The Blessing of Receiving Guru’s Amrit

About a month ago I had a transformational experience of receiving the Guru’s Amrit at the end of the Summer Solstice Camp. The reason you have not seen me write anything about it here earlier is that I felt it was a very personal thing for me and that by showcasing it online it might be mis-construed.

Many of you who have been reading my blog for a few years know that I share my life and experiences on here like an open book. My hardships, my celebrations, my sicknesses, my joys, my family, etc. My hope is that by sharing these thoughts, pictures, and videos that people will learn something and hopefully make a change in their own life. We can all learn from each other’s experiences.

In 1979 I was almost five years old and was in Amritsar with my mother and a group of other Sikhs from America on a yatra. I only have small faint memories of that time. My mother tells me that during that visit I took Amrit, though I have only a small re-collection of it. In hindsight I think It was too early for me to understand what it really meant (especially since I can’t remember it!).

I have gone through quite a bit in my life since then (especially as a teenager), and in recent years have felt the longing to take Amrit again. I was already "mostly" living as an Amritdhari, though I wasn’t all the way committed (wearing the K’s all the time and doing all the banis). As with any commitment I knew it would require discipline, and with my busy life I wasn’t sure if I could maintain that. I seemed to settle in the comfort of not "having to" do all these things. I would tell myself, "One day when the time is right I will take Amrit again". Every year would pass by and I kept telling myself this. Somehow it always seemed like a HUGE commitment.


I think for many of us there is this impression that if you take Amrit then you all of a sudden have to be perfect and can’t be yourself anymore. I have even gotten emails from people who ask if they need to re-take Amrit because they didn’t do all their banis or made some mistakes. Many of us are still pounded with guilt from others about Sikh practices or "wrong doings". It is so common to receive criticism and judgements every step of the way when living as a Sikh. So, it’s no wonder that some people are hesitant to take this step.

My experience of this is that by taking Amrit you are offering your head to the Guru in total surrender. Just as when we say "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki fateh" – The Khalsa (pure one) belongs to Waheguru (God) and Victory belongs to Waheguru (God). It is a state of surrender to the infinite. Letting go of all ego. All achievements, all challenges are not yours…but God’s.


As Sikhs of the Guru we are here to learn and follow the path that our Gurus have laid down for us. I think it is natural for us all to make mistakes and get off the "path". What is important is that you recognize this and bring yourself back again to the "path".

This past year I have had many occasions where I felt this deep longing and some deep memory that I could not recall. It was an intense feeling of emotion that would sometimes hit me at times like at the end of Gurdwara when the sangat would shout "Boleh So Nihal, Sat Siri Akal" and the Nagara drum was beating loudly. It was that feeling of being in the court of Guru Gobind Singh. It felt like remembering some feeling from a past life.

This feeling continued at different times over the past few years and I kept going on with my life as usual, struggling to fit a daily spiritual discipline into a busy life and daily family affairs. Then last month on the second last morning of the Summer Solstice camp I was sitting with the Sangat during Gurdwara and I felt that emotion and longing again and knew right then that I had to "Just Do It" and take Amrit. It wasn’t a mental/logical thought process. I hadn’t even thought about it or considered taking Amrit this year. It was something that just came from the heart and I knew that I had to make this commitment.

Looking back on it I relate to this decision like thinking about having a baby. It’s a huge commitment and responsibility. A couple who has not had any children yet and is wanting to have a child might feel like they have to get everything ready and figured out. It is this feeling of pressure and wanting to make sure the timing is right so you have all that is needed. In my experience there is no perfect time. You never have everything figured out. At some point you have to "Just Do It" and figure out the rest along the way. For me this was how my decision to take Amrit was. I knew my commitment was there, and that I had to stop letting my rational mind do it’s thing and I just take the plunge! How do you think the five beloved ones might have felt when Guru Gobind Singh asked for a head? How about all the people watching as Guru Gobind Singh came out of the tent with a bloody sword and asked for more heads? It’s not a type of thing that you can relate to in your relation mind. It is much deeper then that.

