Family Weekend Happenings

It’s been a while since I posted family pictures….so here a few from the past week or two.


Having dinner outside as the sun is setting.

Charanjeet the swimmer…


One of Charanjeet’s favorite things to do…

My “new” car. (2001 Saab 9-5). I am selling my current car (Nissan Maxima) and moving to this awesome car :)


The car dealer gave Narayan a car too :)

Swimming at a lake in Chama, NM.

Morning Soccer practice.

Arjan getting ready for a horse ride. This is one of her favorite things to do…

12 Responses to “Family Weekend Happenings”

  1. g says:

    Is that a home made pizza and soup????? loooks yummy!!! The pizza crust looks really good. if its home made would you like to share the recipe for both of things. I had lunch awhile ago, but now I feel hungary again.

  2. Yes… Arjan’s yummy home made pizza and soup. I’ll have to ask her the recipe…

  3. g says:

    Thanks for a prompt reply! I wish I could just grab that slice of pizza right from the computer screen! I love to cook and try new things.

    thank you.

  4. g says:

    A very cute pic of Narayan, His pose reminds me of : he looks like a baby yogi, a baby rishi, baby saint, baby warrior and above all baby Narayan (god)…….

  5. prabhjot says:

    Cute narayna looking like angel and charanjeet looks like really having fun on celebrations.

  6. Amanpreet Singh says:

    Charanjeet doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm you do for the new car!

  7. Gurvinder "Shampy" Singh says:

    man i must say charanjeet is growing cute and cute day by day….what flour are using for this cuteness….lolol

  8. Kamaljit Kaur says:

    Charanjeet is growing so fast..She was just a little baby…You have very cute kids… Where is Dharam Singh these days?? Is he still in India?

  9. Dharam Singh is back in the USA and moving to Phoenix, Arizona to go to school.

  10. you have a beutiful family singhji!

    and im so hungry right now, would love some homemade pizza al-fresco style!

    Love the saab, is it a turbo?


    feelig very good about gora sikh. because sikhism is very good religion. every person shoud be sikh and teach and learn the GURU’S BANI

  12. Preeti says:

    I wish to be a mom of little cute girl like Charanjit.
    God bless her!