Gora Sikh Pride

Ok…it’s friday so thought I would have a little fun. A few years ago I saw a totally funny T-Shirt that Sadasat Simran Singh had made and was wearing one afternoon for some sports. It said "Gora Sikh Pride" on the front. I knew I had to have one of those because it just makes people smile. So a little over two years ago (on a friday just like today) I fired up photoshop and made a quick "Gora Sikh Pride" T-shirt Design. I remember in India people used to always whisper… "Oh…Gora Sikh hai…!". Hahaha… !!

Well, as part of the Punjabi interviews that I did a couple of days ago with Sadasat Simran Singh (Chardikala Jatha), I thought It would be fun to ask him about the "Gora Sikh" topic.  Below is the short video. Have a fun weekend! (More videos to come next week)

Download: Audio / Video 

The T-Shirt design is still available online if you want to get a Shirt. Head on over to GoraSikhPride.com

21 Responses to “Gora Sikh Pride”

  1. Manjit Singh says:

    Waheguru! Kinni sohni Punjabi bolde hun Khalsa Ji! Tuhanu dekh kay atay sun kay shawaid saaday bachiaan nu vee koi mat aah javay jaan kujh sikh lain. Tuhada kirtan vee kamal da hai, sun sun kay man nihal ho janda hai. Gurumustuk Ji, bahut bahut shukria eh video pesh karan da!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was born an “indian” or “Punjabi” sikh, but had never even understand what a sikh really was until i saw this blog. ever since the first day i went to mrsikhnet.com until now, where i visit it almost ever day, my life has changed thanks to you guys. i have never ever been inspired as much as i have by “gora” sikhs…but at the end of the day, sikhs are sikhs. God Bless you guys and thanks!!!!!!!! cant say thanks enough!!

  3. Gurjeet Singh says:

    I remember in India people used to always whisper… “Oh…Gora Sikh hai…!”.

    Its because we feel proud that the people from other ethnic and religious origins have observed that Sikhi has so much with it. It is flexible and yet very practical. And you Sikhs have worn the Baana and absorbed the Baani. We should share the brotherhood, instead of just sayin Oh Gora Sikh hay, I would better say Oh Sikh Mera Brother hay!
    I don’t see that the T Shirt is very entertaining… but as you all are the students of SSS Harbhajan Singh Yogi ji, I would really like to know about his feedback to you all wearing this particular T Shirt.

  4. Gurjeet Singh, the T-Shirt is more of a joke and just for fun. I’m probably the only one with the T-shirt…so it’s not like everyone is saying to each other “Gora Sikh Pride!”. Most of the Sikhs in our community don’t even know what the word “Gora” means. Anyways…as others have said… a Sikh is a Sikh. There really is no “this Sikh” or “that Sikh”. We are all just Sikhs of the Guru.

  5. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    What does it mean?

  6. Devakaur, The word “Gora” is generally used when referring to English/foreigner/white people

  7. Vikram S Bhatty says:

    Sat Sri Akal ji,

    I was truly blessed to watch the interview in Punjabi. I sometimes feel ashamed that some of us native born Sikhs lack the dedication of the so called ‘gorah’ sikhs. These Sikhs are as equal as any other as stated in Sikhism.

    Wahe Guruji da Khalsa
    Whae Guruju de fateh!!!

  8. I am learning alot from Gora Sikhs.

  9. what to say? I don’t have words after seeing my brothers speaking Punjabi! I listen to their Japji Sahib keertan nearly everyday, and nobody can tell whether it is being sung by a non-Indian!
    I have sent the links to few of my friends, in order to inspire them.
    Thanks Gurmustuk Singh and prayers for fellow brothers and sisters!
    Stay chardi Kala! :)

  10. rajinder singh says:

    you people are great.

  11. Kiran Kaur says:

    One word – WOW! I have to be honest, whilst watching this, tears were rolling down my cheeks.
    Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. VJKK-VJKF.

  12. kelly kaur says:

    I’m anxiously awating the “Gori Sikh Pride” shirt. :D

    I do have one that says “American Sikh” in red/white/blue and it certainly inspires questiosn from Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike. :)

    nice idea.

