Legacy vs. Lineage

This is a continuation of the previous video with Guruka Singh which was on the topic of Blood Family and Spiritual Family.

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3 Responses to “Legacy vs. Lineage”

  1. Premjeet Kaur says:

    the thing about guruka is that he relates the divine with the physics of the material life . Not many people i know has that ability.I like that because it convinces me of the depth of how the universe was created and how the Master himsefl has put his signature on all his creations . It like looking at an apple and finding out where the signature is . Way to go Guruka. I relate to the legacy part of our life . A lot fo people in the far east have yet to come up to that level . We are still very much confine to children being ours and not he Guru’s .I am in love with you. I see the Divine in you .

  2. Amrita Kaur Dhanoa says:

    I really enjoyed these two videos on blood family and spiritual family … the part about clearing up karm was very enlightening

  3. shelley says:


    How long do you think it will take for us, esp here in the west, to accept and love one another as childern of the same Father….not just christian,jew etc…..

    It is distressing and painful to read the stories of the pain and hurt experienced by others__

    when we do not respect each other’s faith, humanity and dignity….as humans, childern of the One Father..

    Thank you.