Audio Recordings from Summer Solstice Week

Many people have requested audios from the week of the Summer Solstice camp, so here are a few for you all. If you haven’t already downloaded the mp3s by Ustad Narinder Singh and Murli Manohar (teachers of Chardikala Jatha) I suggest that you check those ones out too!

The first set of audio clips are from the all night Rensabai Kirtan on the last night of Summer Solstice Camp. I don’t know who the musicians are who sang for some of them so didn’t include that. Then there are a some of other recordings of Snatam Kaur, Chardikala Jatha, and others who you might recognize.


Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru
This is a recording of a couple who I think are from Mexico. They sang this during Gurdwara after some friends got married.



Mul Mantra
This is another recording by the Mexican couple (I don’t know their names).
[Audio:] Download 


Bahota Karam Likhiya Na Jayay
[Audio:] Download 


Ra Ma Da Sa
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Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo / Ad Sach Jugad Sach
This track strikes a chord with me whenever I hear it because while they were playing this at around 3AM a group of about 20 of us were sitting next to the side door of the Gurdwara getting ready to take Amrit. We sat on the ground chanting "Wahe Guru" together, awaiting the time when the panj piaray would call us in for the Amrit Ceremony. There were a few last minute people who wanted to take Amrit so had to be interviewed by the Panj Piaray before we could all proceed. 

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Snatam Kaur and Group
The following two audio tracks were from the first day of Summer Solstice on the night of "Peace Prayer". It was the last event of the day and started around 9:00PM. I had my video camera setup to record, but a couple minutes after they started playing the lights went out. Some type of power overload. Luckily the power was still working for the sound equipment, it was just the lights that had gone off. So, there we all were sitting together under the huge big top tent meditating and singing. Everyone who had flashlights pointed them towards the stage where Snatam Kaur and the SpiritVoyage musicians sat so that they could see a bit. It was a beautiful night! By the end everyone seemed to be in such a meditative state.

Ek Ong Kaar
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Guru Nanak Song
Here is a beautiful song which I don’t remember the name of. I think it is a translation of one of Guru Nanak’s shabads.
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Hay Gobind Hay Gopal (Prabhu Nam Kaur and Snatam Kaur)
This is a recording of Prabhu Nam Kaur and Snatam Kaur (Mother and daughter) singing on Sunday Gurdwara at Summer Solstice.
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Rise Up – by Guru Singh
Here is the famous song sung by Guru Singh. Every morning around 2:30AM during the week of Summer Solstice you’ll hear him and all those who join with him with guitars and other instruments walk all over the camp. They do this to wake up the camp for the morning Sadhana. They have to travel far and wide to wake everyone up since 1,500 campers tent over quite a large distance up and down the hill. This recording was from the beginning of a class that Guru Singh taught during Summer Solstice.

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Viah Hoa Mere Babula – Chardikala Jatha
This recording was right after my friends Nirinjan Kaur and Siri Amrit Singh got married the sunday after Summer Solstice. It is a very lively shabad with lots of energy.

[Audio:] Download 


Jai Tay Gung – Chardikala Jatha

[Audio:] Download


Wahe Guru Wahe Jio – Chardikala Jatha

This is from one day of morning Sadhana meditations when Chardikala Jatha played the meditations.

[Audio:]  Download


Sadhu Rachana Raam Banayee Chardikala Jatha

[Audio:] Download 


Raj Jog Takhat Deean Gur Ram Das – Nirinjan Kaur & Siri Amrit Singh
This recording was given to us all after my friends Nirinjan Kaur and Siri Amrit Singh got married (at the wedding reception) of them both singing together. [Audio:] Download

11 Responses to “Audio Recordings from Summer Solstice Week”

  1. this music takes me back to this year’s strange and beautiful summmer solstice more than any other memory. a million thanks to gurumustuk ji and all the musicians.

  2. Gurusahai Kaur says:

    I believe that the song Snatam did, which you have labeled as “Guru Nanak’s song” is from Kirtan Sohila (Peace Lagoon version), the portion that is “Artee”.

    I think I remember reading that this is a shabd that Guru Nanak repeated when he was sitting outside and the Hindu priests were telling him that he must come in and light the lamps to worship God (perhaps during the festival of Diwali?), otherwise what kind of holy man was he? And Guru Nanak answered with the Artee. If someone remembers more of this story than do I, I would love to know the rest of it.


  3. Tej Kaur says:

    The Guru Ram Das chant by the couple is absolutely beautiful. It sounds like they are from Brazil, as the guitar chord progressions are found in Brazilian bossa nova music. They should really record a cd!!!

  4. Harimander Singh says:

    Thank you! Beautiful tracks. That Jai Tegang is rockin’.

    Does anyone know how to get the Gobinday Mukunday that Chardikala Jatha played?

    Thanks again for posting this Gurumustuk!

  5. Harimander Singh, Chardikala Jatha recorded two new CDs, one of them has a studio recording of Gobinday Mukhanday. I’ll probably do a review of it when it is available online for purchase. Stay tuned :)

  6. 3331386 says:

    Didn’t Deep Kaur come this year?

  7. No…she didn’t make it this year. :(

  8. bkaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    thank you for posting the photos from the Summer Solstice. Is there any website or something with more info about the Summer Solstice. My mom and I would like to come next year and would like some details and hints as to where we would stay, what cloths etc. to bring, tentative schedule and stuff like that. it will be very helpful!

  9. BKaur: You can see some of the information online at:

  10. Deepi Chana-Vig says:

    I love the kirtan done by the Chardikala Jatha. It is so inspiring – will be buying their ÇD’s as soon as possible

  11. RAv says:

    thanks a lot man… let us spread the word of peace thru gurbani…