Interview with Prabhu Singh – Sikh professional

    Picture Above: Prabhu Singh in the wilderness near his work place

    Shortly after the catastrophic events of 9/11 a Sikh, Balbir Singh, was murdered in Arizona. Other Sikhs have been severely beaten, Sikh Gurdwaras vandalized, and countless taunted with labels of “Arab,” “Osama,” and the like. The misplaced blame for terrorism on Muslims and any one appearing Middle Eastern has hits Sikhs as well. The idea of a "collective guilt" is paltry, but it is ironic that Sikhs are targeted because Sikhism is completely separate from Islam and the current conflicts in the Middle East. Some Sikhs believe that they have gotten even more discrimination than other groups because of their distinct attire of turban and beard. Challenge is not new for the Sikhs who have historically protected the religious freedom of all people against extreme odds. Additionally Sikhs have faced massacres at the hands of Mughal and Afghani invaders in 1746 and 1762, as well as British officers in 1919, communal rioters in 1947, and the modern Indian Government in 1984. Sikhs, who have always been a visible minority, have faced times when a price was placed on each head of a Sikh. Now, many Sikhs have cut their hair and have taken off their turbans to avoid discrimination.

    In the remote location of Los Alamos, New Mexico, four Sikhs work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This high security laboratory is most recognized as the birthplace of the atomic bomb, and has been recognized as one of the premiere scientific institutions of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    This laboratory employs approximately 15,800 people between staff members and contract workers and is on the cutting edge of many scientific fields from nuclear physics to super computing (source reference). It should come as no surprise that there are Sikhs working in such an institution, but what may be striking is that these are Sikhs of Anglo descent all of whom are wearing traditional turbans and unshorn beards. Their names are Sat Sangat Singh, Noor Singh, and Noor Singh’s sons – Hari Singh, and Prabhu Singh.

    Each of these Sikh employees work in a separate division of the laboratory supporting a variety of projects and work being done at this large and scientifically diverse institution. Twin brothers, Hari and Prabhu Singh both received their bachelors of science in computer science from the University of New Mexico, and were hired as staff members with the laboratory after completing their masters in computer science from Colorado State University. They are both co-founders of a volunteer group called simply S.E.V.A. (Sikh Espanola Volunteer Association) which they manage in their free time from their hometown of Espanola, New Mexico.

    In a time when many Sikhs are frustrated with profiling, Prabhu Singh not only keeps his hair and wears a turban, but he proudly wears the traditional Sikh attire (bana) to his work. Sikhs wearing bana are mostly found in Punjab, India, and are a rare sight in the West even amongst this minority. The following is an interview with Prabhu Singh.

    SikhNet: Why do you wear bana every day?

    Prabhu Singh: The Guru has honored Sikhs by giving us such a beautiful Roop (form/dress). When I get dressed in the morning I am reminded of the Guru and the great Sikh Sangat of history and of today. I feel a great sense of honor and responsibility every day to have the privilege of representing the Khalsa Panth.

    SN: Did you always wear bana at work?

    PS: No, I used to wear traditional western clothing. I started wearing bana to work after my last trip to India, when I was able to get enough bana to wear on a daily basis. I mostly wear Cholas as well as Kurtas and Churidars.

    SN: Do you find it difficult to wear bana in this post 9-11 era?

    PS: I have generally felt no difficulties in America that can be linked to 9/11. Most Americans have had to deal with extra security at airports post 9/11 and I would say that I feel profiled for extra screenings on occasion. I was in Europe shortly after the attacks of 9/11 and I faced people calling me names like ‘Osama’ and ‘Taliban,’ but I’ve never experienced that in America.

    SN: Has your attire caused difficulties in a professional work environment?

    PS: Absolutely not. The only mention of my attire from any of my co-workers has been compliments. One co-worker mentioned that he’d like to be a Sikh just for the opportunity to dress like me. Another co-worker joked during a meeting that I was the only person who comes ‘formally’ dressed to work. Occasionally some people will stare at me at work. I think it’s usually people from out of town, as they are often wearing suits which is more formal attire than most of the local work force wears.

