Akal and Deathlessness

Here another inspiring talk that we heard in Gurdwara on the topic of the Akal Takhat and Deathlessness by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. From July 6th 1989. 

[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/educational/siri%20singh%20sahib/Siri%20Singh%20Sahib%20-%20Akal%20Takhat%20and%20Deathlessness.mp3] Download

One Response to “Akal and Deathlessness”

  1. Amitoj S says:

    that was very thought-provoking. really made me think. i also liked a video i saw by Shanti Kaur on youtube about the ‘Akal Takth Martyrdom.’ thank you