Jakara 2007


Jakara is another great youth camp that is organized by a friend of mine which is geared towards youth who are 18-30 years old. I went to a few of the camps and it was great.

Here is a cool promo video for the camp which introduces the topic for this year which has to do with unity, caste and division. Too often we do things to divide ourselves. Whether it is division of religion….finding issues and problems with other religions, whether it is caste, and status, or even just picking at each other and finding fault. The more we start seeing everyone around us has humans and a mirror of yourself (God), the better shape we will be in.

So enjoy the video…and if you can make it to the camp I’m sure it will be worth the time.

"Ravidasia // Khatri // Jatt // Tarkhan…The labels that divide us are endless. Caste, gender, class, and power tear apart our Qaum, our Gurdwaras, and our Pariwars. How do we overcome? How do we forge unity without silencing voices? This year at Jakara 2007, we remember the Sarbat Khalsa. The Sarbat Khalsa is the grassroots democratic collective voice of the Sikhs. Through this discord, we can find harmony." – To find out more about the event go to http://jakara.org

This is a survey that Jakara is doing

2 Responses to “Jakara 2007”

  1. Gurkirpal says:

    Bir Ji…
    – The word Jatt in Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary is defined as “a member of an Indo-European people of the Punjab and Uttar Pardesh (India)”. So Bir ji how can be it Caste… and i read another article in the internet where they have 5 point why jatt are not a cast but a group of individual memebers… thats all.

  2. kaur says:

    This is a great video – but I don’t see how Jakara is “the movement”, I think the KHALSA PANTH as one force is “the movement” :-)

    Otherwise, the video displays some sad realities about how our community is becoming. We need to wake up and smell the … degh (coffee sounded irrelevant here)!