Jaswant Singh Khalra: A Martyr of Human Rights

Here is my video pick of the day of the Online Youth Film Festival by 18 year old Raj Singh. He won second place in the 2006 Online Film festival for his video: Arpinder Kaur: Piloting A Life. This video is quite different from the typical 1984/khalistan video and focuses on the human rights abuses which have occurred in Punjab by the Government. The video was very well produced and backed up with lots of information.

"This documentary is still a work in progress about human rights defender Jaswant Singh Khalra. Upon completion of this documentary, there has been some progress in the murder trial case of Jaswant Singh Khalra. Six low-level officials were convicted for the abduction and murder of Jaswant Singh Khalra. However, the primary architect of this crime, former Director General of Police KPS Gill, has not been held accountable. Despite Special Police Officer Kuldip Singh’s testimony, who  witnessed KPS Gill interrogate Jaswant Singh Khalra in illegal detention, the Central Bureau of Investigation refused to investigate or prosecute KPS Gill for his role in Jaswant Singh Khalra’s abduction, torture and murder."

12 Responses to “Jaswant Singh Khalra: A Martyr of Human Rights”

  1. Gurinder "G" says:

    Its really sad to hear these kind of news, and these kind of news have been prevalent even before 1984. Indian Government which is dominated by zealous hindus who want sikhs to accept hinduism or become part of hinduism. But they have forgotton that one khalsa has faced hundered thousands of great moghul warriors and Khalsa never came to an end.

    However, we have to win this battle not by voilence but by intelligence. We have to unite as one force under Guru’s Shabad. We have educate our children and make them leaders of the future. Yes, it will take some time to achieve this goal but by violence we will NEVER achieve our goals. Sikhs have to stay away from violence because thats what aggressors want sikhs to fall in the trap of anger and violence, which will give them a chance to label sikhs as terroists in the eyes of the world.

    So, its very sad. But truth will prevail. Just remember what happened to our Guruji’s.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    Amazing what was and is still happening in Punjab. The State and Central governments even though are run by people that look Sikh are some of the biggest crooks alive, they should be stated as being Apostate’s and should no longer be a part of the Sikh community. This should be the stand of the Sikh leaders such as the Jathedar of Akal Takht.

    I feel disgusted and sad for the injustice done to all those young boys and girls that disappeared and still continue to disappear. I wish i could help..

  3. Singh Gurteg says:

    KPS Gill known as butcher of Punjab who was responsible for the torture, death and rape of tens thousands of innocent Sikhs at the behest of his New Delhi masters is a “national Hero” of India. Presently he is president of Indian Hockey federation and heads a a so called terrorism think tank which is basically a front for Indian Intelligence agencies. Like many other criminals and mass murderers who are holding top political, military and civilian leadership positions in India, KPS Gill is a nationally protected asset of so called “largest secular democracy” in the world.

  4. Gurteg Singh says:

    KPS Gill known as the butcher of Punjab was responsible for the murder, torture and rape of tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs is national hero of India and darling of Hindu media. He is now President of IHF and runs a terrorism think tank in New Delhi which is a front organization of Indian intelligence agencies. KPS Gill like many other criminals and mass murderers who hold leadership positions in politics, military and police, is a highly protected national asset of so called largest democracy in the world.

  5. Ravneet Singh says:

    i must say that i am impressed with this video. I learned a lot and im pround to have someone like Khalara in my religion. he truly was a martyr of human rights.


  6. Rajwant Singh Kalsi says:

    The excellent detective work which late Jaswant Singh Khalra did is praisworthy and remembering Him is a matter of saluting the Martyr.
    Through superior education we the sikhs can attain top posts and can at least interfere such tyranny on sikhs. Hope the new generation of the sikhs may not be with the mentality or DNA of KPS Gill.
    The idea to remember Jaswant Singh Khalra through a documentry film is highly appreciated.Good work.

  7. arvinder singh poonchi says:

    when i see this video today first time tears come from my eye
    jaswant singh ji is our martyr heritage
    who taech us sikh always die for human rights
    and thanks sikh net team for this graet work.

    who chand kaam jo tuney apni jindgee me kiye
    na janey kitney baras sikh kum ke kam ayngay

    poonchi singh

  8. e singh says:

    Really good documentary and I am proud for sikhs like “Jaswant Singh Khalra” who gave their life for rightous cause. May god bless every sikh the courage to fight and stand up like Sardar Khalra Ji did or even more like Bhai Mati das ji.

    Proud to be sikh because of such charactered sikh’s of my guru. Dhan Guru Nanak, Dhan Guru Granth Sahib ji.

  9. Apaar Singh says:

    Great film. Great subject matter. We cannot allow people to forget the sacrifices people like Jaswant Singh Khalra made. Furthermore, his cause should not be allowed to die out because of his murder and the murder of other human rights activists. We must push forward and push the Indian government & the Indian Society to do what is right no matter how long it takes.

  10. Sukhwinder Sandhu says:

    Wake up everyone, stop fighting inside Gurudwara’s. There are lots of things that needs to be done as of yet. Do something good so that people will remember you for that. I respect this personality million zillion times. Sher Panjab de … this is what Sikhs are meant for.. wake up please.

    Raj Singh , Thank you for this inspiring documentary. You are the first prize winner of this competition in my eyes. I dont care about others. I have tears …..

  11. balraj singh dhillon says:

    well done.u clear thefog from te way to kick up investigation and the bastar kps gill wil be dragged 2 court.

  12. Navkiran Kaur Khalra says:

    Thanks Raj Singh…………Khalra Family is greatful to all for the moral support…………

    Khalra Family