Family Pictures by my Friend Fiona

Earlier this summer a photographer friend named Fiona Aboud took some pictures of our family (in New York and in New Mexico). She is planning to create a book about Sikhs in North America and has been taking pictures in different places of Sikhs. You can see some of her photography and a few of the Sikh related pictures online at: ( Portfolios / Projects). During her visit to Espanola, New Mexico she took lots of pictures of the sangat, but there are a few of the pictures that were of my family that she sent me.

"The family"…after Gurdwara 

Papa and Charanjeet

Charanjeet Kaur coming out from behind the Trampoline net after playing.

Relaxing at home


Here are a few pictures from when I was visiting my family in New York. Fiona came over to our house one day to take pictures of us and went along to Gurdwara.

Arjan and Charanjeet at Gurdwara in New York

Narayan taking a break and hanging out with the kids. One of the kids let him play a video game and they all huddled around watching. It was pretty cute to see them.

Nap time for Charanjeet. Getting in the car to head home after Gurdwara. All those parents out there probably know how this goes!

Houston…we have lift off! (she fell asleep)

Asleep again later on in the baby sling. She is so cozy in here.

My mataji and me.

8 Responses to “Family Pictures by my Friend Fiona”

  1. Gurvinder "Shampy" Singh says:

    hehehehe…….u look funky in the shorts bhaaji…..

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    I met Fiona, she's a really nice person!

    She's definitely a professional. One of these days I should learn a little about photography, since I also take a lot of pictures.

    Anyway, I like the picture with Charanjit Kaur Ji holding her arms up like she's doing yoga. It's only natural that a little yogini would be born in your house. WaheGuru!


    I’m eally impress of your life & work you doing for to educate others for peaceful life. god bless you.

  4. Faruk says:

    Satnam JI,
    I am glad to know your entire family, Trust me it is beautiful and wish the same for all families to be as happy and content from within like Mataji

    With Love
    Faruk Mulla

  5. prabhjot says:

    sat shri akal,
    i like the family photographs of yours.these exude the true sikh faith in them,i am so happy to see so far from home and but sticking to the roots .hats off to u

  6. marshal says:

    It\’s a very good site!

  7. Phyllis says:

    I don’t know anything about Sikhs or what you do. I was just looking on Google for “silly faces” and saw your daughter and it made me laugh so much that I checked out your site. But after looking at more of your pictures I just fell in love with your family! You seem like such good people and so happy. I am happy for you, too!


  8. taranpreet singh says:

    Nice snaps of Gurmastak family your spritual appearances enhance our sikh panth thank u