Like a Bird of Paradise Flower – An Amazing Kenyan Turban

Photo tip:Sunmit Singh

Is this an unusual turban or what!? This sardar definitely took the time to sculpt this turban into a towering masterpiece! I remember during my school days in Mussoorie, India there was a group of Sikhs kids from Thailand. Some of them had some interesting methods of sculpting turbans into different shapes using plastic, pins, starch and other materials. Even having see-through cloth and shiny plastic behind, which made the turban shine and sparkle a bit. I love seeing how in each country there are different styles of Turbans. Such a flavor! It would be cool to document/catalog this into one place that you could see some of the turban styles of the world.

Do you tie a unique looking turban or know someone who does? Please send a picture my way if you do :)

50 Responses to “Like a Bird of Paradise Flower – An Amazing Kenyan Turban”

  1. g says:

    seems like one of the getty’s builiding structure. Art is being displayed in the turban. Great!!! Being creative.

  2. savraj kaur sachdev says:

    This turban is too vierd looking well never seen b 4!!!

  3. Rajwant Singh Kalsi says:

    To me looks like the last drop of oil.
    Would be an excellent candidate for Carnival display if he dyes his beard and moustaches with color shades on his cheera.


  4. That turban is but a Kenyan one. The Kenyan turban is by far an elegant one (I know many Sikhs will differ on that, but that’s what makes the Kenyan turban unique to Africa). I found this image both amusing and strange . . . what was the idea behind it? Maybe he’s found a way to store his ‘Khalsameter’ (slaai)! Nice one, though. Where did you find that image from, Gurumustuk Singh Ji?

  5. I found this picture through flickr…through facebook…and contact the person on facebook who said he got it somewhere on the internet and he is not even sure if it is a Kenyan person. In any case it is an unusual turban and quite colorfull :)

  6. Kala Singha says:

    I didnt understand the article, mentioning Kenyans. But it seems as though that someone is making fun of people from Kenya!

  7. Kala Singha: no one is making fun of Kenyans. This turban was posted because it was unique and I was merely comparing it to a beatiful flower.

  8. MT says:

    Life has got to be interesting….! Although the turban exhibits a very colourful and exotic appearance, I very much doubt it is from Kenya. Many would compare it (the turban)to a flower of paradise or some to the horns of Rhinocerous and some to the horn headed (Rhinocerous)chameleon.

    No offense! After all there are punks who have their matted hair super glued to form spiky cones/horns and some people go as far as implanting horns permanently into their skulls.So nothing wrong here.

  9. I’m sure no pun was intended on Kenya or Kenyan Sikhs. Enjoy the picture, guys! ;)

  10. PROUD SIKH says:

    Simply amazing….turban….!

    PROUD SIKH is very fond of unique turbans…and this just made my day !

    Thank you finding such a great turban…Gurumustuk Singh this is an art piece…

  11. I’ve often wondered why turbans are usually such dull colours. My Dad wore fluorescent colours and patterned cloth until he died at age 97 in 1982. This looks like something he would have worn.

  12. bikram says:

    I think it could be a fake,photoshoped!

    • pammi says:

      no bikram g this pic is not fake i also met this person personaly
      he is vry big tycoon in punjab.he is such a great personalty

  13. Sukhwinder Singh Sukha says:

    has anyone thought of the health and safety issues associated with sporting such a garment on ones head?

  14. Gurjit Singh says:

    I believe that takes skill not everyone can tie something like that.
    To my friend “Sukhwinder Singh Sukha” stand in a room alone and say what you have just written out loud, purpose of that would be so that you can understand what you have just written down. It appears his Turban or Dastaar is only a few wraps and the last wrap seems to have been extended to form a point. How in world will that affect his health!? And in terms of safety is he going to poke someone’s eye out? I don’t think it would affect his or anyone else’s safety unless he ran full speed like a bull; with his head down into someone or something. Look at Nihang Singhs who have all these items in their turban is that not a risk? I think not. Don’t mean to offend anyone just my two cents.

  15. Dear Mr. Gurmustuk Singh Ji,

    I would like to inform you of above Mr. Narinder Singh Kohli Ji “ The Turban sikh “. He is our Maternal Uncle and hails from Sirhind Punjab India. His D.O.B is 26th March 1946.

    He is wearing this style turban since 15/08/1964. He originates From India and lives in India. He is a successful business tycoon and his comapny name is Kohli Auto Company (S) and mobile no. is +91 981 570 9955. 
    He is a very popular persanality in Punjab and is proud to be a sikh. Recently Limca book of records ( India ) had called him of  his name for such a wonderful style of Turban wearing.

    I again wish to tell you that this picture is not fake or forged as someone named it and we have enough evidence to prove all this.  for further queries call at given Mobile No.s

    With Warm Regards,

    Jaswinder Singh
    Akal Computer Tech
    Bassi Road, Sirhind 140406
    Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab India
    Ph. +91 981 592 0546, +91 981 592 2546

  16. parminder singh says:

    Dear Mr. Gurmustak singh ji
                 wahe guru ji ka khalsa ”
                      wahe guru ji ki fateh”
    realy i m very impressed to see this image realy i cannot explain u how feel i cee ths pic of
    grat cee aftr ths we are very proud to be sikh>

  17. Dear Mr. Singh,

    Sat Shri Akal Ji,

    I again request you to kindly change the name as turban Mr. Narinder Singh Kohli ( India ). Not as a turban of Kenyan Sikh. I personally again request you all to kindly change the kenyan turban to Indian Turban.

    for any kind of doubt, please contact Mr. Narinder Singh Kohli at +91 981 570 9955.

