Ritual or Ceremony?

This video began from a discussion about the Amrit Sanchar and became a discussion about the difference between a ritual and a ceremony.  In Sikhi we have ceremonies, not rituals. But a ceremony can become a ritual when no one understands the how and why of what is happening. Water is like a battery for sound frequencies and patterns. Water holds vibrations. I’m sure you’ve seen Dr. Emoto’s work  on this. This fact is the basis for both the amrit sanchar and also the mechanism of the nectar tank at the Golden Temple. Harimandir Sahib is a giant generator that produces a huge amount of powerful, clear blue light that cleanses the entire planet. Thousands of devotees perambulate the Parkarma – always in an a clockwise direction. The sound current of the Shabd Guru is constantly being generated within the temple itself. The temple is coated with a layer of copper covered in gold (a great conductor.) Just as an electrical generator rotates a coil within a magnetic field, the electromagnetic fields of the devotees walking around the walkway create a moving field while the sound current within the temple is magnified and focused by the structure itself. This creates a powerful beam of light that penetrates the axis of the temple and in fact, the earth itself. It is like a huge etheric cleaner for the planet. Now on to the Amrit Sanchar discussion….

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24 Responses to “Ritual or Ceremony?”

  1. Joravar says:

    Some people feel that Emoto’s experiments are a joke. Have a read of this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto

  2. Parminder Kaur says:

    Gurukaji has explained it so well, scientifically! I always look forward to his videos, they are always to enlightening, educative and energetic.

    Thanks so much and Guru Fateh!

  3. Guruka Singh says:

    Joravar Ji – I only judge these things from my own personal experience. Scientists have been wrong about many things over hundreds of years and much "modern" scientific discovery was already known in Vedic times. And I speak this as a scientist myself having worked as a research associate in high-energy physics and holding a degree in biology as well. I invite you to experiment yourself with the power of water to hold sound vibrations and to share your own experiences with us. I gave the link to the previous blog post as a related article.


  4. M Singh says:



    Worth the read regarding the Amrit Ceremony.

    M. Singh

  5. Mohinder Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ||
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||

    Gurumustak, what happened to Dharam Singh’s blog? Is he still blogging? How was his experience studying in India?

  6. Mohinder Singh, I guess it didn’t work out for him to update his blog on a regular basis. He is now back home in the USA for the summer.

  7. Mani Singh says:

    Looking at things from a scientific point of view.
    In the written text it says that the copper and gold is a great conductor.
    Does this mean that it did not work until the Golden Temple became golden?
    Or maybe it did work before, but Maharaja Ranjit Singh improved its effectiveness by adding the copper and gold??
    Or, the copper and gold are just decorative?

    Sorry, I dont mean to find fault in what is written. And I am all for scientific explanations for what we do, so it is right to question what I do not understand (saves me having to pick up an old science text book ; ) )

  8. Guruka Singh says:

    Mani Singh Ji – Great question. Answer is…

    All of the above ;-)

    Yes, it always worked. Even before Perkarma was constructed and before gold was added. The power is the power of the shabd. Each addition increased Harimandir’s power to project even further (and we need that now more than ever!)


  9. g says:

    The power of meditation and Sabhad has been absorbed into that water even long before the Golden temple was constructed.

    That place is one of the worlds most sacred place, because there is a very long history of sages and saints have meditated at that place and all the vibrations of meditation went into the water. Crows used to dip for a water of sip and they would turn into swans. The history behind the berry tree that is still present at Golden temple.

    However, these powerful vibrations have been being absorbed since the recitation of Gurbani started and almost for 24 hrs Gurbani has been recited over period of several hundered years, Plus lot of sadh sagant goes there to mediatate all the time and they also contribute to the vibrations.

    So, If there had been NO meditation done or Sahbads recited then that place would be just a building like any other buildings, even though it has copper or gold around it.

    It is that atomic energy within us which is hidden in the tenth gate. The kundilini energy rises to help to open up this tenth gate. The awakening of Kundilini energy is the safest when Guru sahbad is recited, seva and diet is kept in control. This energy burst out in very small energy packets even when normal people meditate even for some period of time. Some of this pure energy is absorbed into the water through vibrations. (transformation of energy).

  10. Mani Singh says:

    Guruka and G, thank you for your replies.

    I guess from my limited knowledge, I understood the copper and gold to be purely an addition to make the building look nice. And I felt that if the Golden Temple was meant to be Golden, the Gurus would have made it Golden. Hence I questioned what was written in the text.

