Divided We Fall – Thoughts from Valarie Kaur

About a month ago SCORE had their annual dinner at one of the US capitol buildings in Washington DC. During the event SikhNet along with many different individuals were recognized for their leadership and service to the Sikh community. It was great to hear about so many people and know that they were all being publicly recognized and supported.  During this evening  two people (Valarie Kaur and Sharat Raju) were  recognized for their work in producing the film "Divided We Fall – Americans in the Aftermath". 

The following is an inspiring video recording from that night, of her sharing thoughts about the film and her experiences. Maybe I’m a sensitive guy, but her words struck a chord with me and I remember getting teary eyed. I remember when we first met back in 2001 in DC when she was first talking about making a film. A lot has gone on since then. It’s great to see others who are motivated and working towards the betterment of Sikhs and people at large.

You can watch the opening sequence from the film, which will give you an idea of what it is about.

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