespective of the chakras functioning or overlapping themselves or in harmony. The precipetate that we look for is “WILL”… our own will. When it comes to sexuality it is more felt than any other chakra because even as humans our primary goal on Earth was to choose a mate and reproduction just like animals do.. inturn humans got developed and also gave rise to complications to understand the more ways to indulge the humankind into more creativity.

    This is what we see all around. I would like to have an elaboration and reasons from Guruka Singh on the following points…… destruction of Earth and to save the last bit humans are

    a)running around to other planets,
    b)experimentaion with for ex. growing plants in the lack of Oxygen.
    c) questioning themselves about their sexual orientation… like you said “polarity”

    I look forward for an answer that dosen’t have to do with ‘curiosity’… do the above questions mean something or its just that I am curious, because when we see what is going around us, we are destroying habitats and should the word “kind” should be detached fron “Human” ?

    awaiting your reply for a simple understanding of the above three points…

    Guru Fateh

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    It’s not about being “beyond” kaam. Kaam is part of life. It’s part of nature. No one is beyond the tattvas. We’re made of them! It’s about understanding how energy moves and how to use it. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a yogi in his incarnation as Dushtdaman as well as his incarnation as Gobind Singh. Energy has to go somewhere. It does not dissappear. It cannot be destroyed. It is a question of mastery in learning how to control and use it.


  6. Gurinder "G" says:

    I totally disagree with Guruka singh ji,

    None of us would know the true answers about Guru Gobind singh’s energy form, but we can speculate about it.

    I think when you reach to the equal state of the pure light then you are beyond the pull of the mind and has reached the stage of unification with one light. I don’t think he channeled his sexual energy into jaap sahib. Logically, He would have done this when he was a yogi and meditating upon God for years and years before coming to this world.

    So, thinking about Guru’s energy from our level would be premature contemplation and inaccurate because to really understand it we need to be at that level otherwise everything from our presecptive will be wrong.

    I think Guruka singh ji tried to expalin Guru’s situation but its not right logically, scientifically and historically.

  7. Sunny Singh says:

    I must say it is a beautifully communicated video. I don’t disagree that one may be able to harness and channel the sexual energy into creativity using Kundilini Yoga. I don’t think there is any harm in preaching this line of thought as a stand alone teaching.

    However, this has been taught by the Yogis of India and NOT by SIKH gurus. The very fact that the tenth master composed JAAP SAHIB and not a manual of Kundiini Yoga for his SIKHS suggests that Guru’s way is ‘Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam’.

  8. Prabhu Singh says:

    I agree that Guruka Singh Ji could have said the part about Guru Gobind Singh with a little more tact. However, it’s good to stir the pot sometimes. Some people are so fanatic they get offended just listening to something like that.
    What people aren’t understanding is that it’s not the “sexual energy” it’s the energy that could be “sexual energy.” We all have that heat in us and so to did the Guru. Like Guruka Singh Ji wrote in the comment, nobody (in human form) is above the tattvas, the elements. That is part of the human experience.
    Guruka Singh Ji never said that Guru Gobind Singh had Kaam. I think the whole point was that he was of that age, and had that heat (like all of us) but instead of lustful desire (i.e. kaam, seperate from ‘sexual’ energy/heat), he used his energy to create something beautiful.
    People are getting too sensitive because of the British influence which pervades modern Indian culture. This prudishness and nonsensical FEAR of anything sexual. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the same energy that created us and created the Gurus and their children.
    You don’t have to agree, but try to understand the point rather than getting fanatic and angry. Where will our energy go? Will we waste the ojas?

    I highly encourage everybody to read the shabad on ang 970, with the following rahao:

    “Practice such Yoga, O Yogi. As Gurmukh, enjoy meditation, austerities and self-discipline. ||1||Pause||”
    “Aisā jog kamāvahu jogÄ«. Jap ṯap sanjam gurmukẖ bẖogÄ«. ||1|| rahā­o.” (ang 970)

    Here the word “tap” (which is the heat generated by jap) is translated as austerities, but we are told to enjoy that! Further in the same shabad it is written:
    “Pancẖ ṯaṯ lai hirḏai rākẖo rahai nirālam ṯāṛī.”
    “Enshrine the five tatvas – the five elements, within your heart; let your deep meditative trance be undisturbed.”

    This is what I believe Guruka Singh Ji is talking about, but to go even further and use the Guru Nanak’s own words please read:
    “SaglÄ— karam ḏẖaram sucẖ sanjam jap ṯap ṯirath sabaḏ vasÄ—.”
    “Good deeds, righteousness and Dharmic faith, purification, austere self-discipline, chanting, intense meditation and pilgrimages to sacred shrines – all these abide in the Shabad.” (ang 1332)

    Here the word ‘tap’ is again translated as “austere self-discipline.”
    Tap is the psychic heat generated in meditation.
    Here the Guru is making the exact same point, which is that the heat, ‘tapa,’ abides in the shabad.

