Youth and Having Relationships/Dating

In this video Guruka Singh answers a question about Sikh youth dealing with the issue of dating, love, romance, sex before marriage and relationships. 

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16 Responses to “Youth and Having Relationships/Dating”

  1. Adi Shakti S. says:

    Thank you very much for speaking on this topic Guruka Ji, it has been one that my mind has been very active on recently and you affirmed what the Guru has been telling me.

    Bless you, 100 times bless you.

  2. my question to Guruka Singh….
    what happs when you meet that person, after you’ve tuned in to that higher frequency…. and you Guru Ji arranges that meeting sends you that person.. then guru ji tells that person and yourself that you two are to marry one another. and the other person doesn’t want to marry. what if there isn’t a conscious commitment, then how can that arrangement from the Heavens manifest on the earth plane, if one party does not want to have a conscious commitment?

  3. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Ji

    The lecture was so brief and made sense… I liked it and I will remember the key points. I am happy that someone is comping up and discussing these things really, thank you GuruMustak for thinking this ways and GuruKa Singh Ji has explained in a very good way. It is so helpful and I hope you will comeup with many more topic that are SO simple, but with the SMOG everywhere we tend to forget to peep into ourselves and we keep struggling to see what lies beyond … AND I like the music that wasplayed in the end and please if there are links to download the music files then kindly provide them GuruMustak Singh Ji and ESP. the one at the starting of the videos of Sikhnet film festival that music is so enchanting… if possible then kindly provide the links :)… Thank you so much…. WGKK WGKF

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    gurvinderpal singh Ji – If it is truly the right person, then it will be totally mutual. If it is not totally mutual, then it is not the right person. Walk and talk and feel and understand mutually. Open yourself and blend yourself. Without conscious commitment from both sides, the relationship cannot work out. Relax and let it unfold. Let it come to you. When it is right, it is all very natural and the rightness of it is incontrovertibly evident to both of you.


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  6. Anonymous says:

    I feel exactly how Adi Shakti S has described, thank you so much for talking about this subject. What you said made complete sense to me. I’m still wondering something though. Is it possible for someone to be in a relationship with you in order to help you tune yourself to the infinite power? Or is this always an alone thing for each person?
    I guess in general, how to you know which relationships to place yourself in, or “choose” on your path? Or are these given to you, and if so, how do you know which ones are the “right” ones to embrace and enhance?
    Thanks so much!

    P.S. Would you be able to talk about relationships at work? These seem so “pointless” in a persons desire to connect with him/herself. But then, you should see God in everyone shouldn’t you?

    Thank you! God Bless for all of your beautiful seva.

  7. Gurjeet Singh says:

    MAN i will remember this. I was looking out for some free stuff ;)

  8. PRITPAL SINGH says:

    Guru Fatehji,
    Beautiful illustration to make one understand on this burning yet sensitive subject which is crossing over the age bar.”Man tu jyot saroop hai apna mool pachaan man har ji tere naal hai gurmati rang maan”.One needs to have a wieghing machine first before telling somebody how much is actually a weight. Likewise one has to have a right scale to tell exactly what this so called relationship is about.Good way to share exclusive yet small subjects and then leave it to people to decide good and bad, like one gets college education to do the best in world but ultimately uses it according to ones own conviction and desire.Based on experience one modifies to grow more.One fact which cannot be ignored is ” Gur bin koi na utras paar”.

  9. Gagandeep says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I have a question for Guruka Singh, for the past couple of months I have been going to the Gurdwara quite often and have been attending a weekly Gurmat class. Before this I knew absolutely nothing about Sikhi (even though I was born into a Sikh family) and because of that I was on the wrong path and have made a lot of mistakes through out my life. Recently, however, I decided that maybe its time for a change and so I am now practising to become Amritdhari. But…and here it comes…I know this guy who is not Amritdhari and we both care about each other. He knows about my tansformation and has seen me in a keski as well and he respects my decision and is there to support me all the way. And we both still have feelings for each other so is it ok for us to be together? Even though I hope to become an Amritdhari some day and he doesnt?

  10. Guruka Singh says:

    Anonymous Ji – Relationships flow naturally. The right person at the right time in the right place. Where things go wrong is when we are “looking for love,” when we are needy, or feel that the other person is the “answer to our prayers” or “someone who can make me happy.” In practicality this boils down to making your intuition work. That comes through meditation. Everyone has intuition, but some ignore it because of desires. When you can access your own neutrality – feel deeply but not be emotional – then you can listen to your intuition. Your intuition is your “radar,” and when it is strong, and you have the habit to rely upon it, then you do not enter into hurtful or non-productive relationships.


  11. Kaur-kaur says:

    Hi Gurka Singh,

    Wow, what can I say you hit the nail on the head!!!! It was truly amazing.

    I have been going to sikh student camp for quite a few years now and am a strong beliver of personal hukamaneh where if you ever need ANY direction in ur life maharaj will give it. the last comment you made about knowing if he/she is the ONE IS SO SO SO TRUE!!!



  12. Kaur says:


    Well said !!!….Know who you are…love yourself and create a core relationship with the Guru !


  13. Guruka Singh says:

    Gagandeep Kaur Ji –

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    Caring for someone and marrying someone are two very different things. Let us be clear. Respect and support may be given for many different reasons, but merging oneself into another person to live as one soul in two bodies is done for only one reason: to work side by side in Guru Ji’s service within the clear and singular vibration of the Guru’s Court. If your intuition tells you in any way at all that this relationship is based on personal satisfaction and desire for security and affection, then it will not survive. Act consciously – with an open heart and a clear mind. Take Guru’s Hukam and obey it with neutrality and grace.

    In the Name of the Guru, the Light of every Sikh, and the Holy Naam which holds the world.

    All love in Divine, …..G

  14. Frank the Singh says:

    Just a question for Guruka Singh. Now what happens when you are married the old fashioned Indian way? I didn’t have a chance before marriage to look into her eyes as I didn’t see her before only a picture. When we did meet I was scared out of my mind and the deal was done. So then do we take that as the hukum of Akal Purkh or is it just playing out our karams?

  15. Guruka Singh says:

    Frank – Only you can answer that question.

    Marriage is a carriage to carry you to your destination in life. How deep can you go? Are you living as one soul in two bodies? In the process, your karams can be paid, by Guru’s grace, and deep, deep joy can awaken within you.


  16. GK says:

    The video gave a great definition behind all the reasons of a relationship. 
    Just a question for Gurka Singh.. is there a proper age for when someone should be on the look out for their “soulmate”.