Blood Family and Spiritual Family

Guruka Singh answering a question about the difference between blood and spiritual family.

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10 Responses to “Blood Family and Spiritual Family”

  1. shelley says:

    Then how do you explain the karma and dharma of childern/adults who spend their entire lives….some into middle age I believe… either bouncing in and out of their parents homes…or living there….

    Is this karma or is it lack of responsibility???

    Are they “paying off their debts” as you say in the video for a longer time than most?????

    What is your opinion, Guruka?

  2. Gurjeet Singh says:

    WAHEGURU…! Gurumustak Singh ji please provide the link to download the audio too… Please.

  3. Gurjeet, you can download/liste in the Audio/Video Archive.

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    Shelly – Ah, great question! Thank you. Your blood family MAY also be your spiritual family as well. In that case, the karmas are paid quickly and life moves on in harmony. So what you propose as a reason is true in many cases – that the karmas either are not paid, or only some of them are paid. But if the soul is close to being cleaned, it can be born into its spiritual(Dharmic)family and finish its karmas quickly. This is happening more and more these days.


  5. shelley says:


    Thank you for your response..

    So, if one is “constantly fighting with a family member eg sibling”….into retirement…..does that mean the karmas with that family member/sibling are not paid as well…

    how, then, can one attain a state of harmony and peace within the family…quickly…

    Thank you…

  6. Guruka Singh says:

    Shelly – Work is work. We are here to do it. The secret to resolution is not judging the other person at all, not trying to correct or improve the other person – just LOVING the other person… unconditionally.

    Till that happens it is always action and reaction. Prayer and projection with an open heart, filled with love… these are your most powerful tools.


  7. Tara Chaury says:

    Guruka Ji, please explain this to me. I am a middle aged sikh woman with two children, who I love very much. I have love and hate relationship with my younger sister and my father. They have both been the most damaging factors in not only in my life but also in the lives of other siblings and my mother, who passed away four years ago, may God Bless her soul. The two people I just mentioned are the most manupulative, unappreciating and evil people I have ever come across in this life. My father has always been very religious and he is an amritdhari sikh. It is so difficult for me to even understand how a person who prays day and night can be so destructive and hatefull towards everyone around him that I can’t even begin to tell you. My father is the most selfish ‘b’ you can ever set your two eyes on. He only thinks of himself in everything that he does and has no regard for anyone else. Guruka ji, please explain this to me, how can a person who is so God oriented be like my fathe. My little sister is in her late 40s and she is a duplicate of my father. The only difference is that she is not an amritdhari or God oriented like my father because one day she believes she is a Christian the next day a Buddhist and the day after that a Hindu. One is never sure which religion she belongs to on any given day. She is so wicked and evil, she curses everyone with most horrid things day in day out. She even curses my father saying such horrible things to him that one wonders if she is all there or not. My father bought a car recently, she had an argument for some reason or other and she wished him a nasty accident
    behind his back. I told her off for saying such nasty things to him even though I can’t stand him and she turned on me!!

    Why would a person wish evil things to others? Is this also her karma she is trying to work out with us and everyone else.

  8. Premjeet Kaur says:

    Ms Chaury

    Bless the one who is not sure about herself , she is just finding herself . And that is the karma that she has to pay , finding . Everytime a lady changes her hairstyle , we give comments but truly she is just finding herself .Just an example

  9. shelley says:

    Dear Guruka,

    I am writing because I have been reading about the "no hats" policy and the new policy that has affectd the Sikhs…

    I really don't know where to write this….and perhaps you can edit for I don't mean to be insensitive or offend anyone…

    But it seems to me that No Sikh male leaves the house without a Turban or Patka etc.. (hope I am saying it right)….just as I would not consider leaving the house without underwear (sorry for the crude expression) but that is how essential the Turban/Patka is to a Sikh male… it seems to me from my reading..

    So, if No one would think of asking one to remove their underwear in public and be patted in those areas….

    then shouldn't the same sensitivity be there for an article just as essential to another human being…

    What we all consider sacred varies according to our faith, values, attachment etc. and to judge the relative sacredness of another???….

    At any rate, I wonder if they will make all the nuns remove part of their habit as well… no offense intended just wondering????


  10. reema kaur says:

    I am trying to figure out when does the soul arrive in a mother's womb according to gurbani. I heard in one of Yogiji's punjabi audio katha but can't exactly figure it out. Can any one please help me? I would really appreciate the help. I did not know where else to ask this question.
    Reema kaur