Just after making the decision that morning, I went to find out if I could take Amrit during the ceremony that night/morning. All those who wish to take Amrit have to be interviewed by the Panj to make sure they are ready and committed. So, I spoke with one of the Panj for a while and then he instructed me how to prepare and be ready for the Amrit Sanchar early the next morning. From then on it was like a meditation, mentally preparing myself. That night was the all night Rensabai Kirtan so I sat and meditated to the beautiful kirtan for a while and then went back to my tent for a few hours of sleep. I woke up around 2:30 AM and headed to the cold showers to wash myself and my hair in preparation of the Amrit Sanchar. I dressed myself in the Guru’s Bana and walked down towards the Gurdwara where I could still hear Kirtan being played. Some friends who have taken Amrit before, suggested that I not to drink water after the night because once the Amrit ceremony started that you couldn’t go out of the room to go to the bathroom. So I heeded this advice and avoided drinking water when I woke up. Depending on the number of people taking Amrit, the whole ceremony can be quite a few hours.


I walked to the side entrance of the Gurdwara and saw others sitting there meditating, chanting waheguru. I sat down and joined them. We continued to sit there chanting Waheguru, with Gurbani kirtan from the ransabhai going on in the background. Some people had not yet been interviewed by the Panj Piaray so we sat for almost an hour chanting together. There was this deep bond between all of us and the anticipation of what we were about to partake in. A sevadhar stood at attention next to the Gurdwara door holding a sword as if on Guard while the final preparations were made for the ceremony.


We were then called inside the Gurdwara, and we filed in one by one to the side of the small Gurdwara awaiting instructions. Ardas was done and then we listened to the Guru’s hukamnama. The Panj Piaray then poured water into the iron bowl (bata), Patasis (sugar parshad) into the water and placed the large iron Khanda (sword) in front of the bowl. The Panj Piaray then recited the different banis in turn with a deep focus and unisoness, as the Khanda was continually stirring the Amrit; Infusing the vibration of the bani into the Amrit. All of us stood the whole time keeping a meditative focus. After about an hour the first person was called by the Panj Piaray to receive the Amrit. It was such a beautiful thing to watch everyone become transformed.


I was one of the last of the 15 or so of us that took Amrit that day. Thinking back now it feels some what like a dream. It was kind of like an "out of body" experience. It’s one of those things which I can’t really describe in words. I remember each of the panj saying to me "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh" and then putting some amrit into my cupped hands as my focus was straight towards Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I drank the Amrit and then repeated it back to the panj. Then each panj in turn said "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh", but this time sprinkled Amrit into my face. It was like being cleansed by the Amrit as it hit my face and and in a sense "shocked" me to a different state as my gaze was kept focused straight ahead at Siri Guru Granth Sahib. After that the panj piaray placed a hand on the top of my head and all together chanted the the Gur mantra "Wahe Guru" (Wah-Hey-Guru) and I was intructed to repeat after them. This was done five times and then I bowed to the Guru and did a final "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh" to the Panj Piaray and the Sangat that was in the room. This was like my initiation into the brotherhood of the Khalsa. I now relate to this all so much differently after having received Amrit, and feel that brotherhood when greeting another Khalsa in this way. I’m sure other Amritdhari’s can relate! 

In previous years my mother, father and brother have all been part of the Panj Piaray for the Amrit Sanchar. They normally take part in the Amrit Sanchar and help with Gurdwara related things. This year my parents were not there, but I was happy to see my brother Dharam as one of the Panj. He is such an inspiration to me. He is my "Bhai Dharam Singh" :)

I remember being surprised to see quite a few people who were taking Amrit that I was either close to, or had recently gotten to know. It’s as if we were all planning to take Amrit….but didn’t know of each other’s plans. There were a few of the people that I kept "bumping" into many times every day and we kept joking with each other about how funny it was that we kept crossing paths. Then when we all saw each other the early morning by the Gurdwara we understood. I guess we are siblings of destiny, meant to be brothers and sisters of the Khalsa :) 

If you have taken Amrit, I would love to hear your experiences related to taking Amrit and how this changed their life. Hopefully these stories will encourage and inspire some of you to give your head to the Guru and receive the Amrit.