    SN: Do you think it’s easier for you being Caucasian to wear bana than it would be for a Punjabi Sikh?

    PS: I couldn’t say. For one thing, New Mexico is very different than most other places in the United States or the world. People have become accustomed to seeing Sikhs in this area whether Caucasian or not. When I travel, I encounter a lot of stares and I have explained the fundamentals of the Sikh Dharma on almost every flight I’ve ever been on to curious passengers. Whereas Sikhs of Punjabi descent may face assumptions that they are Muslim/Middle Eastern/etc, I think that often people believe that I’m a Muslim convert. I couldn’t say which assumption is easier to deal with. Some people have given me nasty looks (presumably based on assumptions), but I just try to smile at them and everybody else. Being so visible (especially in airports) I feel like it’s my duty to maintain the utmost social graces, because I’m representing millions of other Sikhs in the world.

    SN: How can Sikhs educate Americans about Sikhism, and or prevent discrimination against Sikhs?

    PS: Get out and serve. Share what we have. We have such a beautiful way of life and people in this world are yearning for the type of service that Sikhs have historically been known for. Even simple actions like smiling at people can do wonders for us.
    When I was in Washington DC for business last year, I rode the metro for a week in my turban and bana. I received attention from thousands of people each day. I answered questions and smiled and greeted people while riding the metro. It required no extra effort. I simply rode the metro as I was planning to do and because I wore bana, people wanted to know about the Sikh Dharma.

    Please let us know if you know any inpiring Sikh students or professionals so we can feature them on the SikhNet News!

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  1. satkirin says:

    Satnam, Is Prabhu married? He is so awesome. Really.

  2. Harleen Kaur says:

    It maybe more acceptable to dress in a bana because you are a caucasian american in America. If I had done amrit chakna, I would have people stare at me because they used to do that in school/work when I did not pluck my eyebrows etc. Indian sardarnis who are orthodox have never been to a beauty parlour in India. They are talked about in India. So, if a sardarni does go to parlour, she also trims or cuts her kase. To be accepted, you do not loose your positive composure and most likely, your beauty will not be skin deep. Lately, Some Americans have become judgemental and need to take responsibility for discriminating.

  3. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Dear Prabu, you are our inspiration and pride.

  4. Jasmit Kaur says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    harlean kaur, i totally understand wat ur sayin n i think that mst of the time its actaully down to ur own undertsanding and interpretation of what it means to be a sikh. the guru granth sahib does not say – dont pluck ur eyebrows etc, but after studying bani and understanding it only thn can we take those actions and justify them . im still in high school college n i still get picked on because i dont do me eyebrows nstuff. but at the end of the day my guru told me not to argue with fools – murakay naal na klujjeay ( asa Di Vaar.) so jus wanted to big u up panj lol

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  5. Manjit Singh says:

    Prabhu Singh not just looks awesome, but he is very down to earth, nice guy with a radiant smile and is always in Chardi Kala! And, not to mention, a great role model for everyoe!

  6. Prabhu Singh says:

    Harleen Kaur Ji,
    People staring at me is the least I’ve faced growing up as a Sikh in America. People stare at me all the time. There is no where on this earth except my hometwon Gurdwara where people don’t stare at me. My childhood challenged me in many ways, relating to my appearance. My brother and I were the only Sikh AND the only Anglo students in our school. People used to pick on us and fight with us and threaten us. I spent the first 18 years of my life facing the abuse of unaccepting individuals with difficulty. When I became an adult I chose not to be a victim anymore.
    Society may never accept me, but my Guru accepts me. I would rather die the son of Guru Gobind Singh than live a life of cowardice. I would rather face a hundred more years of abuse than give up the image that my spiritual father bestowed upon me.
    If people making fun of your eyebrows is too much of a price to pay for being a Sikh of the Guru, I would ask that you remember all the shaheeds who gave their life before their hair.
    It is not a burden to live as Khalsa, it is a gift! It is a burdent to live by the standards of others. Our Guru gave us the highest standard which, a timeles standard. We recognize “Akal Moorat” the image of the undying. Honoring our bodies as God made them is honoring God within us. Guru Ji says that God is “hazaraa hazoor” (Ever present and present everywhere). God is within each individual eyebrow, why pluck them because of people who cannot see that? “If you cannot see God in All, you cannot see God at all.”

