Summer Solstice Sadhana Camp 2007

Well Summer Solstice Sadhana Camp is over and like always it was an awesome experience! Me and my son Narayan, along with over 1500 people were at the camp. Narayan had so much fun and didn’t want to leave. He and his friends would roam wild most of the days having fun and enjoying the freedom. By the end of the day he would crash (sleep) hard and then do it all over again the next day. I had walky-talkies for the first few days to keep track up him, but then the batteries died. Oh well, so much for the high tech gadgets.

One thing which I think is cool about solstice is that everyone from all backgrounds, countries and status all come together to meditate and work on their self spiritually. Everyone takes part in the camp and has a karma seva, so everyone helps with something. Summer Solstice is not an easy "relax" camp at the beach. Everyone camps out in tents and has to deal with the harsh elements of New Mexico. The camp is up in the mountains at around 7,000 feet above sea level and the sun can be quite hot and intense. New Mexico is a dry climate so mixed with the summer heat and being outside in the elements all day for a week can be intense. You have to drink lots of water and electrolytes and stay out of the sun to keep cool. Getting up early in the morning for Sadhana and then many going to sleep late from all the night time fun and activities. By the end of the week one is ready for a vacation. hahaha! 

 When I was up at camp I remember thinking about how it is such an equalizer being there. Rich, poor, famous, unknown, etc all go through the same thing and have to deal with it all. There is no luxury suite for the unprivileged (unless you bring a maharaja tent with generator, fridge, bed, A/C… Hahaha) . Also because of the environment you have to dress a certain way in order to stay cool and comfortable. Everyone tends to just blend in. The person next to you could be a movie star millionaire and you wouldn’t know it. There are so many people it would be hard to know them all anyway!

In previous years I have taken a lot of pictures and videos, but this year I needed a break from it all so didn’t really capture much. Here are some of the pictures that I did take. The people in the sound booth recorded a bunch of the audio, so when I get the files I’ll post them too.


The kids having fun on the back of a golf cart.

Doing a meditation

At Peace Prayer Day "Izzad Da Punjab" doing a Bhangra Performance

Charanjeet checking out the tent.

Self "portrait" of me and Narayan.


During Peace Prayer Day everyone doing hand motions with a song.


Reminder Signs to drink water. It’s quite hot and dry here so you have to drink water.

Super cool guy Himmat Singh with his snazzy glasses.

On Peace Prayer day doing a sacred native american healing walk as a storm brews in the background.

Walking around on the heels of your feet for the healing walk.

A couple from Mexico getting married at Summer Solstice

Flower petals from the wedding.


Narayan taking a nap in Gurdwara (with a shabad sheet on him for me to follow the kirtan).

The bride who got married, sitting after the wedding in Gurdwara.

Gurujot Singh meditating at Gurdwara

My mataji (Sat Kirin Kaur)

Guru Bachan Singh and Bibiji Inderjit Kaur (wife of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa) giving suropas to a few individuals.

Every night at Summer Solstice there is always a lot of fun things to do. One of the things which happens is the "Yogi Tea Cafe" where different musicians play music. Here is a picture of my mother playing music with some other musicians.

At Children’s camp waiting for all the kids to come. In this picture they are all crowding around looking at a Pokemon book.

A spanish translation of Siri Guru Granth Sahib was recently completed by "Babaji". His life mission was completing this and right before he passed away earlier this year it was bound and printed into a single volume with Gurmukhi, Spanish Translation and Transliteration. Here are three pictures of it in the Gurdwara at Solstice.

Driving up the dusty road in the evening to the Summer Solstice camp.

A view from my tent.

The "sound man" up on top. They never sleep :)

Ravi Kaur teaching a Bhangra Class in the morning before breakfast.

After solstice a few of the kids having fun.

Guru Sadhana Kaur and her daughter Siri Sunderi

Testing out my flash diffuser on Prabhu Singh

A view from my tent window

Arjan visiting me in the evening

My bro…Dharam Singh during a white tantric yoga break

"We have a situation on isle 8! Do you copy?"

Everyone taking a rest between excercises during the three days of white trantric yoga.


Narayan and his friend Hargobind after swimming (There is a huge swimming pool for the kids so they have a chance to cool off and have fun!) 

You can see some more Solstice pictures by Siri Ved Kaur on the Blog

7 Responses to “Summer Solstice Sadhana Camp 2007”

  1. Nimrita Kaur says:

    I remember seeing Narayan and his friends roaming the campsite without adult supervision. (I recognized him from the photos posted on this blog). I thought it was so great that kids his age could experience the freedom to roam and explore in such an open space, yet have the security of being within earshot of more than a thousand adults. :-) Summer Solstice really feels like a a global village, where everyone takes care of each other.

  2. Finally the waiting is over all these pictures and specially don’t know why but they all were of the people i am really near to made me real happy.You made my day sending these pictures on the blog i loved them.they made me feel really cool in my heart.
    Blessings from Amritsar sahib…………

  3. wow – another wonderful solstice… i hear there were about 1600 people!! thank you for the pictures, they help me visualise what it must have been like to be there :)

    wonderful to hear about the Spanish translation of the Guru Granth! it is such a beautiful language, i can only imagine what the Guru’s words would sound like in spanish. have there been any gutkas or shabad books in spanish previously or is this a first attempt?

    bask in the afterdays of the solstice and hold on to all that love for another year :)


  4. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    FINALLY, you all are back after a very longtime. Just waiting …. i dunno what to say. Anyways, the pics are nice and Guru Bachan Ji is HUGE :S. Waheguru bless Baba Ji’s soul. His contribution means so much i dont have words, but we are in need of these holy souls. We can only do our best to raise our generation in a very Sikh way and rest is all in Waheguru Ji’s Grace….

    Gurjeet Singh

  5. gurusharan says:

    Hope I can make it there next year.
    Any pictures of Niranjan Kaur and Siri Amrit Singh’s wedding?

  6. gurusharan, I’ll be posting pictures from the wedding some time next week.

  7. Ram Das Kaur says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. It makes my heart just burst with happiness to see these sights so dear to me. I live in Ottawa, Canada, and if it weren’t for the pictures and websites, the Mountain would seem so very far away. Can’t wait for next June!! All blessings & sat nam,
    Ram Das Kaur Latulippe