Philosophy of Baptism Into the Khalsa
"Through taking of Amrit, a Sikh qualifies him/herself as a recipient of Kamai of Akal Moorat or earnings from service and devotion to God. Through receiving Amrit, the consciousness is tempered and fear is substituted with Akal or deathlessness. In this way, a Sikh is prepared to experience Ajuni Saibhong, or a state of completion of the cycle of birth and death and an illumination of the light of the soul, while yet living in the world.

Through daily practice of sadhana, or spiritual discipline, one establishes his or her spiritual bank account by continually cleansing the mind and keeping pure of heart through the recitation of the Banis and by remembering Wahe Guru with each breath throughout the busy activities of the day."


Here are some more pictures from the morning that we took Amrit: 





After the Amrit Ceremony the Panj Piaray talking to us about our roles and duties as Khalsa.

My brother Dharam Singh was so inspiring. I suppose he is right for this being that his name is Dharam Singh…and he is my brother. He is my "Bhai Dharam Singh" :)



Afterwards the huge main door to the Gurdwara opened up and we greeted the full sangat with "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki fateh"…..and then some people played kirtan.


I was feeling so emotional here and happy to see my parents who greeted me with smiles and huges. My father said "Happy Birthday"…which I didn’t get at first and then realized he was referring to being reborn after taking Amrit.

One of the Khalsa ji’s was from Mexico and his friend greeted him with smiles and love.

One of the Kaurs who took Amrit with her son afterwards.

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42 Responses to “The Blessing of Receiving Guru’s Amrit”

  1. Sifar says:

    Many many Congratulations.

  2. Gurwant Kaur says:


    I do frequent the Sikhnet to catch up on Sikhi and how it relates to others. I think one should never question oneself about taking amrit if you are practising Sikhi. It is wounderful to have family and close friends as support group but ultimately the journey is one’s own interms of doing your banis and rehit maryada.

    Some of us born in Sikh family take things for granted and amrit is left for latter part in life which sometimes is a late awakening. Anyway wish you all the best to your commitment to the Guru’s path.

    Waheguruji ka Khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.

  3. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

    welcome to the guru’s family , you and all others who took amrit. May guru ji keep you all way along.

  4. Gurkirpal says:

    Bhai Gurmustuk,

    Thank you very much for the post..
    It was amazing to see American of african descent taking amrit…

  5. Jasbiante Kaur says:


    Dearest veerji, i have to share with you that i burst in tears of love upon seeing the amrit sanchaar pictures! to see the khalsas of Guru Gobind Singh in His court! You experience the bliss of amrit sanchaar again and again! To See the bright yellow glow over the faces and body of His beloveds! is like seeing the glow of WAHEGURU HIMSELF!!WAHEGURU!!Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Waheguru!Waheguru!Dearest Veerji, Welcome to the Panth Of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, The Army of the One Ulitimate Creator,Waheguruji!

    “Waaho Waaho Gobind Singh! Aapay Gur Chaayla!”


  6. Karnail Singh says:

    Wow great to see that it makes me go back and request Amrit again . I cant forget when they put hands on our head,Its like your in haven or really you cant describe that moment

  7. Antonia D'Onofrio says:


    No one could have though you were not already amritdhari! Which shows that you were always “ready” . And that you will always be in the right place.

    This was truly moving — continue your celebration of the Soul!

    Antonia (toniji of Sevadhars)

  8. amarjeet says:


  9. Ajai SIngh says:

    Thank you for finaly posting this. I was there that morining and took Amrit with you, but have not been able to adequately talk about to anyone. I completely understand why it took so long to post. I also appreciate that you have put this post and the pictures up.

    It was a moment beyond words, beyond time and totally in the presence of the Guru, through the Panj Piaray, the sangat and the Guru’s grace.

    Thank you again Bhaiji for all your wonderful work for the sangat.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

    Ajai Singh Khalsa

  10. g says:

    khalsa ji!!!!!! With your sword may you make easier for others to take amrit, not ridicule other sikhs who have not taken amrit yet. Khalsa is a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Today you have earned your PHD in spirituality but maintaining it at high levels is another thing, it can be done with the Grace of God. A sikh stage is a student stage who should strive to reach khalsa stage before their death.

    Khalsa is like fusion of light with light, ocean with ocean, soul with ultimate soul, universe with universe!

