What is Prayer?

In this video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts about the power of prayer, and reasons we why pray.

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7 Responses to “What is Prayer?”

  1. juvraj says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Gurmustuk singh ji , really nice photos of your family.I wanted to know which digital camera are you having as i was planning to buy one.


  2. Aaron Kangeswaren says:

    Question: In the background, at the top left hand corner is a faint image of a lady. Whom may I ask is that? And what significance is it for her to be there, if any? hahaha, if it was a mistake then sorry that I pointed it out.

  3. g says:

    I think that they are trying to show their creativity with new programs they got. ha, ha

  4. In the video Guruka Singh talks about a story that Sat Jivan Singh likes to tell. Maybe this was a different story… but this is the story that I remember:

    “A flood is expected to wipe out a small town and evacuation is begun. A jeep is driving through town and comes across a guy standing on his front porch. “Hop in,” they said, “The flood will be coming in any minute.” “Don’t worry about me,” the man replied, “I have faith that God will save me.” Unable to change his mind, they drove on without him. Soon the flood waters began to roll in, and a rescue team drifted by this man’s house in a boat. “Hop in,” they requested, “We’ll get you out of here.” “Don’t worry about me,” was the man’s reply, “I have faith that God will save me.” Unable to change his mind, the rescue team continued on without him. Not long after that, the flood waters had completely covered this man’s house, and he was hanging from the chimney. A rescue crew in a helicopter spotted him and dropped him a ladder. The man refused the ladder insisting that God would save him. Unable to change his mind, the helicopter went on without him. The water continued to rise and the man drowned. On his way through the pearly gates, he met up with God and exclaimed, “You really let me down! I had faith that you would save me and look what happened!” “Well let’s see,” was God’s reply, “I sent you a jeep, a boat and a helicopter.”

    Juvraj Singh: I use the Canon 20D digital camera….and also have a smaller portable one that I keep with me (Canon SD200 ?)

  5. Aaron, the person is just something praying. There is no significance to this person specifically. It is just meant as a visual item to the theme of prayer.

  6. Majer Dhaliwal says:

    That was a really good video. I hope their will be more to come. Hopefully maybe having a “What is Prayer” part 2. Thank you so much.

  7. Simple guy says:

    Very well said. While watching your video i was feeling like i already know that somehow in my concious mind. Its just like while listening your words were clearing the dust.