Yogi Tea Cafe @ Summer Solstice (The “BuckGurus”)

Every evening during the week of Summer Solstice camp here in Espanola, NM… there was always different things to do in the evening. With over 1400 people there is are normally at least 4 different things you can do at any given time. One of the evening fun things was to hang out at the "Yogi Tea Cafe". Every night different musicians (and participants of Solstice) would play all different kinds of music. Everyone hangs out, eats snacks and treats and drinks yummy hot yogi tea while listening to the music. Some times it was meditative music, but more often it was something that got you going.

Here is a unique video clip from my little digital camera of Guru Jai Singh, Pritpal Singh and others playing some music. I think it is bluegrass/country music, but I’m not expert in this area. It was quite fun to listen to. The lyrics to most of the songs were related to Sikhs and the 3HO lifestyle so we could all relate to to it.


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