    Khalsa ji !!!!!!!!

  11. I just remembered a funny Amrit Ceremony related story that someone told me recently.

    A long time ago, probably in the 80’s, one jatha came from India and held an Amrit Sanchar that many western Sikhs took part in. After doing 108 blazingly fast Japji Sahib’s they started the Amrit Ceremony and all the people there received the Amrit. The one thing is that a HUGE amount of sugar was added to the water for making the Amrit, so it was like a thick sugar syrup. There was a lot of Amrit too. Most of us have been taught about healthy lifestyle, eating good food and refraining from eating much sugar. All the new Amritdhari’s were taking little sips from the iron bowl (maybe because it was soo sweet…or just being polite). So the Panj kept bringing the bowl up and down the line again and again trying to finish the Amrit (because it has to be finished).

    After a while one of the Panj Piaray’s got frustrated because there was still so much Amrit left. So he ordered one of the person’s to DRINK IT ALL. He did as instructed and gulped and gulped the Amrit till it was all gone…and then right after he passed out (fainted) and fell to the ground. Probably from an overload of sugar. Keep in mind that most of us hardly took any sugar or processed sweeteners so it was probably a shock to this person’s system.

    Anyways…kind of an interesting story. Maybe it’s more amusing to me because I grew up in an environment where eating sugar was considered bad and to be avoided at all costs. So, getting “knocked out” by it stands out :)

    Not your typical Amrit Story is it?

  12. Hari Dev Kaur Khalsa says:

    Sat Nam Khalsa Ji, I too took Amrit with you on that transfomational morning – we bumped into each other quite often through the week and it was such a blessing to share with you. Thanks for the pictures, it’s so different seeing it from that point of view. I feel that we all look so pure and at peace…. the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  13. Naunihal says:

    Happy Birthday Vir ji.

  14. Sat Nam, Gurumustuk Singh ji.

    Many blessings to you.

    Thank you so much for sharing this precious story about your journey to taking Amrit. The beauty of it brought tears to my eyes.

    May Guru’s Light continue to shine upon you – and may you continue to uplift those around you in the Name of the One.

    In Divine love – your spiritual sister,

    Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

  15. Siri Dyal says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khlasaaaaaa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fatheeeeeee

  16. K Singh says:

    Congratulations on taking amrit. Your post was a highlight for me today and brought a smile to my face. Also, the comment about the Singh getting knocked out due to a sugar rush is ‘classic’.

    I can just imagine the desi Singhs looking around wondering what just happened, considering that they were probably used to drinking raw liquid cane juice back in the Punjab. (I drank it once, about 75ml, and I thought my teeth were going to corrode away right there, due to the high sugar content)

  17. g says:

    Gurumustak singh khalsa ji,

    I would like to request panj piaray to put their experience of giving amrit to gurmukhs. I never have heard from panj piaray. I would be great to know:

    1) Their experience when they are reading banis during the preparation of the amrit.

    2) Their experience of holding kanda etc…

    I think massive sadh sangat would really appreciate the input. It would be the first time ever a panj piaray came forward with their expereince at first hand.

  18. What a wonderful and inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing it jio. I’d love to hear your beautiful wife’s reaction too. :-)

    For me, it was almost more meaningful and deep to once be a part of the Panj, than to have taken Amrit myself, which I had the blessing to do a very long time ago at the Akal Takhat.

    Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!

  19. jasmit kaur says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh!
    we are so happy that u joined the world of khalsa!congrates.

  20. Prabhu Singh says:

    As I’m sure Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa Ji remembers, I was there as a sevadar. Though I had stayed up all night during the rainsabhai and was really tired. I had such a hard time staying awake. I showed up there at the right time and was asked if I would be a sevadar, so I was. I was the guy telling people (as they showed up) to sit and chant WaheGuru with the rest of the sangat.
    That’s where I met Fiona and told her that flash would not be allowed, which she already knew. I was also planning to take some photos, but my camera was acting strange for some reason. When I gave my camera to Bhen Ji Siri Dyal Kaur, she got it to work and got some photos as well.
    It was a beautiful experience and when I saw Bhai Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa Ji receiving Amrit I was so proud. I feel so honored to be in this family.

