There is No Hiding from Nihung Singh!

Warning! Read the following before Proceding!
If you choose to watch the following video you will have to make a video for the SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival; Otherwise Nihang Singh will not let you sleep and will come to your house just like in this video! You have been warned, proceed with caution…..

Ok, the previous warning is a joke of course, but I hope you will decide to make a video for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. You’ll learn a lot, it is tons of fun, if you are under 26 you’ll have a chance to win cash prizes. If not..then at least you’ll have a chance at having your video be seen by thousands of people all over the world!

Ps. Please help out by emailing this video far and wide to encourage everyone to make a video for the festival. Remember that you don’t have to bee a kid or teenager to make a video for the festival, so why don’t YOU make a video?

Ho Ho Ho, Wahe Gurooooooo…..!

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15 Responses to “There is No Hiding from Nihung Singh!”

  1. Harleen Kaur says:

    Is Ho, Ho, Ho Waheguru suppose to imitate Santa Claus??

  2. No… It’s just a wise Nihung singh laugh :)  The dialog was recorded totally impromptu and spur of the moment. We didn’t plan out all the lines…it just flowed as we had fun recoding different things. Most of it is Sartaj’s humor which is evident in all these videos.

  3. Rai Singh says:

    Sat Nam !

    I enjoy it so much the I put it into
    I hope the Nihang it´s all ready checking me for do the videos of Chile.

    Thank´s to the team, me and me family really enjoy it.

    Wage Guru Wage Guru (like the Nihang !)

  4. lollol i loved it that was fun to watch! well im making a comic book this year and its going to be AMAZING!!! but i think i might have to make a video too, but can you recommend a good editing programme?

  5. p.s loving the metal gear poster

  6. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    No don’t come to my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to put this on my Sevadhars page.


  7. Antonia D'Onofrio says:


    Nihung ji. Of course you can come to my house! How rude of me. Just don’t make me make a video!

  8. Jatinder, the comic images look cool. I saw them on your blog :)

    You should definitely make a video. See this page for some suggestions for video editing programs:

    I personally use Adobe Premier Elements. It’s pretty easy to use and allows you to do a lot. You can even download a 30 day trial version for free.

  9. Sartaj Singh says:


    Gurumustuk is the biggest Metal Gear Fan ever, since where he was sitting in the video is actually his room in New Mexico! Go Figure!

    Hmmm…. something tells me in the voice of Nihung Singh that he might be a fan too.

    No one will ever know the mysteries that surround Gurumustuk, Nihung Singh, and why the keep following each other.


  10. Herjinder K says:

    Excellent!! Were those Punjabi orra arra magnets on the fridge??

  11. Hanji…those were Punjabi letters on the fridge. That is the one thing I have in common with Sartaj’s house (where we filmed this video).

    Oy! I didn’t even notice the poster in the video. Hmmm… must be because It is not my room…and I don’t even know what the poster is of?? Hahaha….it’s interesting how everyone notices different things…like the punjabi fridge magnets and the posters. I wonder what other interesting things people will comment on from the video?

  12. Sartaj Singh says:

    How about:

    1. You didn’t know what SikhNet is.
    2. Your pugh is tied backwards, as someone posted on my blog. =)
    3. You were sitting in the driver side of the car that went through Taco Bell.

    Their are others… let’s see what others say.

    By the way, if anyone wants to film in my house. Let me know. I’ll start to charge commision of famous places that Nihung Singh Ji has visited.

    Hmmmmm…. now that might be an interesting video, the places where Nihung Ji has visited.

  13. Hahaha…. are right… but don’t mess with my Ulti turban style! I always thought everyone else tied their turban backwards.

    I like the idea of “Places where Nihang ji visited”. He could travel all over the world to all kinds of places. The only trick would be to come up with some angle that would have some message related to Sikhi…and not just be a silly fun video of seeing Nihang Ji in different places. There has to be a storyline with it.

    Ok guys…so you all have one more idea for making a video. Who is going to take it?

  14. Jagjit says:

    i love this video!! soo funny and effective!! even i feel like making a movie now!!

    will post the video on my blog if you dont mind soon..

  15. Love the Nihang Ji video. That audio clip is my new cell ringtone. WAHEGUROOOOOOOO!!

    ps: I am starting filming for my film this weekend. Anyone in the Eastern Pennsylvania Area (North of Philly) next week let me know. I need people for a Gurdwara scene.