The Game of Love

Over the past two years I have been blessed to serve as editor of a new collection of poetry written by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. Just as the Furmaan Khalsa gathered together all his Gurmukhi poetry, this volume is a compilation of all his poetry written in English. It’s called, "The Game of Love." You can read excerpts from the book and also order it. -Guruka Singh


Yogi Bhajan, also known as the Siri Singh Sahib, was a man of vast knowledge and infinite facets of being. By Guru’s grace, I was blessed to be married to him. He was a master of Kundalini Yoga, a master of business and philosophy, a devoted husband and father and a spiritual master to millions; and as revealed in this book, he was a brilliant poet and master linguist.

On those days on which he was inspired to recite poetry, he would usually begin with a single line, followed by a moment of silence, and then, succeeding lines would flow from him like a fountain — rhythmically, gracefully, and his voice melodic, like a song. Within every poem that he uttered was an ocean of philosophy, worthy of becoming an entire PhD research topic!

– Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa

“If you want to play the game of love, walk on my street. 

Put your head in your hand as an offering ― headless, egoless. 

Those who walk on this path have no hesitation.”  Guru Nanak

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