    I couldn’t say too much about when I received Amrit, but I could share some about my experience since. Since that beautiful day (now over 4 years ago), my entire life has been focused on being a good Sikh and always striving to be the best Khalsa I can be. I literally changed my whole life based on this blessed gift. I followed the rehit my whole life, but my thinking changed completely, and my actions changed. When I recieved Amrit I had never even recited Tav Prasad Svaway, Baynti Chaupi, or the full Anand Sahib, but I’ve read them every single day since. I believe in this as a life time commitment and I believe in the tools gifted to us by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This was no small matter for me and I still remember it every single day. I believe in my duty as Khalsa more than anything else. I think every day how I will be representing the Khalsa panth and what that means to me. It’s a total honor.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  21. Sat Hari Singh Khalsa NYC says:

    Congratulations to all those who took Amrit!
    Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guruji ki Fateh!
    Amrit is very special; in it we go from having an informal relationship with the Guru, the teachings and the sangat to have a formal relationship. Before Amrit we are trying to achieve spiritual realization according to our own power our own ability or sadhana kirpa, after Amrit we are the responsibility of the Guru or Guru-kirpa. We are empowered by the Guru.
    In this relationship we join the eternal pastimes or lilas of the Guru. We enter the Guru’s grace. We enter the Eternal relationship found in Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prashad. This is the essence of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib according to the Tenth master. In it we find God- Ek Ong Kar, God’s positive merciful relationship through Satguru and the recipient of that mercy Prasad, or the Sikh. This mantra is the whole of spiritual life; God, the relationship Guru, and the enjoyer of that relationship the living entity.
    These pastimes of the Gurus never end. As the Siri Singh Sahib showed with the appearance of the Guru Ram Das to him, that the Gurus have not ended their pastimes nor their relationships with us ended merely because the Gurus no longer have a mortal form.
    Guru Gobind Singh wrote in the Ardas ‘’Sri Harkrishan dhiaaeeay jis dithe sabh dukh jaae’’ which means ‘‘upon seeing-meditating on Sri Harkrishan [the eight Guru] all suffering shall depart’’.
    Guru Gobind Singh of course never physically saw the eighth Guru as the eighth left his body at the age of eight. Guru Gobind Singh was of course speaking about the eternal relationship we all have with the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh was teaching us like Siri Singh Sahib did that we can always contact the Guru in the Guru’s various forms.
    By taking Amrit we join these pastimes, revive our eternal relationship, and become agents of the Guru to bring the Gurushabad onto this plane of consciousness. We enter the Divine Hukam, the Divine Wisdom and protection. This is the highest seva or direct service to the Guru. We wear the form of the Guru because as Khalsa we are the form of the Guru and this form puts us on the frequency to receive that transmission transmitted in the Amrit Sanchar. By surrendering to the Guru in the form of the Guru, the Five K’s, we receive the Guru. We are then empowered as partners in the Guru’s plan to usher in the Aquarian age.
    In the transcendental science of Naad Yoga the sound current form is the highest form of consciousness and is found from the highest realm or Sachkhand to the right ventricle of the heart where Akal Purakhji God vibrates as Nam. The Amrit Sanskar procedure in transferring the Guru’s presence to the candidate by means of vibration is the transmission of the highest most intimate form of the Guru as Gurushabad. This empowers the Sikh with the Eternal Presence, and the grace to vibrate in harmony with Infinity-Akal Purakh. This is absolute Grace-Prasad, that transforms your entire destiny. This imbibed vibration is Sachkhand the highest realm. In the words of Bhai Gur Das; ‘’Sadh Sangat Sachkhand Hai’’, ‘’the Sadh sangat is the Eternal realm’’.
    Welcome to the Khalsa family and may you all be a blessing to God, Guru and Sangat.

  22. PROUD SIKH says:

    Amazing pics ! These pics uplift my spirit…

    Thank you, for sharing your life experiences and the positiveness associated with it.


  23. Jatinder Pal Singh says:


    Veer Ji, thousand congratulations upon joining the Khalsa family.

    On reading the ‘Sugar’ incident I have been reminded of such incidents that happened to me.