  7. Narinderjit Kaur says:

    I am in awe as to what Prabhu Singh Ji does. I can only fathom the daily challenges that he goes through. I myself feel at crossroads when it comes to keeping to the Guru ji’s way. It is unusual for a girl in college to not pluck her eyebrows or shave her legs. I have encountered such situations and sometimes it is my Sikh sisters who do these things who make me feel differnt from the rest of society. For me the solution i learnt came from a Sant ji. He told the Sangat that if we ever have to face making a difficult situation we must alwys ask ourselves one question: Am I putting my Guru JI as the first Priority? Not to say that it is easy to follow. I have tried and failed many times. We can only continue learning and doing our best.
    Thank you for putting up your blog. It helps.

  8. Harleen Kaur says:

    Thanks Jasmit,

    You are in HS, wait till you start college or work. Your appearance will change. Big up 2 u 2.

  9. Balbir Singh says:

    My heart blossomed after reading the interview with Bhai Prabhu Singh.I watch all the activities of Prabhu Singh since I was in touch with Blogging/sikh network. I am just impressed with this young man.It reminds me of Guru Gobind Singhji’S words “Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas”.May Waheguru bless this young boy and let other young sikhs take inspiration from him.
    Bole So Nihaaaaaal,
    Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaal.

  10. Rai Singh says:

    Sat Nam,

    Esta mañana al levantarme comenze a elegir mi ropa para vestir hoy, amo usar Bana pero el problema esta en que tengo que plancharlos y solo tengo dos,
    espero al igual que Prabhu Singh poder llenar mi closet con Banas para poder vestirme siempre con ellos.

    Sat Nam,
    desde Chile!

  11. These kind of news makes me feel more stronger towards wearing the bana and all.
    Though i live in Amritsar Sahib but still it is hard to see people mostly in bana cauz people think that it is only at the sewa time that they can wear bana in.Just yesterday i was in a family wedding and when i entered the wedding hall everyone stared at me even my own family members,some were laughing and some were giving compliments for the bana.and that was great,It is very difficult for me specially when all my friends from america go home to be with the punjabi sangat,it;s nit that they do not like bana,but they do not wear bana in the day time in their daily lives.
    Two out of my three best amritsari friend came to my home and tried my bana on them the third one told one of them that he looks like a priest of a church that made me smile.But one of them ended up taking some cholas from me so he can wear them during sewa time.
    Any how prabu singh you are an chardikala manand my prayers are with you to be chardikala from Amritsar Sahib.
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

  12. Kaur says:

    Inspirational! :)


  13. Siri Dyal says:

    Rai Singh

    Tener un par de banas no es problema y plancharlos menos… después de un rato se arrugan…(chiste) Asi que no los veas como un problema, conozco a Prabhu Singh y sé que para él es un disfrute vestirse con Bana y después de conocer a tanta gente que viste Bana se vuelve una isnpiración…yo también tengo pocos pero cuando los uso repito en mi mente algun mantra o me visualizo entrando en la Corte del Guru. Te invito a que sigas disfrutando cuando te vistes así y que lo veas como una oportunidad, devoción, meditación o como tu quieras pero no como un problema… y seguramente pronto tendras (mos) mas banas para cada día :-D
    Un saludo…
    Siri Dyal

  14. kulbir kaur says:

    Sikh Prabhu Singh you are real Sikh of Guru Gobind Singhji.We should learn from you.

