World’s largest turban?

Nihang Singh

"This is Major Singh wearing a major turban – purported to be the biggest in the world at 30kg and 400 meters of cloth. He hopes it will be a source of inspiration to young Sikh boys who are opting for having their hair cut rather than covering it.

The larger the turban the higher the status, but part of the forehead must be left exposed so that skin can touch the ground when in prayer.

For Sikhs the headgear is seen as Guru Nanak’s gift, a crown marking them out as dedicated to their higher consciousness. 

There’s a great site here with videos of how to tie one and a useful digest of what the headdress means in different religions.

On the site Rate My Turban – hat tip Tom Whitwell Times Online Communities Editor – it’s possible to rate, view, and upload your own turban pics."

11 Responses to “World’s largest turban?”

  1. g says:

    I hope that he does not end up breaking his neck. People will do weired things to gain popularity. We don't need this kind of circus to promote sikhi. We need what all The Guruji has expressed and the way of life yogi expresses in his lectures!

  2. mandeep singh says:

    I myself think its abit of joke and how does a singh wearing a massive turban make young children want to keep their hair. Most people in or outside Sikhi will find that turban odd!

  3. rajwant singh kalsi says:

    With this type of turban can he make his living and bring up his family ? How much time he needs every morning to put on the turban ? Let us forget a while the cleaning and drying it during the monsoon period. I think such displays look odd for the sikhs at large.

  4. kaur says:

    “We need what all The Guruji has expressed and the way of life yogi expresses in his lectures!”



  5. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Oh Waheguru… not at all practical. Is this a joke or something this guy is sweating!… this isn’t a turban first of all…not a Dastaar. He is unaware of what this may lead to and this is not at all helping… No Grace at all !

  6. Harleen Kaur says:

    I think it would be torture for someone to wear a turban weighing approx. 14 pounds. He has to have faith for him to wear that turban. It is not practical but does inspire sikh men to wear a turban for Sikhism unless he is wearing the turban only for the picture.

  7. Vicky Singh says:

    Our good old Major singh.. Yes it attract attentions of lots of youth and i think its great pro turban advertisement and Indian kids are attracted to such things.. As long it makes ppl heads turn around i think Major Singh accomplished major pro turban advertisement.. Chill and see the positive side ;)

  8. Sikhi aen’t about advertisement at all my dear vicky ji.
    Sikhs didn’t had time for such B.S. major singh is upto.Sikhs who were sleeping on the back of the horses didn’t had even enough time for food.
    bUT ACCORDING TO GURU NANAK PATSHAH we have to be in garisti jeewan.
    These idiotic nehungs are bringing shame to the whole NEhung Community,What nehung is “WITHOUT ANGER”BUT THESE KINDS ARE REALLY A JOKE AS ABOve some sings have mentioned.There isn’t any positive side to have a massive turban.If people wannna tie a turban they will but we cannot do any thing to have others tie a turban.

  9. g says:

    ” see the postive side” people can find positive side even in dirt. For example, Red wine company funded clincal studies to show that one glass a day will lower LDL and raise good cholesterol which is HDL, and also pointed out that european culture drinks alcohol every day that’s why they are healthy!

    Then companies thought lets find out something positive in white wine and the studies came forward. As I expected, that Beer studies should be on the way. Guess what about a year ago beer company did a study to show the positive side of drinking beer which will prevent Osteoprosis!!!

    Yet it is well documented in independent studies that alcohol has more devastating health benefits. Its a toxic for our organs and neurons. It Kills neurons and people who have had alcohol all their life, the autopsy studies has shown decrease in their brain size and also in their congnitive and sensory nervous system. Alcohol also cause cancer of several types and lets not forget actually alcohol increase bad cholesterol. So, these studies are done in a very smart way to fool the average person. If someone does not have education is Biostatics and epidemiology then any person can be fooled by these studies.

    Therefore, for a person to take full advantage of these toxins for health purposes people should drink one glass of red wine, one glass of white wine, and couple of beers a day!!!!!

    What a joke!!! So, this is how people will show us the positive aspect of dirt and we have become illiterate despite of having education.

    So, circus is Circus!! People will do these kind of shows to gain popularity and it has nothing to do with sikhi or SEVa.

  10. Manjit Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    A while back I wanted to how to upload multiple (20 or so) turban pictures of my coworkers who tried on turbans but only with one sign in email account. The way it is currently set up is that one can only upload one picture per email account. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. JJ says:

    Hey guys, he just doing it for fun. Can’t you take a joke! Common!!!!