    I have taken Amrit twice due to some reason. When I first took Amrit along with my parents, I was 8-9 yrs old. We took Amrit at Anandpur Sahib. The ‘Amrit’ prepared was in great quantity but everyone kept taking small sips. After taking the ‘Baata’ for 2-3 rounds, Panj Piayre again came to me and incidently I was standing last in the queue. There was quite a lot remaining in the ‘Baata’. Panj Piyare declared that they are not going to take it round anymore & I have to drink the whole left over. My father who was standing before me offered that he may drink it instead of me but they refused & said ‘Have Faith’. There I stood, 8-9 yrs old drinking the whole left over, which would have been good 3-4 glasses. I drank it all in one go. The expression on my father’s face was a mixture of worry & astonishment. Though I didn’t realize what had happened as I didn’t know what could have been consequences. He later told me that drinking that lot of sugar could have led to severe motions. But I was perfectly fit & fine.

    The second time, I was 19 yrs old. I took Amrit in mass ceremony at Bangla Sahib in 1999. Incidently, this time again I was ordered to finish the whole left over as other group of Panj Piyare started distributing Amrit starting from the person standing next to me. This time again it was good 3-4 glasses.

    When I narrated this to my parents on meeting them after the ceremony, they laughed out alot & said that it seems that Guru ji has decided to put alot of ‘Amrit’ in my veins.

    May God bless you.

    Gur Fateh

  24. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Waheguru… what has happend to all the photos?

  25. Problem fixed. Thanks for the info.

  26. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    Wahe Guru!!!

    What an experience to see the photos. You all are so bright and expressing a peaceful mind. I can feel the vibration of the Guru in the pictures, the Court of the Guru so royal and in Wahe Guru.

    All the blessings for all of you, you are an example of the Guru´s Light.

    Thank you so so much for this moment.


  27. Jasbir Kaur (Vancouver) says:

    Such a blessing to see my radiant friends Bachan and Amritpal! You go girls!!!! Wahe Guru!

  28. Vicky Singh says:

    Congratulations veerje !!

  29. Manpreet Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    please remove all the pictures of amrit sanchaar ceromany because no one have rights to see inside the ceromany only those people are allowed to see that who comes to take amrit so,, please think ones twice and ask from nearest granthi sahibaan or punj piyare himself(akaal takht)

    akaal hi akaal

  30. harsh deep singh says:

    Wahe Guru!!!

    Congratulations to all those who took Amrit
    But their is going something wrong on this websit…..
    I m requesting every one who had visited this or has to visit this make request to administrator of this website to remove the pictures of amrit sanchar frm this page…this is a secret cermony that can”t b shown to every one according to gurmat maryda……if it happen i will thankful to all..


  31. g says:

    Manpreet singh and harsh deep singh ji,

    According to both of you, “secret cermony that can”t b shown to every one according to gurmat maryda…”

    First of all where you got this idea that it is a secret cermony and who created this gurmat maryda? For sure its not Guruji who started as a secret cermony, obviously some jealeous person came up with kind of thought, so that true spread of Guru’s word is only limited to some people.

    Hey, you know what the thoughts that you have written comes from a Bhramin people, who for centuries denied name of God to other people and kept their affairs secret!!!

    Are you telling me that Guru Gobind singh ji is less of a True Guru than these random people who make their own rules and then put a label of Gurmat maryda to fullfil their agenda.

    If Amrit was a SECRET then why DID Guru Gobind Singh ji GAVE AMRIT to Frist panch payare in front of THOUSANDS of people. Guruji could have given amrit in the tent as well….. Acutually, the entire cermony was performed in front of thousands of people!!!!!

    Please rise up from narrow mindness……

  32. Manpreet Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,,, Dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaaj ji ne give amrit to punj piyare in tent and not in front of others,,,

    you said our thoughts are like of brahmin,, with guru’s grace, I am proud to be a sikh,

    please do ardaas(prayer) for us sir ji………………………………………

    One thing ask the punj piyare please for us also,,,,

    if you do its better you ask from Anandpur sahib or Akaal takht singh sahibaan ji

  33. g says:

    Manpreet singh ji

    Please read the history very carefully and do some anaylsis by yourself.

    Before me NO one is above the Guruji and I don’t care who said what because they are all mortals, and corrupt.