    All the energy that could be used for ‘jap (repition),’ ‘tap (heat generated by intense meditation),’ ‘karam (actions),’ ‘dharam (righteous living),’ ‘tirath (religious pilgrimage),’ etc. already abide in the shabad.

  9. Gurjeet Singh says:

    I am sorry to interrupt but I would like to do a correction on my last post… if not Guruka Singh, then anyone can answer my questions… not underestimating anybody's knowledge but to have an answer from my fellow Gursikhs… Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  10. Harleen says:

    I think it is all about self-realization and understanding the different energies you, yourself have. I believe, someone like Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who was married to more than one woman would have had sexual emotions. I do not think that “the heat” you refer to is, in turn, sexual. I also do not believe that heat and horny is the same. Heat or aggression can form “will” or “josh” (in hindi) that can result in creativity.

  11. I think some of you are missing the point. It’s not really “sexual energy”. It is a creative energy which can give life or create something. It’s not a bad thing. How it is used is up to the individual. The point Guruka Singh made was that Guru Gobind Singh used this energy to create something so beautiful as Jaap Sahib.

    The point also was that our body has different energy centers (Chakras)and we want this to be balanced. When a young person is a teenager it is especially challenging as you start to feel these “sexual feelings” and might not know how to deal with this. So, Guruka Singh offered the suggested of one outlet for this creative energy which can produce positive benefits.

  12. Gurinder "G" says:

    I highly respect Guruka singh ji, But how we would we know what Guru Gobind singh ji used. My thoughts are that if he was successful channeling his energy in his past life as a yogi, but when that light became one with the ultimate light then their energy was alread channeled even before brith and was beyond the grasp of minds power.

    However, please don’t get me wrong. I highly honor Guruka singhji.

  13. Onkar Singh says:

    I’m quite disturbed by this post, everything from Gurkha’s Language and portrayal of his views. Horny is not a word that should ever be used when describing the Gurus. That is disgraceful and uttery shameful. Every last guru is the pinicale of purity and what us mortal humans strive to be which is pure. I’m not denying anyones creativity but saying that comes out of Hornyness is flaborgatic, its ubsured. If you claim that Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote Jaap Sahib in hornyness, you are severly mistaken, I agree however with saying that it is creative within its own regards. Associating “hornyness” with the symbol of our stugles as Sikhs is completely and utterly unjust. It says in the Guru Granth sahib to control our greed and Lust etc. Even though the Guru was in Human form doesn’t mean that he is infact heritable to Human ways. I’m appaled to hear such primitive talk of someone who is so dear to this religion. So I have to say that you have stepped outside of the line and are sorely mistaken about Guru. You have a very squewed opinoin of the Sikh religion. I think you should remove this video and publicly apologize for saying such ridiculous things. I’m not putting down creativity of your Chakra ideology, I’m implying that linking Sexual energy with Guru and Gurbani is Disgusting, Disgracful, and blatently incorrect.

  14. Guruka Singh says:

    Onkar Singh Ji –

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    You (and several others here) seem to have misunderstood me, therefore I shall try to clarify.

    Horniness is in the mind. The water energy of the second chakra is in the body. It may become horniness, but it does that through the mind by projective fantasy.

    Everyone has sexual energy. It’s just creative energy. The question is, what does one do with it? Guru Gobind Singh Ji was married and had four sons. Obviously, he used some of his sexual energy for that creative purpose.

    It seems that some folks are confusing horniness with sexual/creative energy. They are two different things. My little talk was about what one DOES with the creative energy of the water tattva. That is where the consciousness and discipline comes in. The second chakra and fifth chakra are closely connected. The creative energy can be used to teach and to speak divine truth. All the body’s energies can be used with appropriateness to purpose in time and space.

    My point concerning Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a simple one: The same energy that may lead one person to act out or fantasize in horniness can be used instead to create a divine masterwork. This is true of ALL creative activity, regardless of who is doing it. It’s just energy folks. Let’s not get reactive and emotional about it.


  15. Gurpal Kaur says:

    All i can say is, THANK YOU to Guruka Singh. You have answered a lot of unasked questions that i have always wanted to know.

    You always do a good job, and make us Sikhs proud of who we are.

    Keep up the good work!
    Thank You

  16. Gurkha,

    It is not everyday that people have the courage to deal with conterversial topics. When doing so caution should be used, not only in choice of words, but in exact statements. I think you are a learned person, but I do feel that you have made an assumption about Guru Gobind Singh based on his age, you inferred he is ‘hot and horny’ this type of wording is:

    1) Disrespectful – I dont think anyone would call their parents ‘hot and horny’

    2) It shows lack of respect when talking about the Gurus.

