Turbans – Please Take the Survey

I had a talk with my friend Ash Singh about turbans the other day and although we have spent the last couple of years promoting the turban (ratemyturban, turban tying videos, etc), we felt that we might look at other ways to serve fellow turban wearers all over the world. So if you wear a turban and want us to come up with new and creative ideas….

Take 30 seconds and fill out this survey!

3 Responses to “Turbans – Please Take the Survey”

  1. Sifar says:

    Questions in the survey made not too much sense to me.

  2. Annu says:

    Hi Gurumustuk,

    I don’tknow who’s survey this one is, but I would just like to request them to consider Australia and New Zealand- Currently there are no such options in the survey in choosing your country, and I don’t really feel we are part of Asia…:)

  3. Romina says:

    I know its quiet old survey but i wanted to do it and i realized that you dont have south america as an option :/