Sunrise Pictures in Espanola with Hari Bhajan & Sat Hari

This past Saturday morning after Sadhana myself, Hari Bhajan Kaur and Sat Hari Singh (Germany) walked up onto the top of one of the hills which is near the Gurdwara. Our purpose was to take some pictures which Sat Hari Singh could use in a German promotional booklet for his new CD called "Servant of the Heart".

We couldn’t have asked for a better morning since it had just rained a lot the night before and there were still clouds in the sky as the sun peaked over the horizon. It was so beautiful! I love taking pictures! Especially when there are good environments/lighting. After we were done we munched on German chocolate and talked about how we should plan something in the future to have Kirtan/Meditation up on this hill another time. There is nothing like being outside in the fresh air with beautiful environments and meditation!

(Ps. If you want to see the pictures properly, click on the picture and then when you are on flickr click the option that says "All sizes" which is on the top of the picture)


Playing Guitar  


The Musicians

Musicians on the Mountain 





Smiles of Joy  


3 Responses to “Sunrise Pictures in Espanola with Hari Bhajan & Sat Hari”

  1. kamal jeet singh says:

    woww, dis is d most beautifull voice ive heard. and undoubtedly really gorgeouss pics. nice background.and ofcourse the power of gurus bana can be seen. living in delhi its lil hard to get most of the cd’s here but still like to download whatever i can and then listen to it.haribhajan kaur got a beautifull voice and its very divine. i hope i can some day hear her singing live.

  2. navraj singh says: