Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Dealing with Stress

Just recently there was a new TV program on a Punjabi Channel in India (PTC) called "The ‘Y of Life". This is a program in a mix of Punjabi and English on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. The first set of episodes were done with Siri Bhrosa Kaur and Gurmukh Kaur (who you might remember being featured in Vanity Fair Magazine).

The following video is from episode three which shares some simple methods and information about reducing stress in your life. You can watch the previous episodes here.

7 Responses to “Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Dealing with Stress”

  1. Gurwant Kaur says:

    Dear MrSikhnet,

    Thank you for putting this episodes on your blog.
    As usual, I am always learning new things about KY & meditation.

    Siri Bhrosa Kaur mentioned about thyroids and medications. I wonder if anyone could elaborate on this or pass this information to Siri Bhrosa Kaur to elaborate further since she is a qualified nurse and from her experience.

    I would really appreciate this. And also keep up the good work. Thank you.

  2. ranjit singh says:

    I have bipolar disorder and really need help.Please help

  3. Gurinder "G" says:

    Ranjit singh,

    First of all, Please see your doctor and be compliant with medications. Then also try meditation and excerise program.

  4. Sukhpreet Singh K says:

    Ranjit Singh, i get many lows also, the things that help me get by are surfing the mrsikhnet, learning about the Guru’s & Bhagat’s lifes stories – then thinking about them imagining them there in their times, i sit in the park near the pigeons remembering who created them, i make friends with the animals and insects, i walk and everytime i see a person, animal or bird i try to focus my mind by saying with my toung who created you who gives you everything, who made you be here today. I try these things and they have helped me and i hope they continue to do so. sabna jiea ka ek data please help all your jies, ab ke bar baksh bande ko bhor na bhojal pherea.

  5. Navpreet Kaur says:

    Waaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    Ranjit Singh,
    I too have had “episodes” of mood swings, not nearly as severe as bipolar disorder though. Even though my symptoms were mild, the only thing that helped me was chanting Waheguru’s name. I now that’s what everyone says, chant Waheguru name’s and read Gurbani, but I don’t think I really believed them in the beginning. But when all other methods had failed, with Waheguru’s kirpa, I started reading Gurhani, and with his kirpa and with time, I got better. I had to have faith. Some kundalini yoga exercises are really good to help get emotionally balanced, and I suggest buying one of the manuals and looking farther into it.

  6. Vijay Kumar says:

    The best form of yoga is Shavasana posture of yoga… practicing which one can awaken ones kundalini fully

  7. Khalsa says:

    Excellant clip, i was hesitant to watch it but very imformative and direct without any unnecessary blurb. Good advise and nearly all of it was good advise. So if you stressed take some notes.