Vancouver: Hope to see you again soon

I had a great time in B.C. (Vancouver/Surrey/Kelowna)…though it was too quick of a visit. I hope to go again sometime with my whole family. Thanks so much to Randeep Singh and Pardeep Singh for hosting me while I was there. Canada is pretty cool. Every time I go there I am impressed at how friendly people are. If I ever move from Espanola, I’ll definitely consider migrating to Vancouver :)

Here are some pictures that Pardeep Singh took while I was with him. If you are ever in need of a good photographer for your wedding or any other occasion, look him up. He is an up and coming photographer :)


A sign from Narayan Singh from New Westminster, welcoming me to Vancouver (I went to their house for dinner and this is what I saw on the door when I arrived). My son Narayan has another friend who also has the same name and is about the same age.

Me and Pardeep Singh eating Edamame at the Japanese restaurant. He had never tried sushi or other Japanese food so this was his first adventure in this type of food. From time to time we have sushi "parties" at our house and we all roll sushi ourselves and eat it. Yum…yum!

Eatin’ sushi. I need one of these wide angle lenses! Grrrrr….

Stroll through Stanley Park. I loved the part of the park that was like a jungle with the giant trees which touched the skies. One minute you were in the city…the next you were off in the forest. I wish we had more time to go through the park. I guess I’ll have to wait till my next visit to vancouver.

Here I am during and Interview for Channel M News, talking about SikhNet and the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. I am waiting to see how the video came out. Pardeep….I hope your brother is able to get the video off his media center computer :)

Talking about pardeep and him taking pictures. Roma Kaur, producer for Channel M Punjabi News and editor for Kaurs Magazine.



We took a quick day trip to Kelowna with friends and family. It took about 4 hours to get there and we left Surrey pretty late so we didn’t get there till like 1:30AM. This is a picture of the kids getting ready for a boat ride. We had lots of fun pulling each other on tubes on the back of the boat.

6 Responses to “Vancouver: Hope to see you again soon”

  1. bkaur says:

    question: isn’t sushi fish?

  2. In general it is most common for sushi to be with fish and other sea-life, however there is also vegetarian sushi which is without this. Many japanese places have vegetarian menus or can make it veg.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    True sushi is vegetarian, sashimi is fish.

  4. Gurinder "G" says:

    yes, vegetarian sushi is available in majority of japanese restaurants. Sushi is anything rolled in rice and seaweed (plant), it could be fish or vegetables.

    With Sushi pickled ginger is provided to cleanse the palate, but try to use a slice of ginger with every piece of sushi it will add lot of flavour to your each sushi piece bite.

  5. B. Kaur says:

    cool. i’ll have to try it some day.

  6. Kumi says:

    Ooooo You guys frightened me there!!

    Chak Dee!!