The Strength of the Sikh Women

In our Ardas every day, we remember the brave women who stood their ground against tyranny – "Those women who sacrificed for truth, suffering through hunger and pain at the hand of the enemy, but never gave up their faith and determination to live according to Sikh Dharma with all their hair to their last breath."

But who were those women?  They were the ladies of Punjab who stood against the fanatic and cruel Mir Mannu.  In the mid-1700’s, in an attempt to eliminate the Sikhs, Mir Mannu arrested women and children and jailed them under desperately hard circumstances.  Their strength and courage was so monumental, that we’ve remembered them in our daily Ardas every since.  

Hear their story of sacrifice and join the voices of generations in shouting their praise. This story was told a few days ago by Shanti K Khalsa during Gurdwara.

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3 Responses to “The Strength of the Sikh Women”

  1. Angad Singh says:

    Bhai Vir Singh ji had written novels to uplift the spirits of the sikhs.

    It is based on true history and numerous such people exisited…

    read about the two novels

    sundri –

    satwant kaur –

    guru ang sang!

  2. g says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of history on the sikhs of the Guru ,Shanti Kaur Khalsa ji.

    Now I understand the exact history behind that part of ardass. I went through lot of emotions while listening to it. Just to listen is this part of history is very difficult, but its amazing how those souls endured it.

  3. You can also watch more about this in the film “Amar Khalsa” (see and the forthcoming Vismaad Animated film! If anyone is interested…