    After people pointed this out, you have started to talk like a lawyer defining what you ment by ‘horny’ this has nothing to do with the disgust people have shown about this video. It is more your tone, your assumption not defination in which you said things.

    I would advise that this video be removed from the Gurkha library, from youtube or anywhere else, what sort of message do you think it gives a non-sikh. You imply Guru was a sexual being because he had four son’s, That still does not justify the wordings and your tone of using those words in reference to jaap sahib.

    How can we assume people will know you what you mean by saying ‘hot/horny’. How can you say beyond a reasonable doubt that this was the state of the Guru? We cannot even predict the state of mind of a man, and here you have infered the state of Guru Gobind Singh…

    Please retract your statements (I dont even care if you apologize thats beyond the point) this statement should be removed from the internet so that we do not send the wrong message, regardless of innocent intent in which it was stated.


  17. Onkar Singh says:

    Gurkha Singh,

    I said, “I’m not denying anyones creativity”. I just believe among numerous others that your choice of words were wrong. Also, The guru was not Human, he was something else, beyond flesh and blood, yes he did recreate but I believe that is was for a purpose to uphold Sikhism. Everyting he did was for a purpose. Your choice word “hornyness” is the farthest from the truth, you should use more sophistcated terms instead of such primitive words. We are taught as good sikhs to control urges and reactive feelings. I do agree on harnessing energy in general for a better purpose is what one is trying to master. Sexual energy to the simple mind can cause distractions but we all strive to contain it and control ourselves.

  18. >None of us would know the true answers about Guru Gobind singh’s energy form, but we can speculate about it.

    sorry i disagree to this point, the guru had a human body and inherited the entire human setup. denying that gurus were any different from us in terms of what we are given is directly going against the teaching of gurus. the gurus were different in terms of how they used the system which was given to them. There are many shabads in SGGS where gurus have talked about their mind engrossed in sexual desire and then subsequently a prayer to the Creator, to let He be the center of consciousness than the five vices and they were successful in that not once but repeatedly. The point is to always bring back the consciousness to the creator residing in your own self.
    Infact even the chakras are a part of maya, and thinking about them is just getting entangled in the maya. when you meditate on SatNaam your chakras start behaving normaly and your kundalini will automatically rise, one doesn’t have to worry about that … and then only peace wells up within a being. there should be sehaj… like gurmustuk posted a shabad …
    “karmi sehaj na upjai, bin sehjei sehsa na jaayi…”
    Also i disagree to the other people’s POV that talking about guru’s hotness is a disrespect. It doesn’t imply that guru had no mastery over his own mind … infact it would be more meaningful in the sense that despite all these energy buildups in the body which happen because of course of nature, (SGGS says all those who are born are under the effect of three phased maya) the guru’s consciousness was focused on One Creator Universal God (and SGGS says this is the fourth stage in which the gurmukh resides) and that is the message we should take home.

  19. Gurbakhash Kaur says:

    SSA everyone,

    I am finally glad that the Sikh community is openly talking about the issues that affects its youth. I think that was the goal of this video: to open a forum youngsters to know what they can do when they have “sexual thoughts.” And Onkar Singh ji, i think Gurukha Singh’s words are getting distorted here. He is not the demeaning the Guru, instead, he is asking us to use the tenth Guru as an example, who focused his energy in the right direction and gave us the wonderful masterpieces. All he is saying is that we, too, focus our energy in the right direction.

    Thank You,
    Gurbakhash Kaur

  20. Vineet Kaur and Rajinder Singh says:

    Satnam Jee That was an amazing video and it was such a breath of fresh air to read such amazing comments from the Sangat!!! It is fascinating how this video has challenged so many of us and we all wish to express ourselves. That is the beauty of our dear Guru’s bani the Jaap Sahib that it touched our hearts and we all felt we had to react to it. Thank you dear veerji Guruka Singh Jee for the honesty and beauty with which you expressed yourself on the subject of creativity and also thank you all for your comments as it was touching to see how each one openly expressed their feelings on the comments section. I thank you dear Gurmustak Singh Veerji and everyone involved for such a brilliant website where we can log on and have the freedom to express our hearts and souls out and you post all the comments. Thank Waheguru that we are moving forward in such a positive direction in this day and age. Wahguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh

  21. Kaur says:

    Dear Guruka Singh Ji,

    I don't have a boyfriend (never have) but often do think of what it would be like to have one, as well as have sexual thoughts. In this case, I am "fantasizing" about being with someone – is that just as bad as actually performing sexual activities with a physical person? Often these thoughts are so hard to resist, but I feel guilty about them after. Is this a "sin" that I will be punished for? As well, it might be a contreversial topic but I have heard that masturbation can actually be healthy for you – is this true, or just someone giving into their lust? What advice do you have in order to control these thoughts, and nip them at the bud?

    Thank you very much.