One Light (A Video by 13 year old Angad Singh)

Angad Singh

The SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival has begun! We received about 40 videos from all over the world and every day we will feature a few of them for you all to watch. Here is one of my first picks by a 13 year old named Angad Singh. 

One Light celebrates the oneness of all people in the footsteps of Guru Nanak who traveled thousands of miles and reached millions of people in the conflicted world to impart the message of One God, One humanity.

In this film a 13 year old from suburban Atlanta takes on a project to educate his neighbors about himself as a Sikh and to learn about them as well. The mission is to connect with them – drawing on similarities, and inspiring everyone to take a baby step in the direction of making this world a friendlier place by education, connection and inspiration.

Read Angad Singh’s blog where he talks about this video project in more detail:

17 Responses to “One Light (A Video by 13 year old Angad Singh)”

  1. Hanna Meiners says:

    Dear Angad ji! Your video is really wonderful! I admire your courage and creativity. If you contiunue like that, you can become anything in life!
    The message of your film is so universal and beatiful.

    All the best and greetings from Finland,

    Siri Datar Kaur

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    Such an excellent video! Angad Singh Ji I feel honored to have you as part of the Khalsa family.

  3. Parminder Kaur says:

    Dear Angad,

    Your video has been done very well, excellent work! A lot of effort and homework has gone into its making.

    You are so confident with your answers, some of the questions stumped me too, but you had perfect answers to all questions. This video will surely become a source of inspiration for a lot of people.

    Good luck in everything you do and keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Gurinder "G" says:

    Wow! Sure Angad singh seems like a tiny spark of Guru Nanak dev ji. Its amazing that 13yr old soul has taken this big step of educating about one light. I hope he continues to do this work in the future.

    Great Work! ONE LIGHT.


  5. amardeep says:

    Excellent work, Angad. This is such an inspiring video to not just sikhs but any human being in this world. Angad’s thoughts and views are truly ahead of his time and age. There are so few people in today’s world who actually care about making a change. This video is unique because it doesnt only focus on sikhs, but on the entire humankind, the message is truly universal in every sense.

  6. P.S. Bhatia says:

    After watching Angad i can say that our sikhism is in safe hand gud work angad ur true fallower plz carry on we are proud of u……….

  7. Angad Singh,
    You are so blessed and gifted to put such a wonderful
    inspiration into action. Congratulations on such an important work. Your insights are so human and mature and relevant.

    I would love you to join our 3ho-NGO at the United Nations and represent our Sikh Youth as a Youth delegate. Today at the UN we are discussing Climate Changes and how this involves EVERYBODY everywhere. You have set the example of one way to do the work that needs to be accomplshed. Bravo to Wahe Guru for such a Sikh as you!!!

  8. Wow, you are bringing out the BEST in all your neighbors! What a great gift. You need a talk show spot, the sooner the better.

  9. Harbans Singh says:

    Great Angad Singhji you realy did goog job, hope you continue with this wise deed. Iam sure you will make some changes in sombody’s life You made my day, great work.

  10. Angad Singh says:

    Thank you everyone for the most inspiring feedback. Satkirin Kaur Ji, I would very much consider the idea of serving at the UN as a Sikh Youth. Environmental Degradation is very concerning to me. I have served in the Env. Club at my school for the last 2 yrs. We produce almost zero trash at our home by buying bulk foods and recycling everything else and composting. We don’t fertilize our lawn and buy biodegradable stuff. My mom and I educate everyone we can about the 3Rs.

    you can email me at [email protected].


  11. Premjeet Kaur says:


    I a malaysian and i too am very concerned about my environment here . It woudl be good if we could connect . I would be very delighted if you can teach me how to safeguard mother earth

    And i must tell you , of all the videos i have seen , no one has expressed of starting small and getting your neighbourhood involved and no one has expressed brotherhood like you have .

    It is easy to express ideas but no one has come out with solutions of what to do with the future which you have done .

    I admire your originality

  12. Harjot says:

    That was amazing! I thank you so much for that inspirational message Angad and for those who spoke out in your film! :):):)

    Let’s over come our differences and help others do the same.

  13. D. S. Bhatia says:

    Dear Angad Singh Ji

    I am proud to see a young sikh boy showing so much courage and intelligence. In you I see a very bright future for sikhism. I want to salute your mother who has instilled so much courage in you. Excellent upbringing!!

    D.S. Bhatia

  14. Baljit Singh Khahra says:

    An excellent Site – specially touched by the Documentary by Sardar (master) Angad Singh – here I mean master because – he is going to make the difference to humanity in a big way – he has so much insight, Curiosity, Social Bonding and human communication. it should be the duty of all the Sikhs to do their bits to educate the people who are not aware of Sikhee. Well done “Guru Ka Sikh” may you live long and help take Sikhee to the level it deserve amongst other religions. BRAVO!! Guru Fateh!!

  15. Bobby Singh says:

    Dear Angad… The little that I have known you over the years, I always knew you were wise and mature beyond your years but you sure have outdone yourself here. Very inspiring and hopefully you will build on it… Lets see some more of this creativity…

    Great work!! and Best of luck for all your future endeavors!!!

  16. Poonam Kaur says:

    Angad, I just have to say this is probably the best work of something that is about Sikhi. I knew you would succeed this much because….I know the type of person you are.       your friend

  17. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    Angad. (:
    you are amaazing. Your message is so pure. stay cool and I hope your next film does even better.