Join the SikhNet Team!

We cordially invite YOU to join the SikhNet Team!

Although the SikhNet "headquarters" are in Espanola, New Mexico, USA, SikhNet is a global presence and we are truly an international team of sevadars. All of the various services that SikhNet provides (e.g., The Live Darbar Sahib, the Daily Hukum, Sikhnet Radio, the online Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the SikhiWiki, the Webmaster’s Blog and much more) are a labor of love undertaken to serve the global CyberSangat. There are many, many ways in which you can serve on the SikhNet Team from wherever you are right now and if you are willing to volunteer your time to SikhNet on a regular basis we will love to have you join us.

So, don’t wait! If you are serious about helping out then come Join the SikhNet Team

4 Responses to “Join the SikhNet Team!”

  1. g says:

    I’m in. I won’t be to help the technical support, such as invovlng computers, but I could provide seva by other means.

  2. vikram says:

    i would love to be in
    but first i would like to know how can i help!. i m a computer engg. student, in my third year of studies.

  3. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Dear everyone reading the blog


    The concept is unbelievable. And the site is really well thought out. A truly diverse group of people are there. People of all ages, from all parts of the world, and many walks of life. And they are all smiling.

    It will take a while to learn how to use the features if you have never been a member of a cyber community before.

    That is all I have to say.
    antonia d’onofrio

  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa…
    Waheguru ji ki fateh ji..!!

    I’m Jaspreet Singh living in Punjab. may i join the Sikhnet Team.