  15. Gurmantra Singh says:


    guru pyare ji,

    Prabhu Singh is a shinning light to all of us. We must be inspired by Gursikhs who adorn the bana at all times like Baba Sukha Singh Nihang Singh who does the daily Hukamnama katha on Sikhnet. May waheguru bless all these Gursikh who adorn his bana….

    dhan guru khalsa ji dhan dhan dhan

  16. kamaljit Kaur says:

    WJKK WJKF Prabhu Singh
    Inspirational and heart warming to read about my Guru Ji’s Sikh. Guru Ji always keep you in Chardi Kala. Sikhs need young men like you who adorn their Sikhi Roop, both on the inside and outside. We can all walk with our heads 10ft high knowing that my Guru Ji is loved and He loves his Sikhs.

    God Bless always son

  17. Sat Dharm Singh says:

    Dear Rai Singh,
    Just yesterday I sorted out a couple of bana that I have outgrown. If you send me your address I can ship it to you. Maybe Gurmustuk/Guru Jot can put us in contact directly.

    sat nam

  18. jolly says:

    It felt great to read s. prabhu singh’s interview & see his pic in full sikhy saroop. if only we punjabi sikhs were as proud of our bana as well as being puran gursikhs,we will make our guru Gobind Singh Maharaj proud of us .Keep it up.


  19. Kiran says:

    I have said it before and i’ll say it again!!! There should be more guys out there like our Prabhu Singh…Inspirational.

    May u always be blessed by Waheguru

    Lots of Pyar

    Kiran xx

    P.S its really cold in London this afternoon with lots of strong winds and rain. just thought i’d let u guys know…hope its alot warmer where you are.

  20. Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Piaare.

    Bhaji Prabhu Singh jee, thanks for sharing your experiences.

    May Waheguru keep you in Chardikala.

  21. darlinder kaur says:

    Does Bhai Prabhu Singh ji,have an email address,,,, so that we could communicate with our true sikh,,,,learn from him, what we dare not do it our selfs, he is a men without shyness, he is firm in his believes in sikhi,,,may god bless him and his family,,,,

  22. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    Sat Nam Dear community of the world

    To live in this spiritual path it is a blessing.
    Like Yogi Bhajan said: ” a king crowned once in his life, but sikh crowned him self every morning”

    It is not only our image, it is our presence, our eyes, our words that impact this world full of madness. Sometimes people laught at me in the streets and sometimes people blessed me. But it really doesn´t matter. The believe in our Guru and the accepting of the Will of God in everything is the only important thing to me. This is not an easy way of life, everything and everyone is challenging us ( it is funny to see that more commitment then more hard challenges we face jijijiji) but live in our Perpetual Identity and have the bleesing to bow in front our TRUE GURU
    pays everything.

    The Guru change my life completily, be in His Vibration and chanting Shabads are my Destiny, so I wear my turban proudly and being conscious that I am a part of this magnificent legacy.

    Que bonito leer comentarios en español, también soy chilena y muchos de nosotros leemos constantemente esta maravillosa pagina web. Es una inspiración para todos.


    Wahe Guru!!!

    Sat Bachan Kaur

  23. Rai Singh says:

    Sat Nam,

    Esto es tan amoroso, ver la forma en que nos comunicamos como hermanos y hermanas me toca el corazón.

    Gracias Siri Dyal por tu comentario.
    Hoy en la mañana planche mis dos banas, podre utilizarlos por lo que queda de esta semana.

    Les queria contar que aqui en Santiago, Chile muchas personas te molestan por utilizar Turbante, pero es tan extraño por que cuando utilizo bana son muchos menos los que me gritan Osama! en la calle. Siempre pense que seria al revés pero al parecer las personas te respetan mucho más cuando estas entero que solo cuando llevas una parte.

    Please Gurumustuk contact me whit Sat Dharm Singh thank´s Brother !

    Wage Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Wage Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Sat Nam to everyone!.