    I also have very little knowledge about Maharaja Ranjit Singhs spiritual knowledge. Yes he was a good leader, but it surprised me that he would have known that adding copper and gold would improve the Shabads ability to heal the planet. I guess like Tarun, it surprises me that Maharaja Ranjit Singh would have improved on what the Gurus had designed.

    But then again, I guess it is all Wahegurus work anyway!!!!

  11. Tarun says:

    Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa,
    Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

    Guruka Singh agreed with Mani Singh in saying that Maharaja Ranjit Singh adding gold to Darbar Sahib improved the power of the shabad, how can this be if the Guru is perfect and Darbar Sahib was created by the Guru himself without gold? Wouldn’t adding gold just cause us to focus on worldy pleasures such as wealth which Guru Sahib has clearly asked us to refrain from?

    I’m not trying to create controversy, just trying to ask questions to get us thinking…

    Bhul Chuk Maaf Karni

    Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa,
    Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

  12. g says:


    You have asked a very good question. Adding gold does NOT improves the power of the shabad , but it may act to deliever more electrical energy into the water.

    Shabad is the main source, just like the sun is the main source for energy. And this energy can be captured various ways and in more efficient way.

    Your next good question is ” how can this be if the Guru is perfect?” If we look carefully and analyze all the Guru’s inculding our living Guru, all of them put more emphasis on the mind to vibrate with shabad and be the part of that frequency.

    In order to make water into powerful Amrit we need to recite shabad with our hearts full of love and devotion , also being humble. So, the Guru wanted the main source to be powerful and unpolluted, which is the mind, And when Guru shabad is recited the vibrations will pour out and are being absorbed by other people around it and anything that acts like a conductor. That’s why when people go visit this place all of sudden they feel at peace, and joyous. The experinece differs by every individual because of their own level of spirituality.

    If we buy bran new text books for university but we never open them up, read, or understand then buying those books is futile. Because just by purchasing the books will not increase our knowledge and thought process therefore, we have to do lot of work in order to understand concepts.

    Similarly, Guruji did not want to put lot of emphasis on external stuff like buildings etc, because anyone can build a beautiful peaceful building. But where there is NO constand meditation and there is NO shabad of being sung, no seva is done from the heart then even pure water will turn into bitter acid.

    Therefore, the most important thing is to recite shabads, do mediatation, nishkaam seva, and loving everyone will bring out most powerful vibrations from our soul and mind. The rest of the stuff is secondary.

  13. g says:

    I don’t think that Maharaja Ranjit singh improved the design, but it MAY contribute to the conduction properties, and that’s what Guru wanted him to do, even without knowing its function.

    Here we are not recognizing that the main source of all those vibrations is the mind, and this energy is generated through mediatation and shabad.

    Just imagine if there is NO sun, then we can make best solar cells to capture the energy but if there is no sun then it does not matter what kind of advance technological device we have to capture that energy.

    As I have mentioned in my first post, that water had lot of powers even before the construction of Golden temple. Therefore, it proves that mind is the main source of energy, which is generated by meditation and shabad.

    If we carefully analyze our all Guru’s, I have learned one thing that Guru Nanak ji began with Naam ( mool mantar) and it took 8 more Guru’s to show us the path and knowledge about God. Then all that knowledge and spirituality was molded into khalsa by the 10th Guru. So, Guru ji knows that it takes time for everything to evolve. Human brain is in constant evolution through the Grace of God. So, every thing has been done in many steps for human beings. Long term success depends up on gradual achievement of certain behaviors or to get rid of old bad habits.

    My simple example would be: If someone wants to lose weight and that person stops eating suddenly in order to lose weight quickly, sure he will lose weight which would be more muscle mass than fat. However, reducing diet drastically will alter neurotransmitter levels (serotonin) and it will bring the urge to binge on junk foods and then the cycle is repeated. At the end we end up gaining more fat than before. However, If do this process gradually, selecting more healther foods, excercise, kirya’s etc and never go hungary then we will be successful in our goal. However, this processs will take few months upto a year depending on the weight. If the weight is lost gradually without straving ourselfves then we will build healthy life style.

    Finally, Our Guruji’s have done everything is small steps for human beings because they knew the weakness that we have in ourselves.

    thats why Guru ji build the golden temple in the middle. But first it is important to cleanse the main source of power, which mind. It will take some time.

