The Experience of Jaap Sahib

Video excerpt from the Jaap Sahib course in Espanola, New Mexico on the topic of Guru Gobind Singh ji’s bani. Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa (Chardikala Jatha) talks about how it is important to learn about the Sikh Gurus and the history to deepen the experience.

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2 Responses to “The Experience of Jaap Sahib”

  1. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Very useful video and very informative.

    By the way I came across an old posting on Mrsikhnet “Welcoming an Old Soul Back to the Earth”
    When it was 120th day of Siri Dyal Kaur’s second pregnency. Unfortunately the blog is quiet old and certianly doesn’t accept any more comments. If I could say :

    With technology in advance we cannot take the Nature for granted… when does the soul enter and when it dosen’t, why are you bothered? its 120 th day or 200 th day, please don’t take it as a joke or a fact. Its the nucleus that takes its effect, and mind you all, in a cell the heart is nucleus itself. The soul enters at the time of union itself… them comes the feelings.

    Bahu Shashtaar bahu Siritee, paykhay sarab dadool||
    Poojas naahee har hare Nanak naam amol

    Simrat Shashtar baid sabay bahu bhaid kahe mat ek na maanyo||
    Sri Asipaan Kripaa thmree kar may na Kahyeo sab tohay vakhaanoy

    You don’t need to take any tension when does the soul enters and when it leaves… better we leave it to the Lord. If there is a specific time when the soul Leaves THEN give me a day when the Soul enters… Waheguru

    PS: I am sorry but I was annoyed with this.

  2. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    Nicely said Jugat Guru!