  24. Perminder Pal Singh says:

    Prabhu Singh brings joy in Heart of every sikh who has heard Guru’s word. Its beautiful. Its same feeling as knowing that Sun rises everyday and darkness is dispelled.
    Dear Harleen Kaur. I understand how you feel. I know the reasons why it makes you feel so. I have felt like you.
    But when we do not understand or feel strong enough to carry on the true way, at least we should accept our weekness, not start arguing other way. We should get inspiration from Gursikhs instead of saying egoistic things.
    Deep in human psyche, everyone lives according to someone in mind. Prabhu Singh lives with Guruji In his mind. Some ppl live according to themselves. Some ppl live according to ppl around them and some ppl live according to ppl they do not know. PPl they see on streets. They care the most about what that person whom I do not know, whom I probably will never talk to, will think about me.
    God did not create us sex objects. God did not shave us to look pre-puberty all our lives.Guru Gobind Singh gave us saroop of as our souls exist in next world. In the image of our souls, we exist with kesh.
    All in all it comes to our understanding of life and its purpose. For some adjusting to prevelent social norms is not its aim. And in fact, this world is run by ppl who believe in themselves and followed by those who just adjust themselves.
    If I say to a boy, to stop studing because i was not able to finish my studies. what will you think about me. What should I think about you when you say to Jasmit that she will know when she grows and all.
    Personal is weakness, Guru’s wors is strength. Our mind is misdirecting, Bani is Light. Even if are not able to walk to path of truth, we have to accept our weakness and be in right direction.
    Dastar, Kesh, rehit, maryada are not anyones personal creation. Its Guru’s gift to us. And only from Guru’s word we can get the strength to keep them. And as long as anyone will depend on Guru’s love and word for strength, there is no power in world, that can stop that Gursikh.

  25. really inspiring…

    and harleen kaur ji… al u lack is Kirpa..
    thats it… god bles ya…

    Dare to be a Sikh…!

    chek out this video.. esp for u

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

  26. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akaal to everyone and i mean everyone, including those who try to make others feel like an out caste by using a foreign language and it is very annoying. Guys this is a very sort of open space to discuss things and please use a language that is understandable by everyone specially to the daily visitors or else you can post your comments to the respective blog owners personally… i hope this is very clear.

    Anyways, Prabhu Singh Khalsa you have touched many ilves and hope you continue to be. Most of the credit goes to the parents that guide their children. Prabhu Singh and Hari Singh are two such Khalsas that are gifted to their parents bcoz God couldnt fit all the qualities just in one of them. I mean it … really its not funny. Their Roop is very Khaas and they live up to their lives as Sikhs and im really proud to be a Sikh. Im thankful to the Sikhnet team to come up with this beautiful website and these blogs… those who dont visit are really missing something or i should say they are missing very good things. Congratulations to everyone……….Guru Fateh !!!

  27. Rai Singh says:

    Sat nam Gurjeet Singh,

    I read your message and I feel very bad about your way of see our messages.

    The only reason of I write me past message in Spanish it´s because i want to share whit all my brother´s the here in a extremely apart country of the world the teachings of the Guru are present,

    Since today i going to write my messages in both languages so you can read to.

    Rai Singh.

  28. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    Sat Nam everyone

    I am really sorry if the part of my comment in spanish bother someone. That was not the intention. When I read the commentary in spanish of Rai Singh I like to read spanish in this blog.

    Blessings to everyone

    Sat Nam a todos

    Lamento mucho si parte de mi comentario en español molestó a alguien. Esa no era mi intención. Cuando lei el comentario en español de Rai Singh me gustó leer el español en este blog.

    Bendiciones a todos

  29. very pleased to hear these views from all good souls

  30. Upinder Kaur says:

    Prabhu Singh, I really don’t have anything to add to whatever you have told Harleen Kaur.
    Your answer is fantastic.

    But as a woman i would like to say a few things as she has commented “You are in HS, wait till you start college or work. Your appearance will change.”
    I have gone through college and professional life and so have my daughters! Our appearances did not change. And at this age I can say that I had many friends(belonging to different religions) and they have stood by me in times of need. It is very important to accept people as they are. Those who don’t accept you, are not dependable. Only those who love you and respect you for your values are good friends. Please stop running after those who will ruin your life.

