SikhNet Youth Film Festival – Video Submissions

As expected, most of the people who are participating in the SikhNet Youth Film Festival waited till the last minute to send in their video :) The videos are all coming in the last days, so far about 30 video entries. I have been watching them over the past week and am excited to see what people have come up with in their videos. It’s always cool to see people use their creativity and express themselves in different ways.

We extended the video submission deadline a few days since it is the weekend and a holiday for us on Monday. So you have a few more days till Monday Sept 3rd to send us your video.

Starting Tuesday, every day we will feature a few videos on SikhNet. After all the videos have been featured we will announce the results of the contest.

We are still looking for judges who can participate in reviewing the videos, so if you have any suggestions let me know (and why you think they would be a good judge). The judges will be viewing the videos online, so they would need to have a computer and broadband internet access.

One Response to “SikhNet Youth Film Festival – Video Submissions”

  1. tejinder singh says:

    i just want to be a part of that i would be able to explore my religion.i want to in regular touch withmy religion