Channel M News Interview about SikhNet (Vancouver)

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During my recent visit to Vancouver, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the Channel M News and talk a bit about SikhNet and the Youth Online Film Festival. Roma Kaur (Channel M Punjabi News Producer and Kaurs Magazine editor) wanted me to talk in Hindi/Punjabi, so I did my best to squeeze some in. My vocabulary isn’t that extensive so I couldn’t really express myself properly without using english. When I was in boarding school in India (1983-1993) our school was located in Uttar Pradesh (Dehradun/Mussoorie) so most people only spoke hindi. We did learn how to read punjabi….but our teacher wasn’t that great so we hardly learnt much conversational Punjabi. After my visit to Vancouver I felt that I really do want to continue to learn Punjabi and Hindi. There are not really any people here to talk with in Espanola, but I figured I could find a Skype buddy and we could have conversations in Punjabi/Hindi to get practice.

17 Responses to “Channel M News Interview about SikhNet (Vancouver)”

  1. Great job, Gurumustuk! I think you did a good job in being very relaxed, just being yourself and representing sikhism in a very real and positive way.

  2. Gurinder "G" says:

    Gurumustak singh, you are the greatest! People like you are the pillars of sikhism.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    That was awesome Gurumustuk Singh Ji!
    You guys do so much excellent work at Sikhnet and I’m really happy when you get to promote the site and your hard work.

  4. Rajinder says:

    Nice! the guy who was interviewing you should be ashamed of himself. At least you try to learn Punjabi and understand gurbani, he speaks and I’m sure hears the shabads too. It hasn’t sunk in their heart yet.

  5. Sarib Singh says:

    Nice job Gurumustuk. It is great to see everything you are doing and involved with. Keep it up!

    BTW, next time you are going up to Vancouver give us a call and we’ll meet you up there.

  6. Gurinder "G" says:

    Rajinder, I disagree with your comment regarding that the other guy should be ashamed of himself.

    First of all, as sikhs we need to learn to respect everyone. If we keep on judging others and think that people who look the certain way are better or even closer to Guruji.

    Hey, what is the difference between you and the people who judge or label sikhs as muslim terrorsits based upon their appearance. Then why people like you cry out that people are profiling , Yet people like you are doing the same thing and consider themselves above other sikhs or closer to guru.

    I am sure that you speak and listen to gurbani too, BUT it hasn’t sunk in to your heart yet. Otherwise you would not be judging or comparing others.

    As sikhs we talk about respecting and honoring other religions yet we keep on judging other people too!
    So tell me in whose heart Gurbani has really sunk in. Maybe in NONE. let Guru be the judge.

  7. Gabbar Singh says:

    Such interviews should also be done with American channels (main stream), to spread the word. “M” will not be seen by too many who do not know who Sikhs are.

  8. Tatha Khoo says:

    Rajinder Bhai….

    We all are in the same boat. We all are surrounded by the same obstacles more or less. Your obstacles may be one less than the reporter (as you may have Kesh). But just keeping Kesh is the end of it? Or is it the begining…. Long way to go…..

  9. Sukhveer says:

    I agree with Rajinder’s comments. Problem is that there’re no more straight talking individuals like him anymore, everyone’s pretends to be politically correct and fit in type. Even our preachers wants to be soft on people or no one will support them financially. I’ve been to Vancouver many times, all I see in Punjabi boys is “wannabe gangster rappers”. They dress like them, act like them and die like them. There have been hundreds of gang murders in last couple of years, young kids are constantly fed Punjabi videos that glorifies violence, nudity and lust.

    Hey Rajinder, are you going to respond to Gurinder’s comments?

    The solution is very simple, stick to what you have been given. Young Sahibzade laid a very straight forward guideline for us, follow it, don’t make excuses. Sikhism is not about numbers, it’s about doing the right thing in any circumstance.

  10. Thatha Khoo... says:

    “Sikhism is not about numbers, it’s about doing the right thing in any circumstance”.

    Sukhveer Bhai…

    You said it very right. Then why should be we pointing fingers. Let them be gangstas, rappers or what ever they want to be. It is their karma. So why you or me have to worry. WaheGuru will take care of them, you, me and everyone else.

    Once again, as you said, “Sikhism is not about numbers”. Sikhism is “Khniyon Tikhi, Vaalon Niki”. Not everyone can walk this walk.

  11. Rajinder says:

    Nah.. I’m not interested in responding to anyone’s comments. But, truth does hurt and that’s exactly why you speak it, to yourself and other as well.

  12. Kamaljit says:

    Great job Gurmustak veer ji.You are so inspiring to people like me into sikhi..May Guru ji always bless you with more knowledge and wisdom, so you can spread it with everyone.. Keep up the great work..

  13. Gurumustuk Ji,

    I loved your Punjabi!! I know you were mustering hard to find the right words, but had to break into English (and I could see that honest effort), but that was not bad at all!! You should speak in Punjabi more often! So whenever I come over to New Mexico (God-willing), I’ll speak to you only in Punjabi! So there’s a challenge for you, paji!! Good going! You truly are an inspiration! BTW, I can see the khalsameter tugged neatly into the back of your dastaar!! ;) Khush karta sahnu! Waheguru bless you with Infinite Grace . . .

  14. Ms Kaur says:

    Wondeful Gurumustuk Singh very well done.

    “may Wahaguru bless us all “

  15. drsavi says:

    GSK – You were & continue to be inspiring!


    Guru Fateh,
    Well I must congratulate you GM for your wonderful exposition and presentation. You are thinking much ahead of time to reconcile with the coming age ahead of having confrontation. The natural attraction and convergence of East and West could easily be seen your personality where you represent as a moving ambassador of Sikhism and a as a true seeker and practitioner.We need to open up and present the true cosmic and universal side of Bani and Sikh way of Life to embrace all. You represent the true Universal religious values being a product of mixed backgrounds and now a Global spiritual person dedicated to the mission bringing youth in particular nearer to the Gurbani based Human values. Good Luck

  17. inderbir says:

    hatts off you