    ਦੁਨੀਆ ਨ ਸਾਲਾਹਿ ਜੋ ਮਰਿ ਵੰਞਸੀ ॥
    दुनीआ न सालाहि जो मरि वंञसी ॥
    Ḏunī­ā na sālāhi jo mar vañsī.
    Do not praise the world; it shall simply pass away.

    ਲੋਕਾ ਨ ਸਾਲਾਹਿ ਜੋ ਮਰਿ ਖਾਕੁ ਥੀਈ ॥੧॥
    लोका न सालाहि जो मरि खाकु थीई ॥१॥
    Lokā na sālāhi jo mar kẖāk thī­ī. ||1||
    Do not praise other people; they shall die and turn to dust. ||1||

    ਵਾਹੁ ਮੇਰੇ ਸਾਹਿਬਾ ਵਾਹੁ ॥
    वाहु मेरे साहिबा वाहु ॥
    vāhu mėrė sāhibā vāhu.
    Waaho! Waaho! Hail, hail to my Lord and Master.

    ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਸਦਾ ਸਲਾਹੀਐ ਸਚਾ ਵੇਪਰਵਾਹੁ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
    गुरमुखि सदा सलाहीऐ सचा वेपरवाहु ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥
    Gurmukẖ saḏā salāhī­ai sacẖā vėparvāhu. ||1|| rahā­o.
    As Gurmukh, forever praise the One who is forever True, Independent and Carefree. ||1||Pause||

    Facing these things makes one very strong. It is all about LOVE. If you love guru you will never ask such silly questions. Only Guru can be at your side in all times to come. These so-called friends of yours are going to leave you one day.

    ਨਾਨਕ ਕਚੜਿਆ ਸਿਉ ਤੋੜਿ ਢੂਢਿ ਸਜਣ ਸੰਤ ਪਕਿਆ ॥
    नानक कचड़िआ सिउ तोड़ि ढूढि सजण संत पकिआ ॥
    Nānak kacẖṛi­ā si­o ṯoṛ dẖūdẖ sajaṇ sanṯ paki­ā.
    O Nanak, break away from the false, and seek out the Saints, your true friends.

    ਓਇ ਜੀਵੰਦੇ ਵਿਛੁੜਹਿ ਓਇ ਮੁਇਆ ਨ ਜਾਹੀ ਛੋੜਿ ॥੧॥
    ओइ जीवंदे विछुड़हि ओइ मुइआ न जाही छोड़ि ॥१॥
    O­ė jīvandė vicẖẖuṛeh o­ė mu­i­ā na jāhī cẖẖoṛ. ||1||
    The false shall leave you, even while you are still alive; but the Saints shall not forsake you, even when you are dead. ||1||

    I can only pray to Guru to bless you. Only he can guide you. We mortals can only talk…
    Bhul chuk maaf
    Guru Ang Sang

  31. Gurjeet singh says:

    I apologize my Bro and to the Ms., i shouldnt be so horrifying. but we are family guys actually it reminded of me of my friend that was in our college group and he couldnt understand punjabi and he used to feel like a left out… and Oh what am i doing, afterall its just 2 comments in spanish dosent make a big difference. but this shouldnt provoke you friends posting in spanish and making a chain out of it..LOL hope you guys understand. It surely must be a great language which brings us together, i think if i move to Espanola, i better get some lessons in spanish…LOL

  32. Sat Bachan Kaur says:

    Sat Nam

    I feel us united by the love of the Guru, and it is so Infinite that nothing can break it…. and for that I say WAHE GURU!!
    Love from this country Chile with the shape of a Kirpan (look at your maps in the south of south america jijiji)

    Siento que estamos unidos por el amor del Guru, y es tan Infinito que nada lo puede romper…..y por eso digo WAHE GURU!!
    Amor desde este pais Chile con la forma de un Kirpan (miren sus mapas en el sur de sudamerica jijiji)

  33. Ishinder Kaur says:

    Prabhu Singh is inspiring… As Sikhs living in isolation with not much of a community feeling, reading about Prabhu Singh is indeed inspirational.