    (and the Kirtan rocks too!)

  13. mandeep says:

    wonder of the world

  14. Sarbjit Kaur says:

    SSK ji,
    I never met a white person, who was a practicing Sikh for that matter, who could speak Punjabi! Even with the language aside, your site has opened me to remember that it is part of Guru Nanak’s wishes that we view all people with love and respect.  I have a lot of friends that laugh and make fun of non-punjabi sikhs. They even call them “culture vultures,” janvaar, jhoota da lok….How can I help them to see what a blessing it is that people can open their eyes to Sikhism even if they are not Punjabi. I am Punjabi, and although the culture is closely connected to the Sikh faith, Sikhism is it’s own respected entity that can be practiced by anyone, whether they’re Punjabi or not.  It is ignorant of us to be suprised by your existence as gora sikh.  Thanks for educating me.

    Sarbjit Kaur Sahota from CALIFORNIA, USA
    Pind Dhuleta
    Jalandhar, Punjab

  15. Balveen Dhillon says:

    god watching this video makes me feel so ashamed. i am a 16 year old punjabi sikh
    and am learning punjabi for my VCE. his punjabi is 10000000000X better than mines.  good on the guy, speaks veryyyy well.

  16. Baljit Singh Khuman says:

    I love the way he says, ‘ tuhade kol ek ratan hai, heera hai, jo tusi haje tak pachaneya ni’. I think this should inspire people who were born Sikhs but are wandering away from Sikhism by cutting the hair, etc.
    God Bless

  17. Joseph O'Leary says:

    Hi, I came across your site by mistake.  I have been visiting gurdwara’s for years with freinds, and now visit my local Ramgharia gurdwara once a week, I am leaving this message as I am a white guy, and am in ore of your braveness.  I regurarly here people saying oh look the Gora is here, but once I walk through to the main hall, it is just me and Bobba JI, and I beleive Guru Nanak does give me strentgh that I ask for.  But I still do not have the confidence once I have left the Gurdwara, to explore further, and embrace Sikhi 100% as I feel society is hard enough, never mind being a white Sikh, therefore your courage is amazing and I commend everything you stand for.

  18. Ramratan Singh says:

    Very very well said, this is the very first time i have ever looked at these sites or even made a comment. Today i felt i had to.
    I had Amrit from Sant Baba Puran Singh Ji in 1974, the jatha is known as Guru Nanak Nishkam Sawak Jatha (GNNSJ) in Birmingham UK.
    As much as it is a souls karam to take jenam in to a Sikh home so is at an individuals karam to come into the fold of Guru Nanak. During the whole periodof the Guru’s not all Sikhs were born into the faith, only from Guru Arjan Dev Ji were the Gurus themselves born into, then, Sikh families.
    Being a Sikh is NOT the right of Punjabi’s it is the right of God and their will. 
    Punjabi’s are cutting their hair and turning their face away from Guru Nanak, if you want the Hira YOU have to go in search of it, if you want the blessing of God you have go in search of them. Guru Nanak said that we are all Gods creation, we are their children no matter of caste or creed. To all so called Punjabi Sikhs i would say, go in search of the Hira that our brother spoke of, it will open your eyes and your soul.
    Your servant
    Ramratan Singh

    Very very well said, this is the first time i have looked at sites like these

  19. Iqbaljit Singh Khalsa says:

    I believe that these are the real Khalsas that Guru Sahib was talking about in His Hymns. I will try my VERY BEST to be more of a Khalsa like Mr. Gurmustuk, his very existence is an Inspiration to me. I have taken Amrit to become better in life, but I am still a novice and have no spiritual power of my own…so thru Guru Sahib and His devout Sikhs i get inspired, and I see that it is POSSIBLE to become even more than what i am now. God is Love.
    Wahguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  20. Iqbaljit Singh Khalsa says:

    and I think Mr. O’ Leary is very cool, it’s great that he has love for the Sikhs. Love is important.

  21. jjot says:

    wow great. truly an inspiration. thanks for sharing