Off to the Mountains for Summer Solstice Sadhana


Well, that time has come where many of us take the week off to go to the Summer Solstice Sadhana event. We go to meditate, be together and work on ourselves. I’ll be up on the mountain with my son Narayan Singh (along with 1,300+ people) for the whole week, so you probably won’t see anything new on this blog till I get back. You can see some of the pictures and videos from last year.

4 Responses to “Off to the Mountains for Summer Solstice Sadhana”

  1. what do i say man GOD bless you for putting this picture on the sikhnet.You do not have any idea how good i felt after seeing this picture.
    I have wandered for more than 8years for this joy which i felt to see the picture of the beginning of the solstice.
    You may not feel what i am feeling now…….
    I have been sitting home here in Amritsar waiting of if it was fifteenth yet…..the beginning of the solstice and what people would be doing now and what are my friends are upto…
    My eyes are full of tears and throat is filled up too for thanking you ……….
    Bless you……………

  2. Teji Kaur says:

    Guru FAteh Ji
    Aww this means your definatly not in NY :-(. I really wanted to meet you all but its alright maybe one day I’ll come to espanola :-). Anyway I hope you did have an amzing time and if you ever come again you are most welcome to drop by and visit.
    Guru Rakha
    Teji Kaur

  3. Gurjeet Singh says:

    have a nice time Khalsa Ji

  4. Dearest You have not idea for how long I was waiting for this picture, to see the family there, make me feel so… happy. I from Argentina I hop nex time my sisters from Sudamerica are in your picture.
    Sat Nam!!!