    I have lived in America for over 10 years. I have many friends from varied backgrounds in different states, as we have moved around a lot. I do get dirty looks and questions once in a while with regards to my unplucked eyebrows and uncut hair. Some people understand… some do not understand but I understand the importance of Guru Gobind Singh’s gift. Relationship with people can change, some friends stay some go … but the only thing that does not change is the relationship with God. That has been and is the most stabilizing and defining factor of my life.


    my brother prabhu singh iam really proud of you my eyes were filled with tears when i read your interview responsibility to disseminate frangrance of sikhism in this whole world and we must try to do something to prevent apostasy among punjabi slkhs. i am proud of you my brother even in todays hard time you are adherant to your believes and performing your duty as a son of guru sahib.

  35. I live in Southern California, most here know a sikh when they see one and realize they are peaceful loving people, as are many Muslims.
    As an activist for 9-11 truth I’m ashamed of American gullibility and ignorance regarding what was clearly a massive ruse, a deception. Discrimination against people who are different based on erroneous preconceptions are especially unwanted. The deception which began before the Twin Towers were built is based on a spiritual infiltration of America by dark forces. Were America more aware of knowledge of human spiritual potential as are sikhs, that infiltration could not have happened. And, ……… the Towers were built to demolish. What was seen on 9-11 at the WTC cannot happen any other way.
    I have the experience to know this.
    I ask all to look for a 1990 documentary produced by PBS called “The Engineering and Design Of the twin Towers”. There are truths of the Towers construction that will reveal the truth. the documentary and its history has been removed from PBS, foreign countries and persons studying engineering may be a better source than the US for this, so think who might have made a copy or purchased one and ask those you know about it. My site, has a link at the bottom to my 9-11 page.
    Since life is about love, but for love to grow and be protected it needs truth, and the truth used with love serves life, I pray that Americans will endeavor to search for truth and understand all peoples better. Particularly that they strive to accept the spirituality of the sikh religion and learn the value of the compassion they from the people who follow the disciplines and teaching of the ancient ones.

  36. Amandeep says:

    We need more Prabhu Singhs to be inspiration for our kids.

    Prabhu Singh Ji,

    Do you hold seminars in schools for Sikh Children. I think that will help the younger generation in better grasping Sikhims.


  37. Tejinder singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
    my dear friends Prabhu Singh ji’s story is indeed awsome,its an inspiration for singhs like me.i m currently studying dentistry in a remote place in western india. Here m the only sikh in the college,infact i think alone in the city.people here also stare at me due to my beard and dastar,sometimes give me nasty looks,i used to get sad and felt frustrated but after reading this interview i will also try to follow Prabhu Singh ji .thank u sir