    With Warm Regards,
    Wahe guru ji ka khalsa
       Wahe guru ji ki fateh

    Jaswinder Singh
    Akal Computer Tech
    Bassi Road, Sirhind 140406
    Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab India
    Ph. +91 981 592 0546, +91 981 592 2546


                                    SUCH A GREAT TURBAN.THIS IS A ART PIECE

  19. partap singh says:

    that turban is not a cap  it is reality. mr. kohli is my neighbourhood. he wear this turban daily. he is a good personality person & great businessman.

  20. Sukhbir Singh says:

    I have never ever seen a turban like toooo….feel proud to be a sikh…..

  21. Sukhbir Singh says:

    Well i would say that i know mr kohli more than 25 years he is very down to earth and well pleased personality of our town even inspite of having plenty of money…..iappreciate his thoughts …

  22. Rakesh Mehta says:

    Hello Sir,

                      He is Geart Turban.

  23. Harpreet Singh says:

    Well this is a uinque turban in this whole world.I appreciate sir..

  24. Harpreet Singh says:

    therefore Singh is always kinng…wah bhi wah….

  25. Manpreet Anand says:

    Hello Singh Sahib,
    I appriciate you for tying such a beautiful and unique turban,hope you will be choosen for limca book of records.

  26. Ishdeep Kaur says:

    I am surprised to see a turban like you it is like a sharp weapon wering on the top.

  27. romyraul says:

    Ishdeep Ji  PLZ dont say our turban as a Weapon,  we(Sikh) have many other thing which we can call weapon, but plz pay respect to our GuruS Pagri, 

  28. inder sohal says:

    well…hii to all…..what i think is…. that turban is always beautiful..u cant call it weird or like stuff….it is a sign of royality….so lets not compare..if any one has doubt then listen to pammi bai’s song..saadi pagg jachi siaane bande nu..pechan waali pagg munde gunde bande.. paggan vicho pagg patiala shahi aa..pohchvian paggan sardar bande…so RESPECT TURBAN.. IT REFLECTS YOUR PERSONALITY..

  29. romy says:

    plz give some response to this blog

  30. sukhjit singh says:

    this is really amazing art to tie this type of turban,we salute u sir for adding something new to our sikh culture

  31. mehta says:

    this style is noble style we all punjabies are proud of him plz make thi9s blog successful and popular so that we can add good things to our culture,otherwise we are at very dangerous point

  32. inderjit says:

    oye balle balle, nai reesaan teri pag diyan,  thoda style sare jag ton wakhraa hai

  33. satnam singh says:

    this is really something we are proud of

  34. whatever says:

    ahh pagg aa ke kishti….

  35. romyraul says:

    plz make this blog very popular so that whole cworld can know how rich our culture is

  36. Taranpreet Singh KOHLI says:

    dear daddu,
    you make us feel pride to being a family member of KOHLI family……………

  37. Jasmel Singh (or Georg) Nagra says:


    my family lives in Germany and my father knows the son of Sunmit Singh. So we met Sunmit Singh in India. He showed us his car shops. It was very cool to meet him and his turban looks great!!

    Sorry for my bad English ;-)

  38. Jasmel Nagra says:

    oh no!! I mean Narinder Singh not Sunmit Singh!!!

    I’m Sorry :-( but I can’t speak Punjabi good!! :-D

  39. Karandeep says:

    This person in belong from Distt Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab India..
    this is not any photoshop creation.. its really
    his sur name is Kohli.. and running automobile company under the name Kolhi Automobiles on main GT road highway Khanna…

  40. Karandeep says:

    i think ehna nu Pagg waste license issue karna chahida kyu ke apni pagg naal kise nu jakhmi kar sakde ne… Haina ????

  41. Ashamed to be Indian says:

    You people, who are criticizing this guy’s turban are really the INDIANS, in spite of appreciating this guy’s uniqueness, and art (which in real sense, is the motive of this post), you are making fun of this guy, A turban is a turban, its a symbol of dignity, no matter how one wears, its up to them.
    India is a country where there is no respect for other cultures.
    In India, if a rich guy wears worn-out jeans, that is fashion, and if poor guy wears the same, then people laugh at him.

    You are truly INDIANS

  42. kulwinder singh says:

    I really like this style of turben.You show that you are really a true Indian Sikh.

  43. Gurmeet Singh says:

    Anyways guys, at Last it makes him proud to be a sikh, and absolutely it a a good show off which u should also do for ur religion in a decent way and make people aware about it. W.j.k.k W.j.k.f….

  44. kulwinder singh says:

    unique style of turbans.

  45. Gurinder Singh says:

    It's amazing to see person like this,cause now days people are making there turban like caps so it's good to see some like him,i;m very much impressed.Thank you very much gurmastak singh ji.God Bless you.Keep it up

  46. harinderkohli says:

    Very beautiful turban :)

  47. harinderkohli says:

    Very beautiful turban :-)