    So, lets not generate hypothetical questions because Guruka ji wanted to explain the present situation at hand in more scientific way how shabad vibrations are captured by the conductors which may deliver more vibrations to the water or the sorrounding environment.

  14. Mani Singh says:

    Thank you! : )

  15. Guruka Singh says:

    Wahe Guru! Most humbling and wonderful discussion here. It is all perfect. There is no time and space that can bind Maharaj Ji. All such work is beyond time and space. We see only its reflection.

    All love and thanks to Tarun, g and Mani Singh for your heartfelt participation.


  16. Singh_108 says:

    Guruka Singh – What a wonderful explanation of the Amrit Sanchar, really great points. You have added to my knowledge and I thank you for that.

    From my understanding of what you say, (I may be wrong) is that it is a transformation that has to take place during the ceremony in the individual who is being baptised? I have stayed and read about many Mahapurshes like from Damdami Taksal, and RARA sahib etc, etc and they all say very similar things as you say about the energy and sound current (Naad). One thing I was not sure about when I heard you video was that the actual maryada is not important rather the transformation in the individual? Rather each set of Panj Piara may have some differences in the way they prepare the Amrit but the end goal is to be transformed?

    My question being doesn’t the proper maryada (as set by Guru Jee) ensure that the transformation will happen? The maryada for both the people doing seva and also those who want to partake in the Amrit. Both have a mental, physical and way of conduct thay have to follow, doesn’t following that proper maryada open the channels for transformation.

    Lets discuss.

  17. Guruka Singh says:

    Singh_108 Ji –

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    You question boils down to the meaning of the phrase "proper maryada." Let’s assume that all the participants understand the sacredness of this event and have prepared themselves for it. Let us also assume that all participants have surrendered themselves to the Guru and hold deep devotion, fixed attention and sincere hearts. Every one is deeply present with the moment and doing his or her best.

    There you have it.

    Otherwise, all that is required is a bata and khanda of pure iron, pure water and sweets, the amrit vela and a private quiet place.

    The ceremony is fully described here.

    Of course the ceremony is as prescribed, but quibbling over details beyond that only serves to detract.


  18. DR Sandeep Singh says:

    Dear Guruka Singh’
    your explanation looks like staright from science fiction.
    your experience of blue light emanating from Golden temple cleaning whole planet was during meditation or with your eyes open? Does shabad needs any medium,conductivity to travel or intensify itself?Can u quote anything from gurbani to justify your experience? i don’t mean to refute your experience but i know you always have a good explanation. I am just curious.

  19. g says:

    Dr Sandeep singh

    I would suggest to see and read the NASA website, where they have presentations on earth’s electromagnetic radiation and how the pattern changes from early morning to late evening on the same side of the pole.

    Sure, it sounds science fiction. That’s what people had thought about northen lights that it was a devil or some other powers showing their display. And then the science explained it through electromagnetic radiation.

    Your question ” does shabad needs any medium” Shabad generates sound waves at different frequencies and amplitude which may trigger some parts of our brain to bring out more realization. Just like medicine has developed brain pace makers, by stimulating certain parts of the brain with certain frequency then the unconsciouness person maybe brought back to consciouness level. Does this sound likes sound like science fiction?

    I think the limitation is in our thinking.

  20. Manvinder Singh says:

    At the start of the video Gurkha Singh Ji mentions about Perspectives.

    He gave his talk according to his own experience and perspective.

    As a scientist one is trained to be sceptic. One looks for scientific proofs to validate. Once validated it becomes scientific fact.

    What Gurkha Singh Ji said was, said and percieved as a scientific explanation of how Shabad Guru generates power, which water absorb. It tries to explain how amrit in sarovars gains its amrit value.

    As it is based on experience it is just a hypothesis on a scientific criteria. No scientific factual proof. It doesn’t mean it is wrong. Remeber spiritual levels and criteria are different from scientific.

    Listening it with my scientific mind many questions arises
    Why is this talk given and for what purpose?
    What is the problem being addressed?
    What are the facts stated and are they percieved facts or real scientific facts?
    If Shabad Guru Generates energy and it can lead us to God or merge us in God then what does Bani meant when it said God is form Less and cant be described. there must be some scientific discription of GOD?
    If GOD is energy than there must be a equation of some thing which describes or defines GOD? may be it is not known it will be sometime?

    All these and many more questions arise?

    But i put a hold on these questions when i remember
    Guru ji said all discussions and thinking is futile without the name of God and real purity of intentions.

    He also said this whole world is Maya.