    If Amrit was given in the tent then why people wanted have amrit after wards. Panj payaree gave their heads in the tent then Guruji dressed them up and brought before thousands of people and then Amrit cermony started.

    AS Amrit was being prepared, at that moment a bird was being hunted by the hawk for its meal, and some how that bird took a sip of Amrit thinking it as water to qench its thirst, But the small bird got so much powerful that it began to fly after the hawk. That’s why few numbers of khalsa was able to face thousands of moguls of that time.

    History has all the answers and presently no one is ABOVE SGGS, the word of God. So, people keep your theories with you. Because nothing is secret in sikhi, everything is done in the open, because there is nothing to hide ….

    Again, please rise above the Brahim culture and religion. I do understand that it has a strong influence on sikhs who live in india thats why their understanding of sikhi is so biased and unequal.

    Please remember that we are not brahims… If you would like to be one then I don’t have a problem with that. Because thats your choice. However, do not label someone’s thoughts as Gurmat mayrda. Labelling someone’s personal thoughts is not Guru ji’s thoughts and this is the biggest sin ever when we try to put words into Guruji mouth…..

  34. Gurvinder "Shampy" Singh says:

    I agree with G, My dad got his amrit in India, from Panj Pyaares of 5 akaal takht sahib. He always said that people who think they have achieve some kind of “Gian” try to manipulate sikh maryada and rehat……..Which is corruption…..

    I have also disagreed with posting pictures on this website and complained the administrator in the past…..but then when i ask my dad all these questions….he replied “who is filling ur head with all garbage and nonsense talk”….

    He said take Gurbani as it is, understand and then question it if u don’t understand anything, dont try to create ur own bubbles……


    Guru ji did amrit in front of 80,000 people…..dont listen to people from RSS, I am sorry to say but i have seen many sikh parents who are superstitious and teach their kids the same………

    Bhull Chukk Maaf

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  35. Gurvinder "Shampy" Singh says:

    And GuruMustuk Singh, i just read ur parents and Happt B’day post……..I never knew that u were not amritdhari……Hehehehe……I always thought u had taken amrit………….lolol

  36. Gurvinder Singh, technically I was already amritdhari since I took Amrit when I was about 5 years old. But since I didn’t remember it and I was quite young, I felt the calling to take Amrit again as an adult, fully conscious of my choice and commitment.

  37. harsh deep singh says:


    singh saab as u told me that there is no problem to post these pics openly…but i m telling u one thing that u r doing wrong according to gurmat maryda……gurmat maryda is not a waste thing has written by maha maha singh saab and maryda is written in 300 hundred years ……
    next thing those people who is saying that maryda is waste thing then i thing basicaly they r from RSS….u r saying guru maharaj had given amrit to panj piyaare in front of thousand of people..but just clear ur history knowledge bcoz guru saab given amrit to panj piyaare in tent not in front of people…guru saab had only selected panj piyaare from thousand of people

    bhul chuk maff

  38. g says:

    Then how can a flying bird spot water (which was amrit). People have tried to change history so that sikhi will fall down because of it weakness. Guru ji never personally selected panj pyaare, instead only five human beings had courage to offer their head to Guruji. This is a big difference what you have been told by others.

    Hey, about more than 50yrs and even now days lot of people ( especailly brahim scholars who have disguised themselves as Amrit sikhs) are throwing dust in to our eyes. Lot of them even say that five heads were never offered, and some are saying amrit never took place.

    Listen, you are free to follow any mysterious maha maha singh but I will only follow what Guruji did in front of the thousands of people and those people wrote the history.

    By the way, if everything took place in the tent then no one should have been allowed to enter or leave the tent , Right? If so, then how would mata ji would gave patasaay to be added to the Amrit, secondly, How would a bird know what is going inside the tent, How would people know that Guruji himself asked for Amrit?

    Everything was done in front of the thousands of thousands of people.

    END of the Discussion!

  39. Ravinder Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Congratulations Gurumustuk, hopefully one day i can take Amrit too.

