Just 2 Live Another Day

There were so many unique and different videos submitted by youth for the 2007 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Another one of my favorites is a video titled "Just 2 Live Another Day", which is a rap music video by 18 year old Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal from Australia. The lyrics and visuals are awesome and have a great message. The video is about remembering the sacrifices of those Sikhs before us and standing tall as a Sikh of the Guru. I can only imagine how much time it took to put together this video and the music. If you have ever done a video/music project you’ll understand how much time it can take to do a good project like this.

If you like the music in this video, you can download the audio track.
Read an interview with Sukhdeep Singh about this video and the music 

23 Responses to “Just 2 Live Another Day”

  1. gurinder "G" says:

    great job!!!!!!!!

  2. You can also see another version of this music video which was edited by one of his friends. I like the original video by Sukhdeep Singh best, but it’s interesting seeing how with the same music the video parts can give the words different focus.

  3. Sat Nam, ji.

    This music video is the Ardas for the 21st Century.


    Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

  4. Angad says:

    Awesome!!! I would like this video to be broadcasted in all music channel in India.for the youths

  5. Sadhu singh says:

    I liked the youtube version. really hard work. Great work Sukhdeep Singh.

  6. Nanki says:

    Wow! some very strong words there

  7. You know what guys made me felt so good and also tears of love….bro..great job…keep it up akaaalaa..

  8. Rajwant Singh Kalsi says:

    This video may be the liking of the sikh youths born and brought up in America but for the true sikhs and the Indian Punjabi sikhs it has completely different value. Firstly it is not in Punjabi language ,secondly the type of music has nothing to do with the customary music thirdly so on and so forth.

  9. Ravneet Singh says:

    I cannot beleive how good this video was. Honestly, this was the best music video I ever saw. I am so proud of the people who made this video. Words can’t express how amazing this video was.

  10. rajbir singh says:

    it is beautifulllll !!!! wonderful ! good effort… keep it up

  11. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    Excellent film Sukhdeep Singh! I love your spirit–you’ve got great rhythm! The film clips and pictures were very touching.

    This medim will reach some young people who may not otherwise hear these messages.

    I’m sure we will see more great works from you in the future!

  12. Sundeep Singh says:

    beautiful. A lot of raw budding talent shown there.

  13. Amritpal Singh says:

    what’s that beautiful shabad at the end of the video?

  14. GS says:

    Just Wonderful!!!!!!
    Keep It up….Love your spirits


  15. Ishi Singh says:

    Gets the message across beautifully. Hopefully it will inspire the youth

  16. Prabhu Singh says:

    I liked the video a lot. He really did a great job with the video and the rap.
    I have a slight criticism and I only bring it up because I find it to be a pervasive issue these days. That is that a lot of young Sikhs get really upset about 1984 (even though a lot weren’t even born yet) and they seem to think that Sikhs believe in retaliation. He mentions “striking back” in one line and another line he says “we contemplated our attack, strategised our retaliation,” when referring to 1984. I’m not content to be a part of that “we.” I don’t usually contemplate attack or strategise retaliation. I also think a lot of mistakes have been made in that realm and we should be careful glorifying ‘Sikhs’ who have done violent acts of ‘retaliation.’ God gave life and God takes life away, we have never been given the permission to make those choices by ourselves. Guru Gobind Singh wrote a letter to Aurangzeb where he even praised him in a few of the stanzas. That is ultimate compassion and truly saintly. We should think about ‘striking back’ and ‘retaliation’ and think of that as the realm of others, not of the Khalsa.
    Raj Karega Khalsa
    Allow purity to reign in your own consciousness and you’ll know Khalsa Raj every day.

  17. that was amazing…keep it up

  18. Gurinder "G" says:

    I totally agree with Prabhu. That Sikhs are also Nirvaar and Nirbhao. we have to strife for the qualities or life style of our Guru’s not what our mind or society thinks is right.

    As sikhs we only strike back when we are being striked, which is defensive not offensive.

  19. Thomas R. Hernandez says:

    I’m not Sikh, but I am familiar with your faith. After watching the video and hearing the song, even I would be proud to be a Sikh. I am glad to see a positive and Inspiration message sent to our youth, I hope you guys well and may you have more future songs and inspirational messages.

  20. i grew up in malaysia and rock and rap have had a huge influence on me in learning the balance of life as a gursikh and a rocker. it was so beautiful to see the words of rap and hip hop feel so close to the heart. i think this was a groundbreaking effort.

    believe or not, raag is not everyone’s cup of tea. i enjoy it, but not to the extent that i would go out of my way to listen to it. and its so important to unite the generation with the sound of the youth. we always talk about western music and that it’s not our culture. why can’t it be? so what if the instruments aren’t classical? or that the language is english? sikhi is universal. its about reaching out to every one of us.

    i agree with the comment about the 84 attack. i suppose there is room for improvement in any first effort.

    vir sukhdeep, you remind me of tupac everytime i listen to the song. especially of his song, ‘changes’, which talked about the lack of unity among the blacks. the rhymes were excellent, backed by a simple yet print-leaving beat, with important visuals. you have taken the first step towards uniting the youth. i am proud of you. you can contact me at [email protected]. cheers

  21. Narinder Panesar says:

    Excellent song i love it. keep up the good work

  22. Kiran says:

    Wow, loved it! You can totaly see your hard work and dedication, and the words are from the heart..you rap with a passion it really shows. Loved the beat too, awesome thanks for sharing that.

  23. Karen Sahota says:

    wow this songs awsome! i really like it, its got a really nice tune with a really nice meaning keep up the nice work