  38. Hukum Kaur Khalsa says:

    Sat Nam, Blog! My name is Hukum Kaur Khalsa, and I have been inspired to share my experience with wearing bana at work.
    I work for Hari Dass Singh Khalsa as his chiropractic assistant, and I do massage therapy. So my place of work has three people in bana, and three people not. Meherbani Kaur Khalsa is the other massage therapist here, we took Amrit together at Solstice 06′.
    She found it very easy to wear bana, and I found it very easy to wear a turban. So by working together, she inspired me get out of western clothing and I inspired her to cover her rishi knot. Wahe Guru!
    As for challenges faced, work is not the story. Visiting home, in Norway for four months in 2005 is the place I learned to show my strength.
    Four days after my arrival, the feeling of a bare head was effecting my mood and security. I was staying in my own cabin next to the main house, where I did sadhana and bound lotus every day, yet taking it off after my practice, just to step outside, somehow made me feel like I left something behind, a piece of my soul perhaps.
    So one morning, I stepped out with my turban into the morning sun, mountains and coast all around, and decided to dig up some rocks from the garden. I thought of the farmers in the Punjab. I thought any moment, my mother will look out the window…
    When I went into the house, she began to rant from the kitchen about religious wars and about Hitler and how much conflict I was causing. I sat in the living room with a small smile and deep breathing. Finally, she said, “not in my house”. So I retired to my room (once used for rug weaving), and chanted and knit for three hours. I decided to ease my mother into it, and took off my turban for dinner.
    That night I had a dream that my forehead was cut, sliced across. The next morning, my Sikhnet Hukamnama, spoke of destiny on the forehead. So I got a little dramatic…and wrote on the morning newspaper a message. It said, “if you want me to take off my turban, you will have to cut off my head.” And I placed a kitchen knife next to the note and went back to my room. It still makes me chuckle to remember that!
    The end of my trip came, and my mother took me to my grandmothers house, saying that grandma would be disturbed by the religious symbol. So I arrived sans. At my aunts house, a white cotton scarf was hanging on the door, the Guru put it there for me to see. I asked her if I could have it, and went into the bathroom to wrap my head. The walk over to my grandmothers house was magical, because I was about to share with her the path that I am on. She does not speak English, and I do not speak Norwegian very well, so any communication that is made is very subtle, and very deep. When she saw me, she said “Feiin!” (Means beautiful). And the next morning she motioned with her hands around her head, asking me where my turban was.
    That was the last time I ever saw her, and am grateful to have shown her my spiritual duty, before she passed.
    I talked to my mon on the phone recently, and she lovingly asked, “are you still wearing that silly turban?!” And I said, “No, I am wearing a much more serious one now!”
    Thank you all for reading, and I hope it was ammusing.
    Thank you Prabhu Singh Khalsa for sharing, and providing the space to share.

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

  39. Meherbani Kaur Khalsa says:


    This is Meherbani Kaur Khalsa coworker to Hukum Kaur Khalsa at The Khalsa Pain Relief Clinic in Portland Oregon.
    During the interview for my current job my boss Dr. Hari Dass Singh Khalsa was going over the dress code for the clinic. He encouraged me to wear bana at work. I thought at that time deep in western fashion that bana wouldn’t ever feel authentic. Seven years later after that job interview, I wouldn’t wear anything else.
    Since the transition to full bana, the healing vibration and intention of my healing work has increased. Our neighbors who are the main patient base recognize us when we are out and about. It feels
    grand to dress in a manner that people associate with a spiritual purpose.
    Thank you Prabhu Singh.

  40. ujjalbir says:

    Taaught by the Irish Patrician Brothers at school in India I have had an exposure into thier thoubht process and often wondred how come Sikhs of Anglo descent be following the pathof Sikhism . Here in India too one could face a lot of stares therefore Prabhu Singh has shown remarkable devotion . HOWEVER IT IS NECESSARY THAT THAT THE ETHOS OF SIKH WAY OF LIFE IS EXPLAINED TO THE WORLD ..THIS CAN BE MORE CONVINCINGLY DONE BY A SIKH OF ANGLO DESCENT . THIs has to be done in a cocerted manner and on a LARGE SCALE BY COORDINATION BETWEN VARIOS COMMUNITIES THROUGH THE MEDIA. NOT AN EASY TASK HOWEVER GOD MAY BESTOW THE STRENGTH TO DO SO . MAY GOD give strength to the Sikhs like Prabhu Singh to carry forward the great efforts of the SRI SINGH SAHIB HARBHAJAN SINGH JI YOGI .MAY GOD BLESSALL.


                           WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA
                            WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH

  42. aaa says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    wow! its soo inspiring and beautiful! thank you!

  43. INDERJIT SINGH says:

    for all-:wahe guru ji ka khalsa, wahe guru ji ki dateh
    i am from india, if u all are from other country, then i want to contact with u, for our other sikh boy’ help. if u want to help for indian sikh then contact me 91+9250517541

  44. Must read…inspirational

  45. You make us proud!