    I had never known what happens when you take Amrit, the pictures are a real blessing as it has opened my eyes and makes me more compelled to take it when i’m ready.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ravinder Singh, Aussie wala :)

  40. Let’s keep this a positive experience. I’m sure everyone could argue and debate this issue all day (as we have seen the the previous blog post) and still not change anyone’s mind. I posted the pictures and my experience in hope to share this blessing and inspire others to think about receiving Guru’s Amrit.

    So…let’s not get carried away and waste this precious energy arguing about this.

    Thank you!

  41. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I am not adding to the argument but I want to say that in one of the SSS lectures he himself told that all the Grace is lost if there is no veil, the Jews do a ritual or ceremony whatever it is, when the couple gets married… To let the Grace intact ther should be a way to keep it intact and it can only be done with a proper way, so that the dignity and humbleness of the ceremony remains as it is. Hence the Sanskaar is done behind close doors so that one who sees it can onjlt witness it and cannot really express it because it is so divine and just can’t be put into words… Jiase Goongay Ki Mithayee… do you people understand? Nad if talking about the very first ceremony of Amrit done by Guru Gobind Singh ji… it was necessary to do so, because those were very different days all together. The crowd ran away when 5 heads were asked for sacrifice. Now that we know what it takes to even decide to take Amrit, even that thought makes us feel great. THen what is the need to EXPOSE the humble ceremony to the rest of the world? DOn’t take that Grace away… Its a very humble ceremony when you expose it .. it is like … I better not say anymore. There is nothing to hide but you cannot even make people feel something even by taking off the veil from the ceremony… It is like going to the Gurdwara without your head covered… don’t we feel a bit nakedness if the head is not covered in the Gurdwara?… I DO FEEL IT. The same goes for the Amrit ceremony… Take off the purdah or the partition or the veil and get naked in front of all… This is the best I can say… I haven’t said anything dirty, if you feel it dirty then you just don’t understand. You will understand one day Waheguru Bless us all and enlighten you all …Guru Fateh

  42. g says:

    I decided that my previous post was my last one. But like to share more thoughts. I would like to express one thing its not the point of winining from a discussion. So far we had good discussion.

    Gurjeet singh, you made good points, but these thought process has been coming from thousands of years of tradition. In lot of religions priests are given very high status and these priests have been making rules according to their own needs, and so that people are kept in guessing what goes behind the doors.

    The reason the Amrit is done in closed doors so that the ceremony is not distrubed. If the ceremony is distrubed then panj cannot concentrate in their banis because if something is going on in the room then our mind is pulled towards that distraction. IN preparation of amrit banis is needed to be recited with great concentration and love. At the same time the people who have chosen to take amrit their minds should be focused in the bani as well.

    Water is converted to amrit not by ritual, but by the powerful hidden atomic energy in the shabad.

    Therefore, for centuries it was concluded to have amrit behind doors so there is no distrubance of any kind. The ceremony are performed behind doors not to keep a secret, nor to creat a mystery.

    Human beings are far from God, yet God resides with in our bodies. Even God resides every grain of sand, yet it is separate from everything. The reason the human beings are far from God because we have created a VEIL ( or WALL) between us and the God. This Veil is the sole cause of pain in this world. Just like in Japji, where it states how can we come closeer to God. Then Guru ji gives the answer— break the wall or lift the viel from our soul. This wall is created by five thieves, maya, and not understand the deep meaning of life. Once this veil is lifted off then God is realized very close to us. He or she was in our every breath. But the humans keep on building the veil.

    The veil singh sahib talks about is about something else. you have taken its meaning out of context.

    I do agree that Amrit ceremony should be done in controlled environment so that there is no distrubance. it is not done in the closed enviroment to keep some secret from others or to please God.

    One last point, it could be another discussion point. IF we meditate do you think God gets pleased because we are singing his or her prasies? The answer is NO. Do you think that people who do not believe in God; in return God hates those people? Again the answer is NO.

    It is clear that God is not like US (human beings). Other religions and people in our religion don’t have every clear concept of God. They think that God reacts to emotions, if praised then he or she becomes happy, God has venegence, God is angry… etc…

    These thoughts and conepts only belong to priest for their own benefit to gain social status and other stuff…

    Oh well, my post is getting very long. But I am willing to have GOOD discussions. WE should eliminate our EGO just for the cause of winning it. Ego makes everything distasteful.