    So am i good enough in remembering GOD, pure in mind and in having full faith in Guru?
    No I am not
    So what does this mean?
    Am i playing at the hands of maya in getting into discussions?
    Is it under maya i am writing so to convey what i think. I stress what i think! I don’t pocess the wisdom by which i can say what i say is what GOD said.

    Spiritual power and phenomnons are at all together horizons than the level of scientific explanations. Logic in spiritual world is different from logic in scientific world.

    I believe spiritual experiences should not be evaluated on scientific basis.
    Yes you can definitely investigate spiritual experiences on scientific basis which is different from evaluation.

  21. Reema says:

    Guruka Singh Ji,

    Last night we were having discussion about taking amrit or not. How this one makes a sikh different than others. Does it mean that he is more devoted sikh than those who don;t take it? They still be loved by Akal Purakh. Gurbani says “JIN PREM KIYO TIN HI PRABH PAYO”.

    I understand that by taking Amrit without purifying oneself from inside , one would not be accepted in Guru’s Court.


  22. Gurinder "G" says:

    when we truly do “PREM”, actually it means that we have surrendered ourselves to the supreme light and then we have the confident to offer our head with no questions.

    When Guru Gobind singh announced that all sikhs around the india should gather at Aanad pur sahib. Thousands and thousands people poured in from different parts of the India and all of them had love in their hearts. But the love in peoples heart was at different levels because of different level of enlightment. Making it short, only five human beings had the courage to obtain the highest level of all. The level equal to the Guruji. But when the process ended of Amrit, then everyone cried out that we also truly love Guruji, but their love at a different level and frequency.

    However, for human beings to reach this level may take years and years because its a journey of obstacles mostly which arises in our minds and some from the environment. Sikhs who have been born in Amrit Dhari families may have more courage to take amrit in their early life and face the obstacles has they come.

    But Sikhs who have not been born in Amrit Dhari families will have more insecurities about themselves because they want the acceptance from the society rather than Guruji. So, they will argue that love is the most important thing than anything else, but when we acknowledge love it also means to sacrifice. Superficial love can be found everywhere.

    So, the question is who is better? I think a person is a good person who is trying to follow the path for themselves not for the society or to gain acceptance. And who eliminates the judgement of others.

  23. Reema says:

    Gurinder Ji,

    I’m not looking for society acceptance. I understand its our devotion & love to Guru that inspire us to take amrit. But I want know what it means to take Amrit & wear bana , its purpose. How it impacts our spiritual journey to become aware of divinity within us.


  24. Gurinder "G" says:

    Reema ji,

    I think Guruka singh ji or ek onkar kaur ji may give you better explanation of amrit and to wear bana.

    All professions have certain dress code, for example police officers, nurses, doctors etc. When normal people wear these uniforms and they feel sense of responsibilty to their best ability, and they behave in certain way because that particular uniform keeps reminding them about their responsibilites. People who truly follow ethics then they have the feeling of euphoria all day. You might have noticed that when we offer help to somone who is in need then we keep on feeling good about ourselves for few days and brings smile to our face everytime when we think about it.

    So, Bana will have powerful effect on our psyche on daily bases.

    Taking Amrit is almost like uniting with one light, yet fulfilling the requirements of amrit. Just like being a sikh is the begining of sikh path which may gradually lead us to a entirely different level of spirituality which would be taking Amrit.

    Amrit is the begining of another phase where we get more strength to escape the gravity of our minds and have the ability to see the reality.
    Now here, Japji sahib, where we LISTEN and obtain those qualities written in that Pauri then after listening and comptemplating on Guru Shabad then we reach the stage of OBEYING whatever we have listened and learned. Japji takes us to higher levels gradually then to Sachkand. However, Amrit comes when we want to become one with that supreme light, or one with that frequency.

    If Amrit was not necessary then Guru Gobing singh may not have done it. We as human beings always think that we have the ability to understand beyond time and space, And we tend to fool ourselves by thinking that we have mastered everything.

    But the funny thng is that humans will always try to find answers from humans, and try to escape what Guruji has said. It because of our insecurities and fear we have that society is going to label us in a certain way or even resent us. Therefore, humans will try to find loop poles for their own actions and thoughts.

    If we believe and then do experience guru shabad then why refute what Guru ji is saying “jin PREM kiyo”” Love has no boundries and Guru only wants unconditional love. If time comes to give this life in love then don’t back at that last minute. Otherwise love was only to fulfiill our worldly desires……